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Easton's Bible Dictionary
Denotes the estuary of the Dead Sea at the mouth of the Jordan (Joshua 15:5; 18:19), also the southern extremity of the same sea (15:2). The same Hebrew word is rendered "tongue" in Isaiah 11:15, where it is used with reference to the forked mouths of the Nile.

Bay in Zechariah 6:3, 7 denotes the colour of horses, but the original Hebrew means strong, and is here used rather to describe the horses as fleet or spirited.

Bay tree

Named only in Psalm 37:35, Authorized Version. The Hebrew word so rendered is ereh, which simply means "native born", i.e., a tree not transplanted, but growing on its native soil, and therefore luxuriantly. If the psalmist intended by this word to denote any particular tree, it may have been the evergreen bay laurel (Laurus nobilis), which is a native of Palestine. Instead of "like a green bay tree" in the Authorized Version, the Revised Version has, "like a green tree in its native soil."

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Reddish brown; of the color of a chestnut; -- applied to the color of horses.

2. (n.) An inlet of the sea, usually smaller than a gulf, but of the same general character.

3. (n.) A small body of water set off from the main body; as a compartment containing water for a wheel; the portion of a canal just outside of the gates of a lock, etc.

4. (n.) A recess or indentation shaped like a bay.

5. (n.) A principal compartment of the walls, roof, or other part of a building, or of the whole building, as marked off by the buttresses, vaulting, mullions of a window, etc.; one of the main divisions of any structure, as the part of a bridge between two piers.

6. (n.) A compartment in a barn, for depositing hay, or grain in the stalks.

7. (n.) A kind of mahogany obtained from Campeachy Bay.

8. (n.) A berry, particularly of the laurel.

9. (n.) The laurel tree (Laurus nobilis). Hence, in the plural, an honorary garland or crown bestowed as a prize for victory or excellence, anciently made or consisting of branches of the laurel.

10. (n.) A tract covered with bay trees.

11. (v. i.) To bark, as a dog with a deep voice does, at his game.

12. (v. t.) To bark at; hence, to follow with barking; to bring or drive to bay; as, to bay the bear.

13. (v. i.) Deep-toned, prolonged barking.

14. (n.) A state of being obliged to face an antagonist or a difficulty, when escape has become impossible.

15. (v. t.) To bathe.

16. (n.) A bank or dam to keep back water.

17. (v. t.) To dam, as water; -- with up or back.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
BAY (2)

ba (lashon, literally "tongue"; kolpos): The word occurs in the sense of inlet of the sea in the Old Testament only in Joshua 15:2, 5; Joshua 18:19, and in New Testament only in Acts 27:39 (of Malta, the King James Version "creek").


ba'-tre' (the King James Version only; Psalm 37:35; 'ezrach): The word means "native," "indigenous," and the Revised Version (British and American) translations "a green tree in its native soil."

BAY (1)



4223. Potioloi -- Puteoli, a city on the Bay of Naples
... Puteoli, a city on the Bay of Naples. Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine Transliteration:
Potioloi Phonetic Spelling: (pot-ee'-ol-oy) Short Definition: Puteoli ...
// - 6k

2859. kolpos -- the bosom
... bosom. Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine Transliteration: kolpos Phonetic Spelling:
(kol'-pos) Short Definition: bosom, bosom of a garment, a bay, gulf Definition ...
// - 6k

968. bema -- a step, raised place, by impl. a tribunal
... a tribunal. Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter Transliteration: bema Phonetic Spelling:
(bay'-ma) Short Definition: the space covered by a step of the foot, a ...
// - 7k

2861. kolumbethra -- a pool
... a pool. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: kolumbethra Phonetic Spelling:
(kol-oom-bay'-thrah) Short Definition: a pool, swimming-place Definition ...
// - 6k

287. amoibe -- requital, recompense.
... Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: amoibe Phonetic Spelling:
(am-oy-bay') Short Definition: a change, an exchange Definition: a change, an exchange ...
// - 6k

5402. Phoibe -- Phoebe, a deaconess
... Phoebe, a deaconess. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: Phoibe Phonetic
Spelling: (foy'-bay) Short Definition: Phoebe Definition: Phoebe, a ...
// - 6k

2568. Kaloi Limenes -- Fair Havens, a harbor in Crete
... fair havens. Plural of kalos and limen; Good Harbors, ie Fairhaven, a bay of Crete --
fair havens. see GREEK kalos. see GREEK limen. (limenas) -- 1 Occurrence. ...
// - 6k

