Acts 10
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1But in Qesaria was a certain man, a Centurion whose name was Cornelius, from the regiment which is called Italiqa. 2And he was righteous and was a worshiper of God, he and his whole house, and he did great charitable work among the people and always prayed to God. 3This man saw an Angel of God in a vision plainly before his face at the ninth hour of the day, who entered his presence and said to him, “Cornelia.” 4And he gazed at him and was afraid and said, “What, my lord?” And The Angel said to him, “Your prayer and your charity have gone up for a remembrance before God. 5“And now send a man to the city Joppa and bring Shimeon who is called Kaypha. 6Behold, he dwells in the house of Shimeon a Tanner which is on the seaside.” 7When The Angel went who had spoken with him, he called two of the men of his household and one Servant who worshiped God, who was agreeable to him, 8And he related to them everything that he had seen and he sent them to Joppa.

9And the next day, when they were traveling on the road and came near to the city, Shimeon went up to the roof to pray at the sixth hour. 10And he was hungry and he wanted to eat, and as things were being gotten for him, he fell into a trance, 11And he saw Heaven as it was opened, and a garment which was tied at the four corners like a great linen, and it was descending from Heaven to The Earth, 12And there were in it all kinds of four footed animals and creeping things of The Earth and birds of the sky; 13And a voice came to him saying, “Shimeon, arise, slay and eat.” 14And Shimeon said, “Never, my Lord, because I have never eaten anything defiled or polluted.” 15And a voice came again a second time to him: “Those things which God has purified you shall not make impure.” 16This happened three times and the garment was taken up to Heaven.

17And as Shimeon wondered in himself what this vision was that he had seen, those men arrived who were sent from Cornelius, and they asked for the house in which Shimeon dwelt and they came and stood at the gate of the courtyard. 18And they were calling there asking, “Is Shimeon who is called Kaypha lodging here?” 19And as Shimeon was pondering the vision, The Spirit said to him, “Behold, three men are seeking you. 20Arise, go down and go with them, doubting nothing in your mind, because I am he who has sent them.” 21Then Shimeon went down to those men and said to them, “I am he whom you seek. What is the reason for which you have come?” 22They said to him, “A certain man whose name is Cornelius, a good Centurion and worshiper of God, for whom all the people of the Jews vouch, was told in a vision by a holy Angel to send and bring you to his house and hear a message from you.” 23And Shimeon brought them in and received them where he was lodging, and the day after he arose and went out with them, and some men of the brethren of Joppa went with him.

24And the next day he entered Qesaria, but Cornelius had been waiting for them while all of his relatives and close friends whom he had were gathered to him. 25And when Shimeon entered, Cornelius met him and fell worshiping at his feet. 26And Shimeon raised him up and said to him, “Stand up; even I am human.” 27And as he spoke with him, he entered and found many who had come there. 28And he said to them, “You know that a man who is of the Jews is not allowed to join a foreign person, who is not one of his race. God has shown me that I should not say that a man is unclean or defiled.” 29“Because of this, I have readily come when you sent after me. However, I ask you why you have sent after me.”

30Cornelius said to him, “It has been four days now since I was fasting, and at the ninth hour, while I was praying in my house, a certain man stood in front of me, being clothed in white.” 31He said to me, 'Cornelius, your prayer is heard and your charity is a memorial before God. 32However, send to the city Joppa and bring Shimeon who is called Kaypha. Behold, he dwells in the house of Shimeon, a Tanner, upon the seaside, and he will come speak with you.' 33And immediately I sent to you and you have done well to come, and behold, we are all before you and wish to hear everything whatever is commanded you from the presence of God.”

34But Shimeon opened his mouth and he said, “In truth, I understand that God is no respecter of persons. 35But among all nations, whoever worships him and works righteousness is acceptable to him. 36For the word which he sent to the children of Israel and announced good news of peace and tranquility to them by Yeshua The Messiah, ( This One is LORD JEHOVAH of all ), 37You also are aware of the word that has come to all Judea, which went out from Galilee after the baptism that Yohannan preached, 38About Yeshua who was from Nazareth, whom God anointed with The Spirit of Holiness and with power, and he was traveling and healing those injured by The Evil One, because God was with him. 39And we witnessed him concerning all whatsoever he did in all the land of Judea and of Jerusalem. The Judeans hanged him on a tree and murdered him. 40And God raised him up the third day and granted him to appear publicly 41But not to all the people, but to us who were chosen by God to be witnesses for him, we who ate and drank with him after his resurrection from the grave. 42And he commanded us to preach and to testify to the people that This is He who was appointed by God to be The Judge of the living and of the dead. 43And all The Prophets have borne him witness, that everyone who believes in his Name will receive forgiveness of sins.”

44And when Shimeon was speaking these words, The Spirit of Holiness rested on all of those who were hearing the word. 45And circumcised brethren who had come with him were stupefied and astonished that the gift of The Spirit of Holiness was poured forth also upon Gentiles, 46For they heard them speaking in various languages and magnifying God, and Shimeon was saying: 47“Can anyone refuse water that they should not be baptized? For, behold, they have received The Spirit of Holiness, as when we did.” 48Then he commanded them to be baptized in the name of our Lord Yeshua The Messiah, and they begged him to stay with them for some days.

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