Psalm 68
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1Let God arise and let all his enemies be scattered and his haters will flee from before him.

2And they will vanish like smoke vanishes, and as wax is melted before fire, the wicked shall be destroyed from before God.

3And the righteous will rejoice; they will be strengthened before God and they will rejoice in his sweetness.

4Sing to God and praise his name! Praise him who rides to the West. LORD JEHOVAH is his name. Be courageous before him

5Who is the father of the orphans and the judge of widows; God in his holy dwelling!

6God sets the only child in a house and he sends out prisoners into prosperity, and the rebels will dwell in the tombs.

7God, when you went forth before your people when you passed through in the deserts,

8The Earth shook and the Heavens dropped from before God; this Mount Sinai from before God, the God of Israel!

9You have given rain willingly, oh God, to your inheritance, for it was weakened and you have strengthened it.

10And your living creatures dwell in it; you have strengthened the afflicted by your grace, oh God!

11LORD JEHOVAH will give the word of the Gospel in great power!

12Kings of armies will assemble and the favored ones of your house will divide the spoil

13If you sleep between sharpened stakes: wings of The Dove overlaid in silver and its feathers in refined gold.

14When God set apart a King to himself, it became white as snow in Salmon.

15The mountain of God, the mountains of Bayshan, the ridged mountains and mountains of Bayshan.

16What do you seek in the ridged mountains? The mountain that God has chosen for himself to dwell in, LORD JEHOVAH will dwell in it to eternity.

17God rides in ten thousands and thousands of hosts, LORD JEHOVAH among them of Sinai in his Holiness.

18You have ascended on high and you have captured captivity and you have given gifts to the children of men and rebels will not dwell before God.

19Blessed is LORD JEHOVAH every day, for God our Savior has chosen us as his inheritance; God is delivering us.

20LORD JEHOVAH is God; Lord of death is The Exodus.

21But God will cut off the head of his enemies and the hairy scalp of those who walk in their sins.

22LORD JEHOVAH said, "From among the peaks I shall bring forth and I shall lead from the depths of the sea.”

23Because you will dip your foot and the tongue of your dogs in the blood of your enemies.

24They have seen your goings, oh, God, the steps of my God and my Holy King.

25Princes went before; after were the singers among the young girls striking on tambourines.

26And in the assemblies bless LORD JEHOVAH, the God who is the springs of Israel.

27There is little Benjamin in silence, the Princes of Yehuda and their Rulers, the Princes of Zebulon and the Princes of Naphtali.

28Command your might, oh, God, and strengthen, oh, God, this that you have prepared for us.

29From your temple in Jerusalem Kings will bring offerings to you.

30Rebuke the beasts of the rushes, the assembly of cattle and calves of the Gentiles which are overlaid in silver; scatter the peoples who seek war.

31Ambassadors will come from Egypt and Cush will yield the hand to God.

32The kingdoms of the Earth sing praises to God; sing praises to LORD JEHOVAH!

33For he rides in the Heaven of Heavens; from the East he gives his voice, a strong voice.

34Give glory to God, even Israel, the magnificence of his strength in the Heaven of Heavens!

35You are awesome, oh God, from your holy place! The God of Israel will give power and strength to his people. Blessed is God!

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Glenn David Bauscher
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