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It was Therefore Better for Me to Hide Myself, and to Wait for ...
... I beseech you, therefore, forasmuch as it written, A soft answer turneth away wrath,'
and righteous thoughts are acceptable unto the King ;' receive this my ...
/.../select works and letters or athanasius/35 it was therefore better.htm

Of the Good, Peaceable Man
... learned. A passionate man turneth even good into evil and easily believeth
evil; a good, peaceable man converteth all things into good. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/kempis/imitation of christ/chapter iii of the good.htm

Psalm XLI.
... saith to thee, "Take up thy bed, and go thy way into thy house." [1191] "The Lord
help him on his bed of pain." Then to the Lord Himself He turneth, as though ...
/.../christianbookshelf.org/augustine/exposition on the book of psalms/psalm xli.htm

Triumphant Prayer
... 8. O the hope of Israel, the saviour thereof in time of trouble, why shouldest Thou
be as a stranger in the land, and as a wayfaring man that turneth aside to ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture h/triumphant prayer.htm

True Repentance
... When the wicked man turneth away from his wickedness which he hath committed, and
doeth that which is lawful and right, he shall save his soul alive. ...
/.../kingsley/the good news of god/sermon xii true repentance.htm

On the Same Words of the Gospel, John xiv. 6, "I am the Way," Etc.
... He That delivereth him that turneth to him, punisheth him that turneth away.
Thou hast a Judge by flying; have a Father by returning. ...
/.../sermons on selected lessons of the new testament/sermon xcii on the same.htm

The Wrath of Love
... 'He turneth the rivers into a wilderness, and the water-springs into ... Again, he turneth
the wilderness into a standing water, and dry ground into water-springs. ...
/.../kingsley/town and country sermons/sermon xxxix the wrath of.htm

How the Bishop is to Treat the Innocent, the Guilty, and the ...
... or he that turneth away, cannot he return? Wherefore have my people gone back by
a shameless backsliding? and they are hardened in their purpose. ...
/.../various/constitutions of the holy apostles/sec iii how the bishop is.htm

... bliss will dawn on us. 10. Then he turneth to God in prayer against the
enemies of that city. "Remember, O Lord, the children of ...
/.../augustine/exposition on the book of psalms/psalm cxxxvii.htm

Psalm x.
... 9. But how shall he decline, and fall? "For he hath said in his heart, God hath
forgotten; He turneth away His face, that He see not unto the end" (ver.11). ...
//christianbookshelf.org/augustine/exposition on the book of psalms/psalm x.htm

Turneth (249 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Turneth (249 Occurrences). ... She turneth herself, and saith
unto him in Hebrew, Rabboni; which is to say, Teacher. (ASV). ...
/t/turneth.htm - 38k

Cutteth (37 Occurrences)
... 1 Kings 15:13 and also Maachah his mother -- he turneth her aside from being mistress,
in that she made a horrible thing for a shrine, and Asa cutteth down her ...
/c/cutteth.htm - 18k

Detachment (6 Occurrences)
... 1 Samuel 13:17 And the destroyer goeth out from the camp of the Philistines -- three
detachments; the one detachment turneth unto the way of Ophrah, unto the ...
/d/detachment.htm - 8k

Serveth (24 Occurrences)
... 1 Kings 19:21 And he turneth back from after him, and taketh the yoke of oxen, and
sacrificeth it, and with instruments of the oxen he hath boiled their flesh ...
/s/serveth.htm - 13k

Committeth (22 Occurrences)
... Ezekiel 18:24 But when the righteous turneth away from his righteousness, and
committeth iniquity, and doeth according to all the abominations that the wicked ...
/c/committeth.htm - 13k

Boweth (53 Occurrences)
... Judges 7:15 And it cometh to pass, when Gideon heareth the narration of the dream
and its interpretation, that he boweth himself, and turneth back unto the ...
/b/boweth.htm - 22k

Raiseth (33 Occurrences)
... 2 Kings 21:3 and he turneth and buildeth the high places that Hezekiah his father
destroyed, and raiseth altars for Baal, and maketh a shrine, as did Ahab king ...
/r/raiseth.htm - 15k

Blesseth (55 Occurrences)
... Genesis 31:55 and Laban riseth early in the morning, and kisseth his sons and his
daughters, and blesseth them; and Laban goeth on, and turneth back to his ...
/b/blesseth.htm - 22k

Shrines (40 Occurrences)
... 2 Chronicles 14:3 and turneth aside the altars of the stranger, and the high places,
and breaketh the standing-pillars, and cutteth down the shrines, (YLT). ...
/s/shrines.htm - 19k

Riseth (165 Occurrences)
... Genesis 31:55 and Laban riseth early in the morning, and kisseth his sons and his
daughters, and blesseth them; and Laban goeth on, and turneth back to his ...
/r/riseth.htm - 37k

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Turneth (249 Occurrences)

John 20:16
Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She turneth herself, and saith unto him in Hebrew, Rabboni; which is to say, Teacher.

