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4887. sundeo -- to bind together
... sundeo Phonetic Spelling: (soon-deh'-o) Short Definition: I bind together Definition:
I bind together; pass: I am bound together with, as of prisoners in chains ...
// - 6k

1200. desmophulax -- a prison keeper
... jailor, keeper of the prison. From desmon and phulax; a jailer (as guarding the
prisoners) -- jailor, keeper of the prison. see GREEK desmon. see GREEK phulax. ...
// - 6k

4869. sunaichmalotos -- a fellow prisoner
... Word Origin from sun and aichmalotos Definition a fellow prisoner NASB Word Usage
fellow prisoner (2), fellow prisoners (1). fellow prisoner. ...
// - 6k

1198. desmios -- binding, bound
... Word Origin from deo Definition binding, bound NASB Word Usage prisoner (12), prisoners
(4). prisoner. From desmon; a captive (as bound) -- in bonds, prisoner. ...
// - 6k

1210. deo -- to tie, bind
... verb Definition to tie, bind NASB Word Usage bind (7), binding (1), binds (2), bound
(23), imprisoned (4), prisoners (1), chains (1), tied (4). ...
// - 8k

1202. desmotes -- a prisoner
... Word Origin from desmos Definition a prisoner NASB Word Usage prisoners (2). prisoner.
From the same as desmoterion; (passively) a captive -- prisoner. ...
// - 6k

930. basanistes -- a torturer
... Cognate: 930 (from 928 ) -- a guard in a prison "whose function was to prisoners
as a phase of judicial examination -- prison guard, " (, 1, 37.126). ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
616. assir -- prisoners
... 615, 616. assir. 617 . prisoners. Transliteration: assir Phonetic Spelling:
(as-sere') Short Definition: prisoners. Word Origin ...
/hebrew/616.htm - 6k

5465. sad -- stocks (for securing feet of prisoners)
... 5464, 5465. sad. 5466 . stocks (for securing feet of prisoners). Transliteration:
sad Phonetic Spelling: (sad) Short Definition: stocks. ...
/hebrew/5465.htm - 6k

7628. shbiy -- captive
... shbiy. 7628a . captive. Transliteration: shbiy Phonetic Spelling: (sheb-ee') Short
Definition: captive. captivity, prisoners, take away, that was taken ...
/hebrew/7628.htm - 5k

615. asir -- a bondman, prisoner
... 614, 615. asir. 616 . a bondman, prisoner. Transliteration: asir Phonetic
Spelling: (aw-sere') Short Definition: prisoners. Word ...
/hebrew/615.htm - 6k

631. asar -- to tie, bind, imprison
... girded (1), harness (1), hitch (1), hitched (1), imprison (1), imprisoned (2), made
his ready (2), prepare (1), prepared (1), prison* (3), prisoners (2), taken ...
/hebrew/631.htm - 6k

7622. shebuth -- captivity, captives
... captivity. Or shbiyth {sheb-eeth'}; from shabah; exile, concretely, prisoners;
figuratively, a former state of prosperity -- captive(-ity). see HEBREW shabah. ...
/hebrew/7622.htm - 6k


Wesley Clothes French Prisoners
... Chapter 11. "I do Indeed Live by Preaching"; Wesley's Advice to Travelers; Wesley
and the French Prisoners Wesley Clothes French Prisoners. ...
/.../wesley/the journal of john wesley/wesley clothes french prisoners.htm

His Humane Treatment of Prisoners.
... Book II. Chapter XIII."His Humane Treatment of Prisoners. Thus the emperor
and his army had long been accustomed to act, whenever ...
/.../pamphilius/the life of constantine/chapter xiii his humane treatment of.htm

How Abram Fought with the Assyrians, and Overcame Them, and Saved ...
... CHAPTER 10. How Abram Fought With The Assyrians, And Overcame Them, And Saved The
Sodomite Prisoners, And Took From The Assyrians The Prey They Had Gotten. ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 10 how abram fought.htm

Chapter xl
... CHAPTER XL. 4. Interpretation of the Prisoners' Dreams by Joseph (40:1-23)
The things that transpire in this chapter are in preparation ...
// of genesis volume 1/chapter xl.htm

It is with no Loss or Disparagement Therefore of his Divine Nature ...
... go in and open the doors, undo the fetters, break in pieces the chains, the bars,
and the bolts, and bring forth and set at liberty the prisoners, and restore ...
/.../17 it is with no.htm

Directions to Sinners.
... THESE are the words of the jailor at Philippi, the question which he put to
Paul and Silas, who were then under his care as prisoners. ...
/.../finney/lectures on revivals of religion/lecture xviii directions to sinners.htm

The Day of Blood at Prague.
... The condemned prisoners, half of whom were Brethren, were in the Council House:
in front of their window was the scaffold, draped in black cloth, twenty feet ...
/.../hutton/history of the moravian church/chapter xv the day of.htm

Goodness in a Dungeon
... 'And Joseph's master took him, and put him into the prison, a place where the
king's prisoners were bound: and he was there in the prison. ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture k/goodness in a dungeon.htm

