Genesis 44
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1And he commanded the Steward of his house, and he said, “Fill the sacks of the men with grain however much they can pick up and put the money of each man in the mouth of his sack. 2And take my cup of silver and put it in the mouth of the sack of the little one, and the money of his purchase”, and the Servant did according to the word of Yoseph. 3And when it was dawn, the men had started to go, they and their donkeys. 4They went out from the city and had not gone far, and Yoseph said to his Custodian, “Arise, chase after the men and overtake them and say to them, ‘Why have you paid evil in place of good? 5This is the cup in which my Lord drinks, also truly he divines with it; you have done evil in that which you have done.’”

6And he overtook them, and he spoke to them according to these words. 7They were saying to him, “Our Lord should not say these words. God forbid that your Servants would do this thing. 8Behold the money that we found in the mouth of our sacks we returned it from the land of Canaan; how were we stealing gold or silver from the house of your Lord? 9Whoever of your Servants is found with it should die, and we shall be Servants to our Lord.” 10He said to them, “Also now according to your statement, so it shall be; whoever will be found with it, he will be to me a Servant and you will be innocent.” 11And they hurried and they lowered each man his sack on the ground, and they opened each man his sack. 12And they searched, beginning from the elder and finishing with the youngest, and the cup was found in the sack of Benyamin. 13And they ripped open their garments, and each man packed up on his donkey and they returned to the city.

14And Yehuda and his brothers came into Yoseph, and he was still there, and they fell before him on the ground. 15Yoseph said to them, “What is this deed that you have done? Do you not know that a man like me surely divines?” 16And Yehuda said, “What will we say to my Lord, and what will we speak, and in what will we be innocent before God? Sin was found with your Servants; behold we are Servants to my Lord, even we and he in whose hand the cup was found.” 17He said to them, “God forbid me that I would do this; the man with whom the cup was found he shall be to me a Servant, and you go up in peace to your father.”

18And Yehuda came near to him and said, “I beg of you my Lord, let your Servant speak a word before you my Lord, and let not your anger be hot against your Servant, because you are as Pharaoh. 19My Lord asked his Servants and said, ‘Do you have a father or a brother?.’ 20And we were saying to my Lord, ‘We have an old father and a son, a little son of his old age, and his brother died, and he alone is left by his mother, and his father loves him. 21And you said to your Servants, ‘Bring him down to me and I shall set my eyes upon him.’ 22And we were saying to my Lord, ‘The boy cannot leave his father, and if he leaves his father, he will die.’ 23And you said to your Servants, ‘If your little brother does not come down with you’ you shall not again see my face.’ 24And when we came up to your Servant, our father, and we told him the statement of my Lord. 25Your Servant, our father, said to us, ‘Return, buy for us a little grain.’ 26And we were saying to our father, ‘We cannot go down; if our little brother will go down with us, we will go down, because we cannot see the face of the man when our little brother is not with us.’ 27And your Servant, our father, said to us, ‘You know that my wife gave to me two sons”: 28And one went out from my presence, and I said, “Surely he is killed”, and I have not seen him until now: 29And you take also this one from my presence, and should evil come to him, so you will bring down my old age in affliction to Sheol.’ 30And now when we go to your Servant, our father, and the boy is not with us, and his soul is beloved to him as himself; 31And when he sees there is no boy with us, he will die, and we will bring your Servant in the old age of your Servant, our father, in wretchedness to Sheol. 32Because your Servant pledged security for the boy from the presence of our father and I said, ‘If I do not bring him to you, I shall sin against my father always.’ 33And now, let your Servant stay for the sake of the boy as a Servant to my Lord, and let the boy go up with his brothers. 34For how shall I go up to my father and the boy not be with me, lest I shall see the evil that will happen to my father?”

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