Genesis 8:9
and the dove hath not found rest for the sole of her foot, and she turneth back unto him, unto the ark, for waters 'are' on the face of all the earth, and he putteth out his hand, and taketh her, and bringeth her in unto him, unto the ark.

Genesis 8:13
And it cometh to pass in the six hundredth and first year, in the first 'month', in the first of the month, the waters have been dried from off the earth; and Noah turneth aside the covering of the ark, and looketh, and lo, the face of the ground hath been dried.

Genesis 22:19
And Abraham turneth back unto his young men, and they rise and go together unto Beer-Sheba; and Abraham dwelleth in Beer-Sheba.

Genesis 26:18
and Isaac turneth back, and diggeth the wells of water which they digged in the days of Abraham his father, which the Philistines do stop after the death of Abraham, and he calleth to them names according to the names which his father called them.

Genesis 31:55
and Laban riseth early in the morning, and kisseth his sons and his daughters, and blesseth them; and Laban goeth on, and turneth back to his place.

Genesis 38:1
And it cometh to pass, at that time, that Judah goeth down from his brethren, and turneth aside unto a man, an Adullamite, whose name 'is' Hirah;

Genesis 38:16
and he turneth aside unto her by the way, and saith, 'Come, I pray thee, let me come in unto thee,' (for he hath not known that she 'is' his daughter-in-law); and she saith, 'What dost thou give to me, that thou mayest come in unto me?'

Genesis 38:19
and she riseth, and goeth, and turneth aside her vail from off her, and putteth on the garments of her widowhood.

Genesis 38:22
And he turneth back unto Judah, and saith, 'I have not found her; and the men of the place also have said, There hath not been in this 'place' a separated one,'

Genesis 41:42
And Pharaoh turneth aside his seal-ring from off his hand, and putteth it on the hand of Joseph, and clotheth him 'with' garments of fine linen, and placeth a chain of gold on his neck,

Genesis 42:24
and he turneth round from them, and weepeth, and turneth back unto them, and speaketh unto them, and taketh from them Simeon, and bindeth him before their eyes.

Genesis 49:10
The sceptre turneth not aside from Judah, And a lawgiver from between his feet, Till his Seed come; And his 'is' the obedience of peoples.

Genesis 50:14
And Joseph turneth back to Egypt, he and his brethren, and all who are going up with him to bury his father, after his burying his father.

Exodus 2:12
and he turneth hither and thither, and seeth that there is no man, and smiteth the Egyptian, and hideth him in the sand.

Exodus 4:18
And Moses goeth and turneth back unto Jethro his father-in-law, and saith to him, 'Let me go, I pray thee, and I turn back unto my brethren who 'are' in Egypt, and I see whether they are yet alive.' And Jethro saith to Moses, 'Go in peace.'

Exodus 4:20
and Moses taketh his wife, and his sons, and causeth them to ride on the ass, and turneth back to the land of Egypt, and Moses taketh the rod of God in his hand.

Exodus 5:22
And Moses turneth back unto Jehovah, and saith, 'Lord, why hast Thou done evil to this people? why 'is' this? -- Thou hast sent me!

Exodus 7:23
and Pharaoh turneth and goeth in unto his house, and hath not set his heart even to this;

Exodus 8:31
and Jehovah doth according to the word of Moses, and turneth aside the beetle from Pharaoh, from his servants, and from his people -- there hath not been left one;

Exodus 10:6
and they have filled thy houses, and the houses of all thy servants, and the houses of all the Egyptians, which neither thy fathers nor thy father's fathers have seen, since the day of their being on the ground unto this day,' -- and he turneth and goeth out from Pharaoh.

Exodus 10:19
and Jehovah turneth a very strong sea wind, and it lifteth up the locust, and bloweth it into the Red Sea -- there hath not been left one locust in all the border of Egypt;

Exodus 13:18
and God turneth round the people the way of the wilderness of the Red Sea, and by fifties have the sons of Israel gone up from the land of Egypt.

