Deuteronomy 4
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1"Therefore Israel, hear the Law and judgments that I teach you to do today, that you shall live and you shall enter and you shall possess the land that LORD JEHOVAH, the God of your fathers, gives to you. 2You shall not add to the commandment that I command you, and you shall not subtract from it, but keep the commandment of LORD JEHOVAH your God that I command to you. 3Your eyes have seen everything that LORD JEHOVAH did to Baal Peor, because every man who goes after Baal Peor, LORD JEHOVAH your God shall destroy him from among you. 4And you, because you were joined to LORD JEHOVAH your God, behold, you are alive, all of you, until today.

5See that I have taught you the Law and judgment, just as LORD JEHOVAH my God has taught me to do them in the land that you enter to possess. 6And you shall keep and you shall do them, for that is your wisdom and your understanding before the eyes of the nations who will hear all of these laws, and they shall say: ‘This great people is wise and learned.’ 7For what is the great people whose god is near to it as is LORD JEHOVAH our God in all that we call upon him? 8And what is the great people which has righteous laws and judgments as this entire Written Law that I give before you today?

9Only be very aware and keep your souls so that you will not forget any statement that your eyes see and they shall not pass away from your heart all the days of your life, and teach them to your children and to the children of your children; 10The day when you stood before LORD JEHOVAH your God in Khoreeb when LORD JEHOVAH said to me: 'Gather the people before me and I shall make my word heard to them, and they shall learn to be in awe before me all the days that they live in the land and they shall teach their children'. 11And you came near and you stood on the outskirts of the mountain, and the mountain was set ablaze in fire unto the heart of Heaven, and there was darkness and cloud and thick darkness. 12And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with you in the mountain from within the fire; the voice that spoke you were hearing and you were not seeing a form, except the voice only. 13And he showed his covenant and commanded you to do ten sayings, and he wrote them on two tablets of stone. 14And LORD JEHOVAH commanded me at that time that I would teach you the laws and the judgments to do them in the land that you pass through there to inherit.

15Be very aware in your souls because you did not see a form in the day when LORD JEHOVAH spoke with you in Khoreeb from within the fire: 16So that you would not become corrupt and make for yourselves images and forms of every kind, a form of males or of females, 17A form of any beast that is in the earth, a form of any bird of the wing flying in Heaven, 18A form of any creeping thing of the earth, a form of any fish of the sea which is under the earth: 19And that you would not lift up your eyes into the sky and see the sun and the moon and the stars and all the hosts of the sky and you would go astray and serve them and worship them which LORD JEHOVAH your God distributed for all the nations under Heaven. 20And LORD JEHOVAH has come near you and has brought you out from the furnace of iron from Egypt, that you would be a people to him and an inheritance, as today.

21And LORD JEHOVAH was angry against me because of your response and he swore that I would not cross this Jordan, and I shall not enter the good land that LORD JEHOVAH your God gives to you as an inheritance: 22Because I shall die in this land and I will not cross this Jordan, but you cross and you inherit this good land. 23Beware that you do not forget the covenant of LORD JEHOVAH your God which he covenanted with you and you make an image for yourselves or a form of anything that LORD JEHOVAH your God commanded you. 24Because LORD JEHOVAH your God is a consuming fire and God is jealous.

25And when you beget children or children of children, and you have been long in the land and you become corrupt and you make images and the forms of anything and you do evil before LORD JEHOVAH your God and you anger him: 26I have called Heaven and Earth to witness before you today that certainly you shall be destroyed quickly from the land that you cross the Jordan to inherit, and you shall not multiply days in it but surely you shall be destroyed. 27And LORD JEHOVAH shall scatter you among the nations and you shall be left few in number among the nations when LORD JEHOVAH your God will scatter you there. 28And you shall serve gods there, the work of the hands of the children of men, of wood and of stone that do not see and do not hear and do not eat and they do not smell. 29And you shall seek LORD JEHOVAH your God there, and you shall find him when you will search for him from all your heart and from all your soul. 30Whenever you suffer adversity and all of these words come to you at the last of days and you are converted to LORD JEHOVAH your God and you will listen to his voice; 31Because God is compassionate, LORD JEHOVAH your God will not destroy you, neither will He leave you, neither will he forget the covenant that He swore to your fathers.

32But ask about the first days that have been before you, from the day that God created man on the Earth, from the ends of Heaven and unto the ends of Heaven, if there was the likes of this great matter, or there was anything heard like it? 33If another people heard the voice of God who speaks from within fire as you heard, and you lived? 34Or they tested God who went and took to him a nation from within a nation with trials and with signs and with wonders and with war and by a mighty hand and by a high arm and with all the great spectacles that LORD JEHOVAH your God did to the Egyptians in your sight? 35You have seen and you have known that LORD JEHOVAH is God and there is none again outside of Him. 36From Heaven He made His voice heard to teach you and upon the Earth has shown you His great fire, and His words He made you hear from within the fire. 37And in that He loved your parents, He chose their seed after them and he brought you out in His Person, in great power from Egypt; 38To destroy before you greater and mightier nations than you, that He would bring you in and would give you their land as an inheritance like today. 39And you will know today and you will change your heart because LORD JEHOVAH is God in Heaven from above and upon the Earth from beneath, and there is none again outside of him. 40Keep His laws and His commandments that I command you today, that it will be well for you and for your children after you, and you will multiply days in the land that LORD JEHOVAH your God gives to you for all days.

41Then Moshe separated three cities at the crossing of Jordan from the dawning of the sun; 42That a killer who may kill his neighbor without his will and did not hate him yesterday or the day before yesterday may escape there, and he will flee into one of these cities and he will live: 43One of them : Butsar in the wilderness, in the land of the plain of Rubil, and the other Ramath Gelad of Gad, and Gulan that is in Mathnin of Menasheh.

44This law Moshe appointed before the children of Israel: 45These are the testimonies and the laws and judgments that Moshe spoke with the children of Israel when they went out from Egypt, 46At the crossing of Jordan in the valley against Bayth Peor in the land of Sihon, the King of the Amorites, who was dwelling in Kheshbon, for Moshe and the children of Israel killed him when they went out from Egypt: 47And they possessed his land and the land of Og, the King of Mathnin, two Kings of the Amorites that were at the crossing of Jordan, from the dawning the sun; 48From Aduir that is on the lip of the torrent of Arnon and unto the mountain of Serion which is Khermon, 49And all the desert at the crossing of Jordan from the East and unto the Sea of Araba, under Ashdod and Pesga.”

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