Job 30
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1And now, behold, those that are inferior to me have laughed at me

2In those days that I despised their fathers and I did not value them with the dogs of my flocks

3And the power of their hands, why did it go to me?

4For all strength was lost upon them

5And with force he will seek for them like a thief with the strength of a torrent

6To dwell in caverns of dust and stones

7And under cliffs and under thorn bushes

8The foolish children will be overthrown with evil children; there they will be leveled from the Earth

9And now I have been their meditation, and I have been a horror to them

10They despise me and are removed far from me and they did not restrain spitting from my face

11Because they started after me and they humiliated me, and they put a bridle in my mouth

12On my right they stood up and they tripped up my feet and they confused me in the path of their ways

13And they entangled my steps for nothing, and they rejoiced for whatever happened to me, and they will have no helper

14As a great ruin will come, and they will be broken under a hurricane

15For they turned trouble against me and pursued my path like the wind, and my salvation is passing like a cloud

16And now my soul is troubled, and the days of my affliction have surrounded me

17In the night my bones weigh upon me, and my body does not rest in an abundance of power

18I am clothed with garments and I am girded in my tunic

19They likened me to mud and I am compared to dust and ashes

20I shall cry to you and you will not answer me; I stood and you noticed me

21And you have made me an enemy to you, and with the strength of your hands you have bound me

22And you have picked me up and you caused me to lie down on the wind, and you afflicted me and you made me wretched

23Therefore I know that you will return me from death to the house and the meeting of All Life

24However, he will not reach his hand against me, and whenever I have cried out to him, he will save me

25I wept for the poor by day, and my soul was troubled for the afflicted one

26I have waited for good and evil came; I have waited for the light, and blackness came

27My bowels were alarmed and did not cease, the days of my affliction went before me

28I have walked sadly without anger, I stood in the assembly and I wept

29I have been a brother to jackals, and a friend to the daughters of ostriches

30My skin is shrunken against me, and my bones are warped as if by parching heat

31My harp was for grieving, and my song for the voice of weeping

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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