Job 28
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1Because there is silver coming forth and the place where gold pours out

2And iron is melted from the dust, and from the rocks copper is melted

3He set an end for darkness and he knows the end to everything, the stone of a deep pit and the shadow of death

4A mountain pass they inherited from alien people; they have strayed from the torrents and are cut off from man

5They lay bare the Earth from which food came forth, and under it is turned up as fire

6And the place of sapphire, its stone, and the pouring out of gold in its paths

7A bird of prey has not known it, and the eye of the vulture has not seen it

8And animals have not trodden it, and the lion does not cross over it

9His hand reaches on the rock of flints and overturns the mountains from their roots

10In his might he divides rivers and his eye has seen every precious thing

11And the strength of rivers he had shut in, and from the veil went out light

12And where shall his wisdom be found, and what is the place of understanding?

13No man knows her treasury, and it is not found except in the place of life

14The depths said: ‘It was not in me!”, and the sea said: ‘It is not with me!’

15Gold is not given in exchange for it, neither is silver counted for its price

16It is not exchanged in gold of Ophir, or in beryl, or in sapphire

17Gold does not compare to it, or crystal, or precious pearls, neither do gems or jewels compare to it

18Better is wisdom than precious stones; agate does not compare to it, neither with emeralds nor with chalcedony is it exchanged, for wisdom is better than everything, and nothing compares to it

19The pearls of KushEthiopia and the stones of the ephod are not comparable to it

20From where comes wisdom, and what is the place of understanding?

21It is covered to the eyes of everything that lives, and from the bird of the sky it is hidden

22Destruction and death said: ‘we have heard its report with our ears’

23Because God is discerning its ways and he knows its place

24Because he sees the end of everything that is in the Earth, and he sees under all Heaven

25Because he made a scale for the wind and has prepared a weight with a measure

26He made a law for the rain and a way for the sights of loud noise

27Then he saw it and he told it, he weighed it, also he examined it

28And he said to a son of man: ‘the awe of God is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding’”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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