Exodus 19
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1In the third month after the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt, on this day they came to the wilderness of Sin. 2And they moved camp from Raphidin and they came to the wilderness of Sinai and they camped in the wilderness, and Israel camped there against the mountain. 3And Moshe went up to God and God called to him from the mountain and he said: “Thus say to those of the house of Yaquuv and tell the children of Israel; 4‘You have seen what I have done to the Egyptians and I have carried you as upon wings of eagles and I have brought you to me. 5And now if you will hear to listen to my voice and you will keep my covenant, you will be more beloved to me than all the nations of the Earth, because the Earth is mine 6And you will be to me a kingdom and Priests and a holy people’; say these words to the house of Israel.”

7And Moshe came and he called the Elders of the people and told all these statements before them that LORD JEHOVAH had commanded him. 8And all the people answered as one and they said, “Everything that LORD JEHOVAH said we will do”, and Moshe returned the answer of the people to LORD JEHOVAH. 9And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe, “Behold, I came to you in thick darkness of cloud so that the people will hear when I speak with you, also they shall believe you for eternity”, and Moshe showed the answer of the people before LORD JEHOVAH.

10And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe, “Go to the people and hallow them today and tomorrow, and they will wash their clothes, 11And they shall be ready for the third day, because in the third day LORD JEHOVAH shall go down before the eyes of all the people to the mountain of Sinai: 12And raise a testimony among the people and say to them, ‘Beware you will not come up to the mountain and you shall not touch its borders and everyone who touches the mountain will be killed. 13A hand shall not come near it lest, being stoned, one will be stoned, and shot, he will be shot; if it is a beast or if a son of man, he shall not live, and when the trumpet has been silent, you are allowed to go up the mountain.’” 14And Moshe came down from the mountain to the people and hallowed the people and they whitened their garments. 15And he said to the people, “Be ready the third day; you shall not touch a woman.”

16And it was in the third day, when it was dawn, there were voices and lightnings and a mighty cloud was on the mountain and a sound of a trumpet was very powerful and all the people that were in the camp shook. 17And Moshe brought out the people to the meeting of God from the camp and they stood at the base of the mountain.

18And the mountain of Sinai was entirely smoking because LORD JEHOVAH descended upon it in fire and its smoke came up as the smoke of a furnace and the whole mountain shook greatly. 19And the sound of the trumpet was going on and had grown very strong, and Moshe was speaking and God answered him in a voice. 20And LORD JEHOVAH came down to the mountain of Sinai to the top of the mountain, and LORD JEHOVAH called Moshe to the top of the mountain and Moshe came up. 21And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe, “Go down; testify among the people that they do not go too far before LORD JEHOVAH to see, or many of them will fall. 22Also the Priests who come near to LORD JEHOVAH shall be hallowed, lest LORD JEHOVAH will overpower them." 23And Moshe said to LORD JEHOVAH, “The people cannot ascend the mountain of Sinai because you testified with us and you said to me, “Set boundaries to the mountain and hallow it.” 24And LORD JEHOVAH said to him, “Go, go down and come up, you and Ahron your brother with you, and do not let the Priests and people go far to go up before LORD JEHOVAH, lest he kill some of them.” 25And Moshe came down to the people and spoke to them.

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