Psalm 68
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1LET God arise, let his enemies be scattered; let them also that hate him flee before him.

2As smoke is driven away, so let them vanish; as wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.

3But let the righteous be glad; let them be valiant in the sight of God; yea, let them rejoice in his pleasure.

4Sing unto God, sing praises to his name; extol him who rides upon the heavens; the LORD is his name, rejoice before him.

5A father of the fatherless and a judge of widows is God in his holy habitation.

6God sets the solitary child in families; he triumphantly releases those who are bound with chains; but the rebellious dwell in waste places.

7O God, when thou didst go forth before thy people, when thou didst march through the wilderness,

8The earth shook, the heavens also lowered at the presence of God; even Sinai itself was moved at the presence of God, the God of Israel.

9Thou, O God, didst send a plentiful rain whereby thou didst confirm thine inheritance when it was weary.

10Thy living creatures have dwelt therein; thou O God, hast provided of thy goodness for the poor.

11The LORD shall give good tidings with great power.

12Then the kings of armies shall be defeated; and the household of God shall divide the spoil.

13Though you sleep among thorns, yet shall you be protected as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold.

14When God appointed a king over Zion, it became white like snow

15Over Salmon, the mountain of God, over the mountains of Bashan and over the mountain ridges.

16What do you want, O you mountains of Bashan? This is the ridge which God desires to dwell in; yea, the LORD will dwell in it for ever.

17God rides with the host of angels; the LORD is among them, as in Sinai, in his holy place.

18Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast carried away captives; thou hast blessed men with gifts; but rebellious men shall not dwell before the presence of God.

19Blessed be the LORD, for he has chosen us as his heritage, even the God of our salvation.

20He that is our God is the God of salvation, the LORD God who has the power of life and death.

21But God shall sever the head of his enemies, and the hairy scalp of the head of those who persist in their sins.

22The LORD said, I will rescue my people from the cliffs, I will bring my people from the depths of the sea;

23That thy foot shall be dipped in the blood of thine enemies, and the tongue of thy dogs in the same.

24They have seen thy goings, O God, even the goings of my God and my holy King.

25The princes went before, the singers followed after; among them were the damsels playing with timbrels.

26Bless God in the congregations, even the LORD, you that are of the fountain of Israel.

27There is little Benjamin with their ruler, the princes of Judah and their governors, the princes of Zebulun, and the princes of Naphtali.

28Command, O God, thy strength; strengthen, O God, that which thou hast wrought for us.

29Out of thy temple at Jerusalem shall kings bring presents unto thee.

30Rebuke the wild beasts of the marshes, the multitude of the wild bulls, the idols of the Gentiles which are covered with silver; scatter the people who delight in war.

31Ambassadors shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands to God.

32Sing to God, you kingdoms of the earth; O sing praises to the LORD.

33To him who rides upon the heavens of heavens; out of the east he gives his voice, and that a mighty voice.

34Ascribe glory unto God; his excellency is over Israel and his strength is in the heavens.

35O God, thou art honoured out of thy holy place; the God of Israel is he that gives strength and power to his people. Blessed be God.

Holy Bible From The Ancient Eastern Texts: Aramaic Of The Peshitta by George M. Lamsa (1933)

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