Judges 5
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1And Debora and Baraq, son of Abinam, sang on that day saying

2“With vengeance that Israel was avenged, with a song of the people, praise LORD JEHOVAH!

3Hear Kings and obey Rulers. I shall glorify LORD JEHOVAH and I shall sing to him, to LORD JEHOVAH the God of Israel

4LORD JEHOVAH, in your going out from Seir when you walked among the fields of Adum, the Earth shook, also the Heavens dropped and the clouds sprinkled waters

5And the mountains shook before LORD JEHOVAH, and this Sinai from before LORD JEHOVAH, the Holy One of Israel

6In the days of Shamgar, son of Anath, and in the days of Anayl, they cut off the roads and those walking in the straight paths walked in perverse ways

7They cut off the open spaces of Israel, they cut off until I arose; I Debora stood a mother in Israel

8God shall choose a new thing and then bread of barley, and a sword and spear will not be seen among forty thousand of Israel

9My heart said to The Lawgiver of Israel: “Those who are set apart among the people have blessed LORD JEHOVAH”

10And riders of white donkeys and dwellers in houses and those walking in the roads

11Meditate on the words of inquirers who are among the Teachers; there they shall give the righteousness of LORD JEHOVAH, his righteousness that he multiplied in Israel; then the people shall go down to the gate of LORD JEHOVAH

12Wake up Debora! Wake up, wake up and utter a song! Arise Baraq, and capture your captives, son of Abinam!

13And then The Savior went down to sing before LORD JEHOVAH, who came down to me in a man from Aphreim

14And his Servants in Amaleq went after you Benjamin, in your love. From Makir a Prophet went out and from Zabalaun those who wrote with the reed of a Scribe

15The Princes of Issakar with Debora and Issakar like Baraq among the people; he was sent on his feet to the division of Rubil, great restorers of the heart

16Why do you dwell in the streets to hear the breathing of wild donkeys, for the divisions of Rubil, great restorers of heart?

17Gad camped at the crossing of Jordan, and Dan drove ships to the harbor. Ashir dwelt on the shore of the sea and upon its strait he shall dwell

18Zabulun a people who disgraced itself to death; Naphtali on the high place of his field

19Kings came and they fought and then were gathered the Kings of Canaan in Tanak; they gathered by the waters of Magdo; possessions and money they did not take

20The stars made war from their places, war from Heaven with Sisra

21In the valley of Qishon the Torrent of Qishon and the Torrent of Qarmin overwhelmed them. My soul shall tread upon power!

22Then the hooves of his horses fell from the roar of the army of his mighty ones

23“Curse Merod”, said The Angel of LORD JEHOVAH! Curse it and curse its inhabitants because they did not come to the help of LORD JEHOVAH with men

24Blessed of women shall be Anayl, the wife of Khubar, the Blacksmith, more than women who are in the tent will be blessed

25He asked for water and she gave milk in the cup of a mighty man; she brought cream

26She stretched out her hand for a tent peg and her right to the hammer of a carpenter, and she struck Sisra and she shattered his head. She went down and she drove through his temples

27And between her feet he knelt and he fell, and he fell asleep in the place where he knelt there. The plunderer fell

28And the mother of Sisra looked out from a window and cried out from a balcony and she said: ‘Why is the chariot of my son so long coming and why is the clatter of his chariots delayed?’

29A wise maiden also answered and said to her:

30‘Doubtless he went and he found much spoil and he divided a mule to each head of a man and much spoil and died garments and embroidery for Sisra and died garments and embroidery on the necks of those who take spoil!’

31Thus all your enemies shall be destroyed LORD JEHOVAH, and your lovers are as the sun coming forth in its power!” And the land was quiet forty years

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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