Psalm 105
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Tell of His Wonders
(1 Chronicles 16:7–22)

1Confesse you it vnto God, call vppon his name: cause the people to vnderstande his deuises.

2Sing vnto hym, sing psalmes vnto him: talke you of all his wonderous workes.

3Glary ye in his holy name: let the heart of them reioyce that do seeke God.

4Seeke God and his strength: seeke his face euermore.

5Remember the meruaylous workes that he hath done: his wonders, and the iudgementes of his mouth.

6O ye seede of Abraham his seruaunt, ye his chosen chyldren of Iacob:

7(105:6) he is God our Lord, his iudgementes are in all the earth.

8(105:7) He hath ben mindfull alwayes of his couenaunt (for he promised a worde to a thousande generations:)

9(105:7) euen of his couenaunt that he made with Abraham, and of his othe vnto Isaac.

10(105:8) And he appointed the same vnto Iacob for a law: and to Israel for an euerlasting couenaunt.

11(105:9) Saying, vnto thee I wyll geue the lande of Chanaan: the lot of your inheritaunce.

12(105:10) When they were a fewe men in number, and had ben straungers but a litle whyle in it:

13(105:10) and when they went from one nation to another, from one kingdome to another people.

14(105:11) He suffred no man to do them wrong: yea he reproued euen kynges for their sakes.

15(105:12) Touche not mine annoynted: and triumph not ouer my prophetes.

16(105:13) Moreouer he called for a famine vpon the lande: and he made all maner of foode to fayle.

17(105:14) But he had sent a man before them: euen Ioseph, who was solde to be a bonde seruaunt.

18(105:15) Whose feete they dyd hurt in the stockes: the iron entred into his soule.

19(105:16) Vntill the tyme came that his cause was knowen: the worde of the Lorde tryed hym.

20(105:17) The king sent and caused hym to be let go: yea the prince of the people opened a way foorth for hym.

21(105:18) He made him Lorde of his house: and ruler of all his substaunce.

22(105:19) That he might enfourme his princes according to his minde: and teache his senatours wysdome.

23(105:20) Israel also came into Egypt: & Iacob was a straunger in the lande of Cham.

24(105:21) And he encreased his people exceedinglye: and made them stronger then their enemies.

25(105:22) Whose heart so turned that they hated his people: and dealt subtilly with his seruauntes.

26(105:23) Then he sent Moyses his seruaunt, and Aaron whom he had chosen:

27(105:23) they did their message, workyng his signes among them, and wonders in the lande of Cham.

28(105:24) He sent darknes, & it was darke: and they went not from his wordes.

29(105:25) He turned their waters into blood: and slue their fishe.

30(105:26) Their lande brought foorth frogges: yea euen in their kinges chaumbers.

31(105:27) He spake the worde, and there came a swarme of all maner of flyes: and of lyce in all their quarters.

32(105:28) He gaue them haylestones for rayne: and flambes of fire in their lande.

33(105:29) He smote their vines also & figge trees: and he destroyed the trees that were in their coastes.

34(105:30) He spake the worde, and the grashoppers came: & caterpillers innumerable.

35(105:31) And they did eate vp all the grasse in their lande: and deuoured the fruite of their grounde.

36(105:32) He smote al the first borne in their land: euen the first fruites of all their concupiscence.

37(105:33) He also brought them foorth with siluer and golde: there was not one feeble person in their tribes.

38(105:34) Egypt was glad at their departing: for they were smytten with dread of them.

39(105:35) He spred out a cloude to be a couering: and fire to geue light in the night season.

40(105:36) The people required and he brought quayles: and he filled them with the bread of heauen.

41(105:37) He opened the rocke of stone and the waters flowed out: so that streames ranne in drye places.

42(105:38) For he remembred his holy worde: spoken vnto Abraham his seruaunt.

43(105:39) And he brought foorth his people with gladnes: and his chosen with a ioyfull noyse.

44(105:40) And he gaue them the landes of the Heathen, and they toke to inheritaunce the labours of the people.

45(105:41) To the intent that they shoulde kepe his statutes: and obserue his lawes. Prayse ye the Lorde.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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