Exodus 14:25
and turneth aside the wheels of their chariots, and they lead them with difficulty, and the Egyptians say, 'Let us flee from the face of Israel, for Jehovah is fighting for them against the Egyptians.'

Exodus 14:27
And Moses stretcheth out his hand towards the sea, and the sea turneth back, at the turning of the morning, to its perennial flow, and the Egyptians are fleeing at its coming, and Jehovah shaketh off the Egyptians in the midst of the sea,

Exodus 15:19
For the horse of Pharaoh hath gone in with his chariots and with his horsemen into the sea, and Jehovah turneth back on them the waters of the sea, and the sons of Israel have gone on dry land in the midst of the sea.

Exodus 32:15
And Moses turneth, and goeth down from the mount, and the two tables of the testimony 'are' in his hand, tables written on both their sides, on this and on that 'are' they written;

Exodus 32:31
And Moses turneth back unto Jehovah, and saith, 'Oh this people hath sinned a great sin, that they make to themselves a god of gold;

Exodus 34:34
and in the going in of Moses before Jehovah to speak with Him, he turneth aside the vail until his coming out; and he hath come out and hath spoken unto the sons of Israel that which he is commanded;

Leviticus 4:35
and all its fat he turneth aside, as the fat of the sheep is turned aside from the sacrifice of the peace-offerings, and the priest hath made them a perfume on the altar, according to the fire-offerings of Jehovah, and the priest hath made atonement for him, for his sin which he hath sinned, and it hath been forgiven him.

Leviticus 13:16
Or when the raw flesh turneth back, and hath been turned to white, then he hath come in unto the priest,

Leviticus 20:6
And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people.

Numbers 5:12
Speak unto the sons of Israel, and thou hast said unto them, When any man's wife turneth aside, and hath committed against him a trespass,

Numbers 5:29
This 'is' the law of jealousies, when a wife turneth aside under her husband, and hath been defiled,

Numbers 12:10
and the cloud hath turned aside from off the tent, and lo, Miriam 'is' leprous as snow; and Aaron turneth unto Miriam, and lo, leprous!

Numbers 16:50
and Aaron turneth back unto Moses, unto the opening of the tent of meeting, and the plague hath been restrained.

Numbers 20:21
and Edom refuseth to suffer Israel to pass over through his border, and Israel turneth aside from off him.

Numbers 21:15
And the stream of the brooks which turneth to the dwelling of Ar, And inclineth toward the border of Moab.

Numbers 22:23
and the ass seeth the messenger of Jehovah standing in the way, and his drawn sword in his hand, and the ass turneth aside out of the way, and goeth into a field, and Balaam smiteth the ass to turn it aside into the way.

Numbers 22:33
and the ass seeth me, and turneth aside at my presence these three times; unless she had turned aside from my presence, surely now also, thee I had slain, and her kept alive.'

Numbers 23:6
And he turneth back unto him, and lo, he is standing by his burnt-offering, he and all the princes of Moab.

Numbers 24:25
And Balaam riseth, and goeth, and turneth back to his place, and Balak also hath gone on his way.

Deuteronomy 29:18
Lest there should be among you man, or woman, or family, or tribe, whose heart turneth away this day from the LORD our God, to go and serve the gods of these nations; lest there should be among you a root that beareth gall and wormwood;

Deuteronomy 30:9
and Jehovah thy God hath made thee abundant in every work of thy hand, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, for good; for Jehovah turneth back to rejoice over thee for good, as He rejoiced over thy fathers,

Deuteronomy 32:10
He findeth him in a land -- a desert, And in a void -- a howling wilderness, He turneth him round -- He causeth him to understand -- He keepeth him as the apple of His eye.

Deuteronomy 32:43
Sing ye nations -- 'with' his people, For the blood of His servants He avengeth, And vengeance He turneth back on His adversaries, And hath pardoned His land -- His people.'

Joshua 7:8
O LORD, what shall I say, when Israel turneth their backs before their enemies!

Joshua 7:26
and they raise up over him a great heap of stones unto this day, and Jehovah turneth back from the heat of His anger, therefore hath 'one' called the name of that place 'Valley of Achor' till this day.

Joshua 10:15
And Joshua turneth back, and all Israel with him, unto the camp at Gilgal.

Joshua 10:38
And Joshua turneth back, and all Israel with him, to Debir, and fighteth against it,

Joshua 10:43
and Joshua turneth back, and all Israel with him, unto the camp at Gilgal.

