Mark 5
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1And he came to the other side of the sea to the region of the Gadarenes. 2And when he went out from the ship, a man met him from among the tombs that had a foul spirit in him. 3And he dwelt among the tombs and no one was able to bind him with chains, 4Because whenever he had been bound in shackles and chains he had broken the chains and cut the shackles apart and no one was able to subdue him. 5And always at night and in the daytime he was among the tombs and in the mountains and was crying out and cutting himself with stones. 6But when he saw Yeshua from a distance he ran and prostrated himself. 7And he cried out in a loud voice and he said, “What do I have to do with you, Yeshua, Son of God Most High? I adjure you by God that you will not torture me!” 8For he had said to him, “Come out from the man, foul spirit!” 9And he had asked him, “What is your name?” He said to him, “Our name is Legion, for we are many.” 10And he begged of him much that he would not send him out of the region. 11But there was near the mountain a great herd of swine that were feeding. 12And those evil spirits were begging of him and they were saying, “Send us unto those swine that we may enter them.” 13And he allowed them, and these foul spirits went out and entered into the swine, and that herd ran to a precipice and fell into the sea, about 2000 of them, and they drowned in the water.

14And they who were herding them fled and told it in the city, also in the villages, and they went out to see what had happened. 15And they came to Yeshua and they saw him who had been possessed by the evil spirits with him, clothed and reverent, and he who before had the Legion in him was sitting, and they were afraid. 16And those who had seen how it had been with him whom the evil spirits had possessed, reported to them, and also about those swine. 17And they began to ask him to depart from their coast. 18And after he embarked the ship, he whom the evil spirits had possessed was requesting of him that he might remain with him. 19And he did not allow him, but he said to him, “Go to your house to your people and relate to them what THE LORD JEHOVAH has done for you and that he has had compassion upon you.” 20And he departed and he began preaching in the ten cities what Yeshua had done for him, and they were all astounded.

21And after Yeshua had crossed in the ship to the other side, great crowds were again assembled unto him while he was on the seaside. 22And one of The Rulers of the synagogue, whose name was Yorash, came, and when he had seen him, he fell at his feet. 23And he was begging him greatly and he said to him, “My daughter has become very ill; come lay your hand upon her and she will be healed, and she will live.” 24And Yeshua went on with him and a great crowd was close to him and pressing upon him.

25But there was a certain woman who had a flow of blood twelve years 26Who had suffered greatly from many physicians and had spent everything that she had and she had not been helped at all, but she had become even worse. 27When she heard about Yeshua, she came in the press of the crowd from behind him and she touched his garment, 28For she said, “ If I touch even his garment, I shall be saved.” 29And at once the fount of her blood dried up, and she sensed in her body that she was healed of her plague. 30But Yeshua knew in himself at once that power had gone out from him and he turned to the crowds and he said, “Who has touched my garment?” 31And his disciples were saying to him, “You see the crowd pressing against you, and do you say, 'Who has touched me?' “ 32And he was gazing that he might see who had done this. 33But that woman, being afraid and trembling, for she knew what had happened to her, came and fell down before him and told him all the truth. 34But he said to her, “My daughter, your faith has saved you; go in peace and be whole from your disease.”

35And while he was speaking, those who were from the house of The Ruler of the synagogue came, and they were saying, “Your daughter has died. Why should you now trouble The Teacher?” 36But Yeshua heard the words which they spoke and he said to The Ruler of the assembly, “Do not fear; only believe.” 37And he allowed no one to go with him except Shimeon Kaypha and Yaqob and Yohannan, brother of Yaqob. 38And they came to The Chief of the assembly's house and he saw those who were disturbed and weeping and wailing. 39And he entered and he said to them, “Why are you disturbed and weeping? The girl is not dead, but she is sleeping.” 40And they were laughing at him, but he put all of them out and he took the father of the girl and her mother, and those who were with him, and he entered the place where the girl was lying. 41And he took the girl's hand and he said to her, “Little girl, arise.” 42Immediately the young girl arose, and she was walking, for she was twelve years old, and they were astounded with great astonishment. 43And he commanded them strictly that they should not relate this to anyone, and he said that they should give her food.

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