5405. Phoinix -- a Phoenician (an inhabitant of Phoenicia) ...
... of Crete). Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine Transliteration: Phoinix Phonetic Spelling:
(foy'-nix) Short Definition: Phoenix Definition: Phoenix, a bay on the ...
// - 6k

4950. Surtis -- "shoal," Syrtis, the name of two large sandbanks ...
... quicksands, Syrtis. From suro; a shoal (from the sand drawn thither by the waves),
ie The Syrtis Major or great bay on the north coast of Africa -- quicksands. ...
// - 6k

964. Bethesda -- Bethesda, a pool in Jer.
... Part of Speech: Proper Noun, Indeclinable Transliteration: Bethesda Phonetic Spelling:
(bay-thes-dah') Short Definition: Bethesda Definition: Bethesda, name of ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
1268. Berothah -- a place near Hamath
... 1267, 1268. Berothah. 1269 . a place near Hamath. Transliteration: Berothah
Phonetic Spelling: (bay-ro-thaw') Short Definition: Berothah. ...
/hebrew/1268.htm - 6k

249. ezrach -- a native
... native (1). bay tree, homeborn in the land, of the one's own country nation.
From zarach (in the sense of springing up); a spontaneous ...
/hebrew/249.htm - 6k

554. amots -- strong
... bay. Probably from 'amats; of a strong color, ie Red (others fleet) -- bay. see
HEBREW 'amats. 553, 554. amots. 555 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/554.htm - 6k

3956. lashon -- tongue
... Word Origin from an unused word Definition tongue NASB Word Usage bar (2), bark*
(1), bay (3), charmer* (1), language (14), languages (2), slanderer* (1 ...
/hebrew/3956.htm - 6k

893. Bebay -- an Israelite
... 892, 893. Bebay. 894 . an Israelite. Transliteration: Bebay Phonetic
Spelling: (bay-bah'ee) Short Definition: Bebai. Word Origin ...
/hebrew/893.htm - 5k

4343. Makbenah -- a descendant of Caleb
... 4342, 4343. Makbenah. 4344 . a descendant of Caleb. Transliteration: Makbenah
Phonetic Spelling: (mak-bay-naw') Short Definition: Machbena. ...
/hebrew/4343.htm - 6k

1275. Beri -- a descendant of Asher
... Beri. 1276 . a descendant of Asher. Transliteration: Beri Phonetic Spelling:
(bay-ree') Short Definition: Beri. Word Origin from baar Definition a desc. ...
/hebrew/1275.htm - 6k

8320. saroq -- perhaps sorrel
... speckled. From sharaq; bright red (as piercing to the sight), ie Bay -- speckled.
See saruwq. see HEBREW sharaq. see HEBREW saruwq. 8319, 8320. saroq. 8321 > ...
/hebrew/8320.htm - 6k

2348. choph -- shore, coast
... coast of the sea, haven, shore, seaside. From an unused root meaning to cover; a
cove (as a sheltered bay) -- coast (of the sea), haven, shore, (sea-)side. ...
/hebrew/2348.htm - 6k

1209. Betsay -- an Israelite name
... 1208, 1209. Betsay. 1210 . an Israelite name. Transliteration: Betsay
Phonetic Spelling: (bay-tsah'-ee) Short Definition: Bezai. ...
/hebrew/1209.htm - 6k


The Right to Regulate My Private Affairs as I Wish
... Grandmother Bay's little granddaughter had just come back from Shanghai.
Grandmother Bay proudly appeared at church accompanied ...
/...// we no rights/chapter 4 the right to.htm

Sermon at the Opening Services of the General Convention, October ...
... services we have record was Master Wolfall, who celebrated the Holy Communion in
1578 for the crews of Martin Forbisher on the shores of Hudson Bay, amid whose ...
// sermons/i sermon at the opening.htm

A Total Wreck, all Hands Saved
... that is, the part of the coast where they had been driven; but they saw that, while
for the most part it was iron-bound, there was a shelving sandy bay at one ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture the acts/a total wreck all hands.htm

The Advance of Xerxes into Greece.
... crew escape."The alarm spread."Return of the Persian galleys."The monument of
stones."Progress of the fleet."The fleet anchors in a bay."A coming ...
// viii the advance of.htm

... two small pinnesses, called the Frisking and the Earwig,' ran across from Cape Blanco
in Africa, straight for Trinidad, and anchored in Cedros Bay, which he ...
// last/chapter iii trinidad.htm

