Genesis 34
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The Defiling of Dinah

1Dina ye doughter of Lea, which she bare vnto Iacob, wente out to beholde the doughters of the londe. 2Whan Sichem the sonne of Hemor the Heuite (which was lorde of the lode) sawe her, he toke her, and laye with her, and forced her, 3and his hert hanged vpon her, and he loued ye damsell, and talked louyngly with her, 4and spake to his father Hemor: Get me this mayden to wife. 5And Iacob vnderstode, that Dina his doughter was defyled, and his sonnes were with the catell in the felde, and Iacob helde his tonge tyll they came. 6Then Hemor the father of Sichem wente forth vnto Iacob to comen with him. 7In the meane season came Iacobs sonnes from ye felde. And whan they herde it, it greued the men, and they were very wroth, that he had wrought foly in Israel, and lyen with Iacobs doughter: for so was not the vse to do.

8Then comened Hemor with the, and sayde: My sonne Sichems hert longeth for youre doughter, O geue hir him to wife: 9make frendshipe with vs, geue vs youre doughters, and take ye oure doughters, 10and dwell with vs, the londe shall be open vnto you, dwell and occupie, and haue youre possessions therin. 11And Sichem sayde vnto hir father and brethren: Let me fynde grace with you: loke what ye appoynte me, I will geue it: 12requyre the dowrye and gift of me hardely, I wyll geue it acordinge as ye wyll axe, onely geue me the damsell to wife.

The Revenge of Dinah’s Brothers

13Then Iacobs sonnes answered Sichem and Hemor his father (and spake disceatfully, because their sister Dina was defyled) 14& sayde vnto them: That can we not do, to geue oure sister to an vncircumcided man: for that were a shame vnto vs. 15Neuertheles we wyll consente vnto you, yf ye wylbe like vnto vs, and be circumcided as many as are males amonge you: 16then will we geue you oure doughters, and take youre doughters vnto vs, and dwell with you, and be one people. 17But yf ye wyll not herken vnto vs, to be circumcided, then wyl we take oure doughter, and go oure waye.

18These wordes pleased Hemor and his sonne wel, 19and the yonge man deferde not to do the same, for he had lust to Iacobs doughter: and he was holden in honoure aboue all in his fathers house. 20Then came Hemor and Sichem his sonne vnder ye gate of cite, and comened with the citisens of the cite, and saide: 21These men are peaceable with vs, and will dwell in the lande and occupye: now is the londe brode of both the sydes, we wyl take their doughters vnto vs, and geue them oure doughters. 22But then wyll they consent vnto vs, to dwell by vs, and to be one people with vs, yf we circumcyse all the men children amonge vs, like as they are circumcysed: 23their catell and goodes, and all that they haue, shalbe ours, yf we consent vnto them, that they maye dwel with vs. 24And they herkened vnto Hemor and Sichem his sonne, as many as wente out and in at ye gate of his cite, and circumcided all the males, that wente out and in at his cite.

25And vpon the thirde daye (whan it was panefull to them) the two sonnes of Iacob Simeon and Leui Dinas brethren, toke euery man his swerde, and wente boldly in to the cite, and slew all the males, 26and slew Hemor also and Sichem his sonne with the edge of the swerde, and toke their sister Dina out of Sichems house, and wente their waye. 27Then came Iacobs sonnes ouer the slayne, and spoyled the cite (because they had defyled their sister) 28and toke their shepe, oxen, Asses, and what so euer was in the cite and in the londe, 29and all maner of goodes: All their children and wyues toke they captyue, and spoyled all yt was in the houses. 30And Iacob sayde vnto Symeon and Leui: Ye haue brought it so to passe, yt I stynke before the inhabiters of this lande, ye Cananites and Pheresites, & I am but a small nombre: Yf they gather them selues now together against me, they shal slaye me, so shal I be destroyed with my house. 31But they answered: Shulde they the deale with oure sister as with an whoore?

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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