Joshua 11:10
And Joshua turneth back at that time, and captureth Hazor, and its king he hath smitten by the sword; for Hazor formerly 'is' head of all these kingdoms;

Joshua 19:27
And turneth toward the sunrising to Bethdagon, and reacheth to Zebulun, and to the valley of Jiphthahel toward the north side of Bethemek, and Neiel, and goeth out to Cabul on the left hand,

Joshua 19:29
And then the coast turneth to Ramah, and to the strong city Tyre; and the coast turneth to Hosah; and the outgoings thereof are at the sea from the coast to Achzib:

Joshua 19:34
And then the coast turneth westward to Aznothtabor, and goeth out from thence to Hukkok, and reacheth to Zebulun on the south side, and reacheth to Asher on the west side, and to Judah upon Jordan toward the sunrising.

Judges 4:18
and Jael goeth out to meet Sisera, and saith unto him, 'Turn aside, my lord, turn aside unto me, fear not;' and he turneth aside unto her, into the tent, and she covereth him with a coverlet.

Judges 6:14
And Jehovah turneth unto him and saith, 'Go in this -- thy power; and thou hast saved Israel out of the hand of Midian -- have not I sent thee.'

Judges 7:15
And it cometh to pass, when Gideon heareth the narration of the dream and its interpretation, that he boweth himself, and turneth back unto the camp of Israel, and saith, 'Rise ye, for Jehovah hath given into your hand the camp of Midian.'

Judges 8:13
And Gideon son of Joash turneth back from the battle, at the going up of the sun,

Judges 9:56
and God turneth back the evil of Abimelech which he did to his father to slay his seventy brethren;

Judges 11:39
and it cometh to pass at the end of two months that she turneth back unto her father, and he doth to her his vow which he hath vowed, and she knew not a man; and it is a statute in Israel:

Judges 14:8
and he turneth back after 'some' days to take her, and turneth aside to see the carcase of the lion, and lo, a company of bees 'are' in the body of the lion -- and honey.

Judges 15:4
And Samson goeth and catcheth three hundred foxes, and taketh torches, and turneth tail unto tail, and putteth a torch between the two tails, in the midst,

Judges 16:19
and she maketh him sleep on her knees, and calleth for a man, and shaveth the seven locks of his head, and beginneth to afflict him, and his power turneth aside from off him;

Judges 16:29
And Samson turneth aside 'to' the two middle pillars, on which the house is established, and on which it is supported, 'to' the one with his right hand, and one with his left;

Judges 18:26
and the sons of Dan go on their way, and Micah seeth that they are stronger than he, and turneth, and goeth back unto his house.

Judges 19:7
And the man riseth to go, and his father-in-law presseth on him, and he turneth back and lodgeth there.

Judges 20:40
and the volume hath begun to go up from the city -- a pillar of smoke -- and Benjamin turneth behind, and lo, gone up hath the perfection of the city toward the heavens.

Judges 21:14
and Benjamin turneth back at that time, and they give to them the women whom they have kept alive of the women of Jabesh-Gilead, and they have not found for 'all of' them so.

Ruth 1:6
And she riseth, she and her daughters-in-law, and turneth back from the fields of Moab, for she hath heard in the fields of Moab that God hath looked after His people, -- to give to them bread.

Ruth 1:22
And Naomi turneth back, and Ruth the Moabitess her daughter-in-law with her, who hath turned back from the fields of Moab, and they have come in to Beth-Lehem at the commencement of barley-harvest.

Ruth 3:8
And it cometh to pass, at the middle of the night, that the man trembleth, and turneth himself, and lo, a woman is lying at his feet.

Ruth 4:1
And Boaz hath gone up to the gate, and sitteth there, and lo, the redeemer is passing by of whom Boaz had spoken, and he saith, 'Turn aside, sit down here, such a one, such a one;' and he turneth aside and sitteth down.

1 Samuel 5:11
And they send and gather all the princes of the Philistines, and say, 'Send away the ark of the God of Israel, and it turneth back to its place, and it doth not put us to death -- and our people;' for there hath been a deadly destruction throughout all the city, very heavy hath the hand of God been there,

1 Samuel 10:9
And it hath been, at his turning his shoulder to go from Samuel, that God turneth to him another heart, and all these signs come on that day,

1 Samuel 13:17
And the destroyer goeth out from the camp of the Philistines -- three detachments; the one detachment turneth unto the way of Ophrah, unto the land of Shual;

1 Samuel 13:18
and the one detachment turneth the way of Beth-Horon, and the one detachment turneth the way of the border which is looking on the valley of the Zeboim, toward the wilderness.

