Daniel 11
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1In the year one of Darius the Mede, he stood up to empower me and to strengthen me . 2Therefore I shall show you again in the truth: three Kings will arise in Persia, and the fourth will be rich in great riches, more than all of them, and when he is strong in his place, he shall awaken all the kingdoms of the Greeks 3And a hero King shall arise, and he shall rule in great authority, and he shall do according to his pleasure 4And when he arises, his kingdom will be broken, and it will be scattered to the four winds of Heaven, and not according to its end, and not according to his authority with which he is authorized, but his kingdom will be destroyed, and there are no others outside of these

5And the King of the south and his Princes shall be strong and he shall triumph over him, and he shall rule with great authority 6And at the end of years they will make an agreement, and the daughter of the King of the south shall go to the King of the north to make peace between them, and she shall have no power in her, from the fear that she will fear, and she shall be handed over, she and they who bring her, and her young women and her assistants at that time 7And someone of the root of his seed shall arise over his country and will come with an army and will come in might against the King of the north, and he shall go through among them and he shall win 8Also their idols and the articles of their lust, silver and gold, and the captives shall go down to Egypt, and he shall rise twice against the King of the north 9And the King of the south will enter by force, and he shall return to his land

10And his sons will be provoked and they will gather many armies and they shall enter against him, and they shall overwhelm and they shall pass through, and they shall return and they shall contend as far as the fortress 11And the King of the south shall be enraged and he shall go out. He shall meet the King of the north and he shall raise a great army, and that army shall be given into his hand 12And they shall destroy the army and his heart shall be lifted up, and he shall cast down many and he shall not triumph 13And the King of the north shall return, and he shall raise an army that is larger than the first, and to the end time he will come twice with a great army and with mighty horsemen

14And at that time many shall arise against the King of the north, and the evil sons with you shall exalt themselves to confirm the vision, and they shall be overthrown 15And the King of the north shall come and he will set an ambush, and he shall subject the mighty fortresses, and the arm of the south shall not stand, because there is no power in them to stand, and the chosen ones of the people shall rise up, and they shall not be able, because there is no power in them to stand 16And he who comes against him shall do according to his pleasure, and there is none who will stand before him, and he shall stand in the land of Israel, and she shall be handed over into his hands 17And he shall set his face to enter all kingdoms by force, and everyone with him shall pass through, and a daughter of men shall be given to him for his destruction, and she will not be established and she will not be his 18And he shall turn his face to the islands of the sea and he shall subject many, and he shall destroy a Ruler who was reproaching him, and his shame shall return to him 19And he shall set his face to the fortress of the land and he shall be overthrown, and he shall fall and he shall not be found

20And one who goes beyond authority shall arise in his position, and the honor of kingdoms, and in a few days he will be broken, not in anger and not in war 21And a weak one shall arise upon his place, and the honor of the kingdom will not be given unto him, and he will come in quietness and will seize the kingdom by slipperiness 22And the fortress of the cities shall be plundered and the Leaders of the covenant shall also be defeated before him 23And some of those who are joined to him shall practice deceit against him 24And he shall go up and he will triumph among a small people and among the rich of the cities, and he shall do something that his fathers did not do, nor the fathers of his fathers, and he will take the spoil and the captives and their possessions, and he shall plot a plot against their cities 25And for a time his army and his heart will be aroused against the King of the south with a great and mighty army, and the King of the south will be provoked to battle with a great army, and he shall grow very strong, and he shall not stand, because plots shall be plotted against him 26And the consumers of his delicacies will break him, and his army will be scattered, and many will fall slain 27And both hearts of these Kings belong to evil, and they shall speak deceit at one table, and they shall not prosper, because the end arrives in his time 28And he shall return to his land with a great army, and his heart is against the holy covenant

29And as at the first, he shall do also at the end

30And the camps of the Khethites shall come upon him, and they shall defeat him, and he shall return, and he will be angry against the holy covenant, and he shall have understanding with those who have forsaken the holy covenant 31And their force shall rise up, and they shall pollute the mighty Holy Place, and they shall pass over the offerings and they shall give the abomination of desolation 32And those who proceed against the covenant will condemn them and the people who know The Awesomeness shall be strong 33And the righteous ones of the people shall teach many, and they shall fall by the sword, and by fire, and by captivity and by plunder for a thousand days 34And when they are defeated, they shall be helped with a little help, and much division shall be added to them 35And some of the wise men shall be overthrown to test them, and to discern, until the time of the end, because there is still a length to time

36And the King shall do according to his pleasure, and he shall exalt himself against every god, and he shall speak great things against the God of gods, and he shall prosper until the wrath will end, because the judgment is done 37And he will give no regard to the God of his fathers or to desire of women, nor shall he think upon any god, but he shall exalt himself above everything 38And for his position he will honor the mighty god, and a god that his fathers had not known, he shall honor with gold and with silver and with precious stones and with lust 39And he shall go through mighty fortress cities against foreign gods that he will see, and he shall rule among many, and he will divide the land for a price

40And at the time of the end, the King of the south shall fight with him, and the King of the north shall be moved against him with yokes and with horsemen and in many ships, and he shall enter into the land 41And he shall come to the land of Israel, and many shall be killed, and these shall be saved from his hands: Edom and Moab and the remnant of the children of Amon 42And he shall stretch his hand into countries, and the land of Egypt shall not be saved from his hands 43And he shall rule among the treasures of gold and of silver and of every precious thing of Egypt, and the Libyans and the Kushites shall be among his allies 44And rumors from the East and from the North will hurry him, and he will go forth in great anger to kill and destroy many 45And he shall pitch his tent for himself in a level place between the sea and the mountain, and he shall guard his holy place, and the time of his end will come and he will have no helper

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