Job 27
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1And Job added to speak his parable and said:

2“Living is God who has twisted up my judgment and The Almighty who spoke to my soul

3“All of whom is in me and The Spirit of God is in my nostrils

4My lips will not speak evil and my tongue will not speak deceit

5God forbid me until I shall die, my integrity will not depart from me!

6And I shall hold fast to my righteousness and I shall not let it go, and my heart does not chastise me from my days

7And my enemies will be as the wicked and those who hate me, as the evil

8What is the hope of the heathen who possesses riches at the time when God takes his soul?

9Because God does not hear the voice of his prayer when evil will come upon him

10But if he will trust on The Almighty and he will cry out to God at all times, God will answer him and will listen to him

11But I deliver you into the hand of God that your works are not hidden from him

12Behold, all of you have seen, and why are you magnifying yourselves for nothing?

13Behold, this is the portion of a wicked son of man from the presence of God, and they shall receive the inheritance of evildoers that is from The Almighty One

14If their children will be multiplied for the sword and their offspring, they will not be filled with bread

15And their survivors will be buried in death and their widows will not weep

16If they will gather money like dust, and would prepare clothing like clay

17Those will prepare and the righteous one will wear and he will divide their money

18For he builds his house like spiders, and he made his tabernacle like a booth

19Because the rich will lie down and he will not be rising again; he opens his eyes, and he is not

20Trouble will overtake him like waters and The Spirit in the night like a flying tempest will take him away

21And he will go and it will take him away from his place

22And he will cast him out without pity, and by his hand he puts to flight, and he will scatter

23His hand will strike upon them and he will hiss at them from his place

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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