Genesis 29
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1And Yaquuv lifted up his feet and he went on to the land of the children of the East. 2And he saw, and behold, a well in a field, and there were three flocks of sheep lying by it, because the flock was drinking at the well, and a great stone was on the mouth of the well. 3And all the flocks assembled there and they rolled the stone from the mouth of the well and they give drink to the sheep and return the stone to the mouth of the well in its place.

4Yaquuv said to them, “My brothers, from where are you?” They were saying to him, “We are from Kharan.” 5He said to them, “Do you know Laban, son of Nakhor?” They said to him, “We know.” 6He said to them, “Is he well?” They said to him, “He is well, and look, Rakhyl his daughter is coming with the sheep.” 7Yaquuv said to them, “See, daylight still remains; it is not time to gather the cattle; water the sheep and go feed them.” 8They were saying to him, “We cannot until all of the flocks assemble, and they roll the stone from the mouth of the well and we give drink to the sheep.”

9And while he was speaking with them, Rakhyl came with the sheep of her father because she was a shepherdess. 10And when Yaquuv saw Rakhyl, daughter of Laban, the brother of his mother, and the sheep of Laban, the brother of his mother, Yaquuv came and rolled the stone from the mouth of the well, and he gave drink to the flock of Laban, the brother of his mother. 11And Yaquuv kissed Rakhyl, and he lifted his voice and wept. 12And Yaquuv told Rakhyl that he was the brother of her father and that he was son of Raphqa, and she ran and she told her father.

13And when Laban heard the report of Yaquuv, son of his sister, he ran to meet him and embraced him and he kissed him and brought him to his house and he related to Laban all these words.

14Laban said to him, “Truly you are my bones and my flesh”, and he stayed with him a month of days.

15And Laban said to Yaquuv, “Truly my brother, are you to work for me without charge? Tell me, what are your wages?” 16And Laban had two daughters; the name of the elder was Leah and the name of the younger, Rakhyl. 17And the eyes of Leah were tender and Rakhyl was beautiful in her appearance and her face was beautiful. 18And Yaquuv loved Rakhyl and he said, “I shall work for you seven years for Rakhyl, your younger daughter.” 19Laban said to him, “Better that I give her to you than that I give her to another man. Stay with me.” 20And Yaquuv worked for Rakhyl seven years, and they were in his eyes as a few days, because he loved her.

21And Yaquuv said to Laban, “Give me my wife, because the days are ended, and I shall go into her.” 22And Laban gathered all the men of the place and made a banquet. 23And when it was evening, he brought Leah his daughter and brought her to him, and he came in unto her. 24And Laban gave Zelpha, his Handmaid, to Leah his daughter as a Handmaid. 25And when it was dawn and he saw that she was Leah, he said to Laban, “What is this that you have done to me? Look, I worked with you for Rakhyl. Why have you deceived me?” 26And Laban said to Yaquuv, “It is not done in this way in our place, to give the younger before the elder. 27Complete the wedding of this one and I shall give her to you also for the service that you will serve again with me for seven more years. 28And Yaquuv did so and completed her wedding and he gave Rakhyl his daughter to him as a wife. 29And Laban gave to his daughter Rakhyl, Balha, his Handmaid, for a Maidservant. 30And he went in also unto Rakhyl and he loved Rakhyl also more than Leah, and he worked with him again seven more years.

31And LORD JEHOVAH saw that Leah was despised and he opened her womb, and Rakhyl was a sterile woman. 32And Leah became pregnant and she bore a son and she called his name Rubyl, and she said “Because God saw my oppression; now my husband will love me.” 33And she was pregnant again and she bore a son and she said, “Because LORD JEHOVAH heard that I am hated, he gave me also this one”, and she called his name Shemon. 34And she was pregnant again and she bore a son and she said, “This time my husband will cleave to me, because I have given birth to three sons for him; because of this, she called his name Levi. 35And she became pregnant again and she bore a son and she said, “This time I shall praise LORD JEHOVAH”, because of this, she called his name Yehuda, and she ceased from child bearing.

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