Jeremiah 2
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1And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was upon me saying

2Go and proclaim in the ears of Jerusalem and say: “So says LORD JEHOVAH: ‘I have remembered you, the grace of your youth, the love of your enduring hope, when you walked after me in the wilderness in the land that was unsown

3Israel hallowed to LORD JEHOVAH the beginning of its harvests. All eating them will be condemned. Evil will come upon them, says LORD JEHOVAH

4Hear the word of LORD JEHOVAH, house of Yaqob and all families of the house of Israel

5Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “What is the evil your fathers found in me who removed themselves far from me, and they went after nothing and they have gained nothing?

6And they did not say: ‘Where is LORD JEHOVAH who brought us up from the land of Egypt [7] And led us in the wilderness in the desolate and weary land in the desert land of the shadows of death, in the land that no man crossed and no son of a man dwelt there?’

7And I have brought you to the land of Karmela to eat its fruits and its goods, and you came and you defiled my land, and you constituted my inheritance as an abomination

8The Priests did not say, “Where is LORD JEHOVAH and the Curators of The Law? They did not know me and the Shepherds were unfaithful to me, and the Prophets prophesied by Baal, and they went after the thing that has no benefit in it

9Because of this, I shall contend with you, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall contend with the children of your children

10Pass over to the islands of the Khethites and see, and send to Qedar and understand well, and see if there was anything like this

11If the nations exchange their gods, those that have not been gods, and my people have exchanged its honor with that which does not profit

12Be stupefied, Heaven, over this, and tremble and be very afraid, says LORD JEHOVAH

13Because my people have done two evils to me; they left the fountain of living waters and they went and they have dug pits for themselves, broken cisterns that cannot hold water

14Is Israel a Servant? If he is born in the house, why was he to be plunder?

15The lionesses shall roar upon him and shall raise their voices, and they shall make his land a wilderness, and its cities shall be desolate without an inhabitant

16Also the children of Mephes and Takhpis shall govern you head to head

17Behold, in this way it shall be done for you, because you have forsaken LORD JEHOVAH your God in the time that he was leading you in the way

18And now, how do you have to go to the road of Egypt to drink the waters of Shikhur, and how do you have to go to the road of Assyria to drink the waters of the river?

19Your evil shall chastise you and your turning away shall reprove you, and know and see what is evil and bitter because you have forsaken LORD JEHOVAH your God, and you were not in awe of me, says LORD JEHOVAH God of Hosts

20Because from old time I have broken your yoke and I cut your collars, and you said: “I shall not serve another god again”, and behold, on every high hill and under every thick tree you go astray and commit prostitution

21And I planted you a vine shoot of every seed of truth, and how were you turned against me, and you rebelled as an abnormal vine?

22And if you will be whitened in niter and you multiply sulphur for yourself, your sins have defiled them among you before me, says LORD JEHOVAH God

23How will you say: "I am not defiled and I did not go after Baala?” See your ways in the valleys and know what you have done. You have lifted up your voice. You have perverted the ways

24Like a wild donkey which is taught by the wilderness in the pleasures of his soul, you sniffed the wind like a jackal. Who will bring her back? Everyone who seeks her unwearied in his ways will find her

25Are your feet hindered from going barefoot and your throat from being thirsty? And you said: “I am strengthened. I am unwilling because I have loved foreign men, and I shall go after them”

26As a thief is ashamed whenever he is found, so the children of Israel were ashamed, they and their Rulers, and their Kings, and their Priests, and their Prophets

27Who say to a tree: "You are our father”, and to a stone, "You have given birth to us!”, because they turned their back to me and not their faces, and at the time of their affliction they say: “Arise, help us and save us!”

28And where are your gods that you have made for yourself? Let them arise; let them save you at the time of your affliction, because according to the number of your cities are your gods, Yehuda!

29Why do you judge with me, all of you? You have been false with me, says LORD JEHOVAH

30I have struck your children for nothing, and they did not receive instruction. The sword consumed your Prophets like a destroying lion

31You, oh generation, hear the word of LORD JEHOVAH: “Have I been a wilderness to Israel, or as a desolate land? Why”, said my people, “Have we gone down? We will not come again to you”

32Does a virgin forget her daintiness, or a bride her bridal gown? But my people have forgotten me days without number

33Why have you again prepared your ways to seek love? Behold, you have also learned evil in your ways

34Also in your hands the blood of the souls of the poor innocents was found. It was not that I found them in a hole in a wall, but under every tree

35And you said: "I am innocent! Because of this, he will turn his anger from me." Behold, I bring suit against you, because you have said, "I have not sinned"

36Why do you become very contemptible to repeat your ways? You shall also be ashamed of Egypt as you were ashamed of Assyria

37Also you shall go out from unity with this one when your hands are on your head, for LORD JEHOVAH is angry against those whom you trust, and you shall not prosper by them

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