Luke 8
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1It happened after these things that Yeshua was traveling a circuit in the cities and villages and preaching and announcing the Kingdom of God and his twelve were with him, 2And these women who had been healed from sicknesses and from evil spirits: Maryam who is called Magdalitha, she from whom seven demons had gone out 3And Yohanna the wife of Chuza, the steward of Herodus, and Shushan and many others who were ministering to them of their possessions.

4And when a great crowd had gathered, and they were coming to him from all the cities, he said in a parable: 5“A sower went out to sow his seed, and as he sowed, there was that which fell on the side of the road and it was trampled and a bird ate it. 6And other seed fell on the rock and in an hour it sprang up, and because there was no moisture for it, it dried up. 7And other seed fell among thorns and the thorns sprang up with it and they choked it. 8Other seed fell in good and excellent ground, and it sprang up and produced fruit one hundred fold. And when he had said these things, he cried, “He that has an ear to hear, let him hear.”

9And his disciples asked him, “What is this parable?” 10But he said to them, “It has been given to you to know the secret of the Kingdom of God, but to those others, it is spoken in an allegory, that while seeing they will not perceive, and when hearing, they will not understand.”

11“But this is the parable: the seed is the word of God.” 12“But those upon the side of the road are they who hear the word, and the enemy comes and takes the word from their heart, lest they should believe and they should live.” 13“But these upon the rock are they, who when they have heard, they receive the word with joy, and there is no root in them, but their faith is temporary and in time of temptation they are subverted.” 14“But these which fell among thorns are those who hear the word and by cares and by riches and the desires of the world, they are choked and they yield no fruit.” 15“But these which are on the good ground are those who hear the word with a pure and good heart, and they hold onto it and they yield fruit with patience.”

16“No man lights a lamp and covers it with a vessel or sets it under a bed, but he sets it upon a lamp stand that everyone who enters may see its light.” 17“For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, neither hidden that will not be made known and come into the open.” 18“Take heed how you hear. Whoever has it, it will be given to him, and whoever does not have it, also that which he thinks he has will be taken from him.”

19But his mother and his brothers came to him, and they were not able to speak with him, because of the crowd. 20They said to him, “Your mother and your brothers are standing outside and they desire to see you.” 21But he answered and said to them, “These are my mother and my brothers; those who are hearing the word of God and are practicing it.”

22But it was on one of those days, Yeshua went up and sat down in the boat, he and his disciples, and he told them, “Let us cross to the other side of the lake.” 23And as he journeyed, Yeshua himself was asleep and there was a tempest of wind on the lake and the ship was coming close to sinking. 24And they came and they awakened him and they were saying to him, “Our Master, our Master, we are being destroyed!” But he arose and rebuked the wind and the waves of the seas, and they ceased and there was calm. 25And he said to them, “Where is your faith?” But they, being in awe, were marveling, and they were saying one to another, “Who is this, truly, who commands even the wind, the waves and the sea, and they obey him?”

26And they sailed and they came to the region of the Gadarenes which is on the other side next to Galilee. 27And when he unboarded to land, a man met him from the city who had a demon in him for a long time. He was not wearing clothes, and he was not living in a house but among the tombs. 28And when he saw Yeshua, he screamed and he fell before him, and with a loud voice, he said, “What business do we have with you Yeshua, the Son of God Most High? I beg of you, do not punish me!” 29For Yeshua had commanded the vile spirit to go out from the man, as it had possessed him for a long time. And he had been kept bound in chains and in shackles and he would burst his bonds and he would be driven by the demon into the desert. 30But Yeshua asked him, “What is your name?” But he said to him, “Legion”, because many demons had entered him. 31And they were begging him that he would not command them to enter the abyss.

32Now a herd of many swine was there grazing on the mountain, and they were begging him to permit them to enter the swine, and he permitted them. 33And the demons went out from the man and they entered the swine and the whole herd went straight to the precipice and they fell into the lake and drowned.

34But when the herdsmen saw what happened, they fled, and they related it in the city and in the villages. 35And people went out to see the thing that happened and they came to Yeshua, and they found that man, whose demons had gone out, being clothed, sober and sitting at the feet of Yeshua, and they were in awe. 36And those who had seen it related to them how the demoniac man had been healed. 37And the crowds of Gadarenes were all begging him that he would go from them, because great fear had seized them, and he, Yeshua, embarked the ship and returned from among them. 38But that man from whom the demons had gone out was begging him that he might join him and Yeshua dismissed him and he said to him: 39“Return to your house and relate the thing that God has done for you.” And he went on, and he was preaching in the whole city the thing that Yeshua had done for him.

40But when Yeshua returned, a great crowd received him, for they had all been looking for him. 41And one man whose name was Yorash, head of the synagogue, fell before the feet of Yeshua and he begged him to enter his house. 42For he had an only daughter, about twelve years old, and she was about to die, and when Yeshua went with him a great crowd was pressing him.

43Now there was certain woman whose blood had flowed twelve years, who spent all her property among physicians, and she could not be healed by anyone. 44She approached him from behind, and she touched the fringe of his garment and immediately the flow of her blood stopped. 45And Yeshua said, “Who touched me?” And when everyone denied, Shimeon Kaypha and those with him said to him, “Our master, the crowds are pressing close to you, and they are pushing and you say, 'Who touched me?' “ 46But he said, “Someone has touched me, for I know that power has gone out from me.” 47When the woman saw that she had not escaped his notice, she came trembling, and she fell and she worshiped him, and she told before the eyes of all the people for what cause she had touched him, and how she had been healed immediately. 48But Yeshua said to her, “Take heart, my daughter; your faith has given you life; go in peace.”

49And while he was speaking, the man who was of the house of the leader of the synagogue came and he said to him, “Your daughter has died; do not trouble the teacher.” 50But Yeshua heard and he said to the father of the girl, “Do not be afraid; only have faith, and she will live.” 51But Yeshua came to the house and he did not allow anyone to enter with him except Shimeon, Yaqob, Yohannan, the father of the girl and her mother. 52And all of them were weeping and wailing over her but Yeshua said, “Stop weeping; for she is not dead, but she is sleeping.” 53And they were laughing at him, for they knew that she had died. 54But he sent everyone outside and he held her by her hand and he called her, and he said, “Little girl, arise.” 55And her spirit returned, and at once she arose, and he commanded them to give her food. 56And her parents were staggered, but he warned them not to tell anyone what had happened.

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