Psalm 25
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1To you, LORD JEHOVAH, I have lifted up my soul. The evil shall be ashamed of their nothingness.

2My God, in you I have hoped; I shall not be ashamed, lest my enemies boast against me.

3Neither shall any who hope in you be ashamed, the evil shall be ashamed of their nothingness.

4Show me your way, LORD JEHOVAH, and teach me your paths.

5Lead me in your truth and teach me, because you are my God, my Savior; I have waited for you every day.

6Remember, LORD JEHOVAH, your mercies which are from eternity, and your favors.

7And do not remember against me the foolishness of my youth, but according to the multitude of your mercies, let me be remembered because of your kindness, oh God!

8Good and upright is LORD JEHOVAH, therefore he corrects sinners in the way.

9And he leads the meek in judgment and teaches the poor his way.

10All the ways of LORD JEHOVAH are grace and truth to those who keep his covenant and his testimony.

11Pardon me from my evil, because of your Name, LORD JEHOVAH, for it is great!

12Who is the man that is in awe of LORD JEHOVAH? He will teach him the way that he chooses.

13His soul will lodge in grace and his seed will inherit the Earth.

14The counsel of LORD JEHOVAH is upon his worshipers and he will teach them his covenant.

15My eyes are always unto LORD JEHOVAH because he removes my feet from the net.

16Return to me and show me mercy because I am alone and afflicted.

17The griefs of my heart multiply; take me from my griefs!

18See my oppression and my labor and forgive me all my sin!

19See that my enemies have increased and the hatred of the evil ones who hate me.

20Keep my soul and save me because I have hoped in you.

21The perfect and the upright have joined me because I have waited for you.

22Oh God, save Israel from all his oppressors!

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