2 Samuel 3
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1And there was war for the household of Shaul and for the household of David, and David went and grew strong, and those of the household of Shaul went on and were made weaker

2And sons were born to David in Khebruun, and his firstborn was Khemnun of Akhinem the Yizraelitess 3And his second, Kalab of Abigel, the wife of Nabal the Carmelite, and his third, Abishlum, son of Maaka, daughter of Tulmi, King of Gashur 4And the fourth, Adunia, son of Khagith, and the fifth, Shephtia, son of Aphitala 5And the sixth, Ithram, who was of Egla, the wife of David, these were born to David in Khebruun

6And it happened that when there was war between the house of Shaul and the house of David, and Abnir was strong with those of the household of Shaul 7And Shaul had a concubine and her name was Ratspa, daughter of Ana, and Ashbashul said to Abnir: “Why have you gone into the Concubine of my father?” 8And it was very evil to Abnir concerning the words of Ashbashul, and Abnir said: “Am I the Chief of dogs of Yehuda today, because I have done a kindness with those of the house of Shaul your father and with his brothers and with his friends, and I have not delivered you into the hands of David? And you recall against me the evil of a woman today? 9So will God do to Abnir and so will he add to him if, just as LORD JEHOVAH has said to David, I shall not do for him 10To bring the kingdom of those of the house Shaul and to establish the throne of David over Israel and over Yehuda, from Dan and unto Birsheba!” 11And Ashbashul could not return an answer again to Abnir, from his fear

12And Abnir sent Messengers to David saying, “What is your land? Covenant your covenant with me, and behold, my hand is with you to turn all of Israel to you!” 13And David said: “Excellent! I covenant with you a covenant, however, one matter I ask of you. You shall not see my face unless you will bring Melkel, daughter of Shaul, with you” 14And David sent Messengers to Ashbashul, son of Shaul, and said to him: “Give me my wife who was given in marriage to me for two hundred foreskins of the Philistines!” 15And Ashbashul sent and took her from the presence of her husband, from the presence of Palti, son of Lish, who was of Galim 16And her husband went on walking and weeping after her unto Bayth Khorim, and Abnir said to him: “Go back!” And he went back

17And the word of Abnir was with the Elders of Israel, and he said to them: “Even from yesterday and also from the day before yesterday, you wanted to have David reign over you 18And now do so, because LORD JEHOVAH has said concerning David: ‘By the hand of David my Servant I shall work salvation for my people Israel from the hand of the Philistines and from the hand of all their enemies!’" 19And Abnir spoke also in front of the children of Benyamin, and Abnir went on to speak in front of David in Khebruun, as it was good in the eyes of all of Israel, and in the eyes of all of the house of Benyamin

20And Abnir came to David at Khebruun, and twenty men with him, and David made Abnir and the twenty men who were with him a great feast 21And Abnir said to David: “I shall arise, I shall go, I shall gather to my Lord the King all of Israel, and they shall covenant with you a covenant and you shall reign over all that your soul desires!” And David sent Abnir and he went on in peace

22And behold, the men of David and Yuab came from the plundering, and they brought much prey with them, and Abnir was not with David in Khebruun, because he had sent him away and he went on in peace 23And Yuab came and all the people who were with him, and they told Yuab that Abnir, son of Nir, had come to King David, and that he had sent him and he went on in peace 24And Yuab came to King David and said to him: “What have you done? See, Abnir has come to you! Why have you sent him away and has he gone from your presence? 25Do you not know that Abnir, son of Nir, has come to trick you and to know your exit and your entrance and to know everything that you do?”

26And Yuab went out from the presence of David, and he sent Messengers after Abnir, and they returned him from Kreh Sirah, and David did not know 27And Abnir traveled to Khebruun and Yuab hid himself inside of the gate to speak with him in secret, and he struck him there in the stomach, and he died there for the blood of Shayel his brother 28And David heard after this and said: “I am innocent, and my kingdom, from before LORD JEHOVAH of the blood of Abnir, son of Nir, forever! 29It shall rest on the head of Yuab and on the head of all the house of his father, and there shall not fail of the household of Yuab gonorrhea and leprosy, and he who holds a beggar’s bowl and he who falls on a sword and he who lacks bread!” 30Yuab and Abishai his brother killed Abnir because he had killed Shayel their brother in Gebuun in battle

31And David said to Yuab and to all the people who were with him: “Rip your garments and be clothed in sackcloth and mourn before Abnir and King David!” And all the people went after the bier 32And they buried Abnir in Khebruun, and the King lifted up his voice, and he wept over the grave of Abnir, and all the people wept

33And the King made lamentation over Abnir and said: “Like the death of Nabal, Abnir died!

34Your hands were not bound and your feet were not in chains. You have come near as one fallen; in front of the sons of evil you have fallen!” And all the people increased weeping over him

35And all the people said to feed David bread while the day remained, and David swore and said: “Thus God will do to me and thus he will add to me if I will taste bread or anything before the sun will set!” 36And all the people knew and it was good in their eyes. All that the King did was beautiful in the eyes of all the people 37And all the people knew and all Israel on that day that it was not from the King to kill Abnir son of Nir 38And the King said: “Do you not know that a great Prince has fallen today from Israel? 39And I am afraid today and I the King see that these men, the sons of Tsuria, are more severe than I. LORD JEHOVAH shall pay the worker of evil according to his evil!”

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