Acts 21
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1And we departed from them and we traveled straight to the Isle Qo, and the next day we came to Rhodus, and from there to Patara. 2And we found a ship there going to Phoenicia and we boarded it and sailed. 3We came as far as to The Island Cyprus, and we passed it to the left and we came to Syria, and from there we arrived at Tyre, for the ship was to unload its cargo there. 4And when we found disciples there, we stayed with them seven days, and they were saying to Paulus everyday by The Spirit not to go to Jerusalem. 5And after these days we went out to go by road, and they were all following us with their wives and their children to the outside of the city. And they knelt on their knees by the seaside, and they prayed. 6And we kissed one another, and we boarded the ship, and they returned to their homes.

7And we journeyed from Tyre and we came to the city Akko, and we gave greeting to the brethren there and we lodged with them one day.

8And the next day we departed and came to Caesarea, and we entered and lodged in the house of Philippus The Evangelist, he who was of the seven. 9And he had four virgin daughters who did prophesy. 10And when we were there many days, a certain Prophet had come down from Judea, whose name was Agabus. 11And he came to us and took off the leather belt on the waist of Paulus and he tied his own feet and his hands and he said, “Thus says The Spirit of Holiness: 'The Jews in Jerusalem will bind and deliver the man who owns this leather belt into the hands of the Gentiles.' “ 12And when we heard these words we begged of him, we and the people of that place, that he would not go to Jerusalem. 13Then Paulus answered and said, “What are you doing that you are weeping and breaking my heart? For I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of our Lord Yeshua.” 14And when he was not persuaded by us, we ceased, and we said, “The will of our Lord be done.”

15After these days, we prepared and we ourselves went up to Jerusalem. 16And men who were disciples from Caesarea came with us as they took with them a brother to receive us into his house, one of the first disciples, whose name was Mnason, and he was from Cyprus.

17And when we came to Jerusalem, the brethren received us gladly. 18And the next day we entered with Paulus unto Yaqob, while all the Elders were there with him. 19And we gave them greeting and Paulus was reporting in order to them everything that God had done among the Gentiles by his ministry, 20And when they had heard, they praised God and said to him: “You see our brother, how many tens of thousands are in Judea who have believed, and they are all zealous of The Law.” 21“But it has been told them that you teach all the Jews who are among the Gentiles to separate from Moses while you say that they should not circumcise their sons and that they should not walk by the custom of The Law.” 22“Therefore, because this has been heard by them, they have come here.” 23“Do what we tell you; we have four men who have vowed to purify themselves.” 24“Take them and go be purified with them and pay the cost with them to shave their heads, and it will be known to everyone that whatever was spoken about you is false, and that you fulfill and keep The Law.” 25“But concerning those who believe among the Gentiles, we have written that they would keep themselves from what is sacrificed, from fornication, from strangled things and from blood.” 26Then Paulus took those men and the next day was purified with them and they entered and went to The Temple, showing them the fulfillment of the days of purification until an offering was offered by each one of them.

27And when the seventh day arrived, the Jews of Asia saw him in The Temple, and they incited all the people against him and they laid hands upon him, 28As they appealed and they were saying, “Men, sons of Israel, help! This is the man who opposes our people, teaching in every place against the law and against this place, and he also has brought an Aramaean into The Temple and has defiled this holy place.” 29For they had seen Trophimos the Ephesian with him before in the city and they were assuming that he had entered The Temple with Paulus. 30And the entire city was stirred up and all the people assembled and they seized Paulus and they dragged him outside of The Temple and immediately the gates were shut. 31And while the crowd was seeking to kill him, it was heard by the Chiliarch of the regiment that the whole city had been stirred up. 32And immediately he took a Centurion and many Soldiers and ran unto them, and when they had seen the Chiliarch and the Soldiers, they ceased beating Paulus. 33And the Chiliarch called him and took him and commanded to bind him with two chains, and he was asking about him, who he was and what he had done. 34And men from the mob were shouting this and that about him, and because of their shouting, he was unable to know what the truth was, and commanded to bring him to the encampment. 35And when Paulus came to the stairs, the Soldiers carried him because of the violence of the people; 36For many people were coming after him and shouting, and they were saying, “Hang him!”

37And when he approached to enter the encampment, Paulus said to the Chiliarch, “If you allow me, I shall speak with you”, but he said to him, “Do you know Greek?” 38“Are you not that Egyptian who before these days made a disturbance and led four thousand criminal men to the wilderness?” 39Paulus said to him, “I am a man, a Jew from Tarsus, the notable city of Qiliqia in which I was born. I beg of you, let me speak to the people.” 40And when he allowed him, Paulus stood on the stairs and was motioning to them with his hand, and when they were quiet he spoke with them in Judean Aramaic, and said to them:

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