1 Samuel 14:47
and Saul captured the kingdom over Israel, and he fighteth round about against all his enemies, against Moab, and against the Bene-Ammon, and against Edom, and against the kings of Zobah, and against the Philistines, and whithersoever he turneth he doth vex 'them'.

1 Samuel 15:6
and Saul saith unto the Kenite, 'Go, turn aside, go down from the midst of Amalek, lest I consume thee with it, and thou didst kindness with all the sons of Israel, in their going up out of Egypt;' and the Kenite turneth aside from the midst of Amalek.

1 Samuel 15:27
And Samuel turneth round to go, and he layeth hold on the skirt of his upper robe -- and it is rent!

1 Samuel 15:31
And Samuel turneth back after Saul, and Saul boweth himself to Jehovah;

1 Samuel 17:30
And he turneth round from him unto another, and saith according to this word, and the people return him word as the first word.

1 Samuel 17:39
And David girded his sword above his long robe, and beginneth to go, for he hath not tried 'it'; and David saith unto Saul, 'I am not able to go with these, for I had not tried;' and David turneth them aside from off him.

1 Samuel 17:57
And when David turneth back from smiting the Philistine, then Abner taketh him and bringeth him in before Saul, and the head of the Philistine in his hand;

1 Samuel 18:11
and Saul casteth the javelin, and saith, 'I smite through David, even through the wall;' and David turneth round out of his presence twice.

1 Samuel 18:13
and Saul turneth him aside from him, and appointeth him to himself head of a thousand, and he goeth out an cometh in, before the people.

1 Samuel 22:18
And the king saith to Doeg, 'Turn round thou, and come against the priests;' and Doeg the Edomite turneth round, and cometh himself against the priests, and putteth to death in that day eighty and five men bearing a linen ephod,

1 Samuel 23:28
And Saul turneth back from pursuing after David, and goeth to meet the Philistines, therefore they have called that place 'The Rock of Divisions.'

1 Samuel 25:21
And David said, 'Only, in vain I have kept all that this 'one' hath in the wilderness, and nothing hath been looked after of all that he hath, and he turneth back to me evil for good;

1 Samuel 27:9
and David hath smitten the land, and doth not keep alive man and woman, and hath taken sheep, and oxen, and asses, and camels, and garments, and turneth back, and cometh in unto Achish.

2 Samuel 1:7
and he turneth behind him, and seeth me, and calleth unto me, and I say, Here 'am' I.

2 Samuel 3:16
and her husband goeth with her, going on and weeping behind her, unto Bahurim, and Abner saith unto him, 'Go, turn back;' and he turneth back.

2 Samuel 3:27
And Abner turneth back to Hebron, and Joab turneth him aside unto the midst of the gate to speak with him quietly, and smiteth him there in the fifth 'rib' -- and he dieth -- for the blood of Asahel his brother.

2 Samuel 6:10
And David hath not been willing to turn aside unto himself the ark of Jehovah, to the city of David, and David turneth it aside to the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite,

2 Samuel 6:20
And David turneth back to bless his house, and Michal daughter of Saul goeth out to meet David, and saith, 'How honourable to-day was the king of Israel, who was uncovered to-day before the eyes of the handmaids of his servants, as one of the vain ones is openly uncovered!'

2 Samuel 10:14
and the Bene-Ammon have seen that Aram hath fled, and they flee from the presence of Abishai, and go in to the city; and Joab turneth back from the Bene-Ammon, and cometh in to Jerusalem.

2 Samuel 11:4
And David sendeth messengers, and taketh her, and she cometh unto him, and he lieth with her -- and she is purifying herself from her uncleanness -- and she turneth back unto her house;

2 Samuel 12:31
and the people who 'are' in it he hath brought out, and setteth to the saw, and to cutting instruments of iron, and to axes of iron, and hath caused them to pass over into the brick-kiln; and so he doth to all the cities of the Bene-Ammon; and David turneth back, and all the people, to Jerusalem.

2 Samuel 14:24
and the king saith, 'Let him turn round unto his house, and my face he doth not see.' And Absalom turneth round unto his house, and the face of the king he hath not seen.

2 Samuel 18:16
And Joab bloweth with a trumpet, and the people turneth back from pursuing after Israel, for Joab hath kept back the people;



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