The Feeding of the Four Thousand - to Dalmanutha - the Sign from ...
... the initial de as a prefix, we have the word Laman, Limin, or Liminah ({hebrew},
{hebrew}, {hebrew} = limn), which, in Rabbinic Hebrew, means a bay, or port ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter xxxvi the feeding of.htm

The Review of the Troops at Doriscus.
... northern coast of the AEgean Sea, it would be necessary first to proceed for fifteen
or twenty miles to the eastward, in order to get round the bay by which ...
// vi the review of.htm

Voyage to China
... The utmost efforts of the captain and crew, however, were unavailing; and Sunday
night, 25th September, found us drifting into Carnarvon Bay, each tack ...
// retrospect/chapter viii voyage to china.htm

The Gentle Boy
... peace toward all men, the place of greatest uneasiness and peril, and therefore,
in their eyes, the most eligible, was the province of Massachusetts Bay. ...
/.../wells/bible stories and religious classics/the gentle boy.htm

Wesley in the Fens
... perfectly well; 4) that the herb of Paraguay likewise bears the frost and is a species
of tea; 5) and I observed that they are all species of bay or laurel. ...
/.../ journal of john wesley/wesley in the fens.htm

Bay (8 Occurrences)
...Bay in Zechariah 6:3, 7 denotes the colour of horses, but the original Hebrew means
strong, and is here used rather to describe the horses as fleet or spirited ...
/b/bay.htm - 12k

Melita (1 Occurrence)
... Here the ship in which Paul was being conveyed a prisoner to Rome was wrecked.
The bay in which it was wrecked now bears the name of "St. ...
/m/melita.htm - 10k

Puteoli (1 Occurrence)
... A city on the coast of Campania, on the north shore of a bay running north from
the Bay of Naples, at which Paul landed on his way to Rome, from which it was ...
/p/puteoli.htm - 11k

Creek (1 Occurrence)
... 1. (n.) A small inlet or bay, narrower and extending further into the land
than a cove; a recess in the shore of the sea, or of a river. ...
/c/creek.htm - 7k

Colors (12 Occurrences)
... The following color words occur in the King James Version or Revised Version: (1)
bay, (2) black, (3) blue, (4) brown, (5) crimson, (6) green, (7) grey, (8 ...
/c/colors.htm - 36k

Color (18 Occurrences)
... The following color words occur in the King James Version or Revised Version: (1)
bay, (2) black, (3) blue, (4) brown, (5) crimson, (6) green, (7) grey, (8 ...
/c/color.htm - 39k

Acco (2 Occurrences)
... Acre; the King James Version Accho): A town on the Syrian coast a few miles north
of Carmel, on a small promontory on the north side of a broad bay that lies ...
/a/acco.htm - 13k

Bethsaida (7 Occurrences)
... It is supposed to have been at the modern `Ain Tabighah, a bay to the north of
Gennesaret. (2.) A city near which Christ fed 5,000 (Luke 9:10; Comp. ...
/b/bethsaida.htm - 19k

Northern (18 Occurrences)
... end of the Jordan. And the border of the north side was from the bay of
the sea at the end of the Jordan. (See NIV). Joshua 15:8 ...
/n/northern.htm - 12k

... Phoenician city situated on the North side of a promontory jutting out from the
base of Lebanon to the West into the Mediterranean and forming a bay on the ...
/b/berytus.htm - 8k

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Bay (8 Occurrences)

Acts 27:39
When it was day, they didn't recognize the land, but they noticed a certain bay with a beach, and they decided to try to drive the ship onto it.

Joshua 15:2
Their south border was from the uttermost part of the Salt Sea, from the bay that looks southward;

Joshua 15:5
The east border was the Salt Sea, even to the end of the Jordan. The border of the north quarter was from the bay of the sea at the end of the Jordan.

Joshua 18:19
The border passed along to the side of Beth Hoglah northward; and the border ended at the north bay of the Salt Sea, at the south end of the Jordan. This was the south border.

Psalms 37:35
I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree.

Zechariah 1:8
I saw by night, and behold, a man riding upon a red horse, and he stood among the myrtle-trees that were in the low valley; and behind him were red, bay, and white horses.

Zechariah 6:3
And in the third chariot white horses; and in the fourth chariot grisled and bay horses.

Zechariah 6:7
And the bay went forth, and sought to go that they might walk to and fro through the earth: and he said, Get you hence, walk to and fro through the earth. So they walked to and fro through the earth.



Bay Tree

Bay Tree: General Scriptures Concerning

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