The Voyage and Shipwreck
... "When it was determined," Luke writes, "that we should sail into Italy, they delivered
Paul and certain other prisoners unto one named Julius, a centurion of ...
/.../white/the acts of the apostles/lesson 42 the voyage and.htm

In the Regions Beyond
... he despised. With astonishment the other prisoners heard the sound of prayer
and singing issuing from the inner prison. They had ...
/.../white/the acts of the apostles/lesson 21 in the regions.htm

Prisoners (170 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Prisoners (170 Occurrences). Luke 4:18 "The Spirit
of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to ...
/p/prisoners.htm - 38k

Fellow-prisoners (1 Occurrence)
Fellow-prisoners. Fellow-prisoner, Fellow-prisoners. Fellows .
Multi-Version Concordance Fellow-prisoners (1 Occurrence). ...
/f/fellow-prisoners.htm - 6k

Prison-house (29 Occurrences)
Prison-house. Prisoners, Prison-house. Prison-houses . Multi-Version
Concordance Prison-house (29 Occurrences). Acts 5:21 And when ...
/p/prison-house.htm - 15k

Jail (15 Occurrences)
... The jailer, being roused out of sleep and seeing the prison doors open, drew his
sword and was about to kill himself, supposing that the prisoners had escaped. ...
/j/jail.htm - 10k

Round-house (6 Occurrences)
... Genesis 39:20 and Joseph's lord taketh him, and putteth him unto the round-house,
a place where the king's prisoners 'are' bound; and he is there in the round ...
/r/round-house.htm - 8k

Keeper (72 Occurrences)
... possession of anything. 2. (n.) One who retains in custody; one who has the
care of a prison and the charge of prisoners. 3. (n.) One ...
/k/keeper.htm - 30k

Prisoner (87 Occurrences)
... We read in the following verse that the house had a "dungeon" (literally, "house
of the pit") and "cabins" or "cells." 6. The Treatment of Prisoners: The data ...
/p/prisoner.htm - 42k

Attackers (41 Occurrences)
... cause, all those who take you for their food will themselves become your food; and
all your attackers, every one of them, will be taken prisoners; and those ...
/a/attackers.htm - 20k

Overturning (14 Occurrences)
... them in his wrath: (BBE). Job 12:19 He makes priests prisoners, overturning
those in safe positions; (BBE). Job 28:9 Man puts out ...
/o/overturning.htm - 10k

Joseph's (36 Occurrences)
... Genesis 39:20 Joseph's master took him, and put him into the prison, the place where
the king's prisoners were bound, and he was there in custody. ...
/j/joseph's.htm - 17k

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Prisoners (170 Occurrences)

Luke 4:18
"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to proclaim Good News to the poor; He has sent me to announce release to the prisoners of war and recovery of sight to the blind: to send away free those whom tyranny has crushed,

Luke 21:24
And they will be put to death with the sword, and will be taken as prisoners into all the nations; and Jerusalem will be crushed under the feet of the Gentiles, till the times of the Gentiles are complete.

Acts 9:2
And made a request for letters from him to the Synagogues of Damascus, so that if there were any of the Way there, men or women, he might take them as prisoners to Jerusalem.

Acts 9:14
And here he has authority from the chief priests to make prisoners all who give worship to your name.

Acts 9:21
And all those hearing him were full of wonder and said, Is not this the man who in Jerusalem was attacking all the worshippers of this name? and he had come here so that he might take them as prisoners before the chief priests.

Acts 16:25
But about midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.

Acts 16:27
The jailer, being roused out of sleep and seeing the prison doors open, drew his sword and was about to kill himself, supposing that the prisoners had escaped.

Acts 22:5
Of which the high priest will be a witness, and all the rulers, from whom I had letters to the brothers; and I went into Damascus, to take those who were there as prisoners to Jerusalem for punishment.

Acts 27:1
When it was determined that we should sail for Italy, they delivered Paul and certain other prisoners to a centurion named Julius, of the Augustan band.

Acts 27:42
The soldiers' counsel was to kill the prisoners, so that none of them would swim out and escape.

Acts 28:16
When we entered into Rome, the centurion delivered the prisoners to the captain of the guard, but Paul was allowed to stay by himself with the soldier who guarded him.

Romans 16:7
Greet Andronicus and Junias, my relatives and my fellow prisoners, who are notable among the apostles, who also were in Christ before me.

2 Corinthians 11:20
You put up with a man if he makes servants of you, if he makes profit out of you, if he makes you prisoners, if he puts himself in a high place, if he gives you blows on the face.

Galatians 3:22
But Scripture has shown that all mankind are the prisoners of sin, in order that the promised blessing, which depends on faith in Jesus Christ, may be given to those who believe.

Galatians 3:23
Before this faith came, we Jews were perpetual prisoners under the Law, living under restraints and limitations in preparation for the faith which was soon to be revealed.

Ephesians 4:8
For this reason he says, He went up on high, taking his prisoners with him, and gave freely to men.

Colossians 2:8
Take care lest there be some one who leads you away as prisoners by means of his philosophy and idle fancies, following human traditions and the world's crude notions instead of following Christ.

1 Timothy 1:10
For those who go after loose women, for those with unnatural desires, for those who take men prisoners, who make false statements and false oaths, and those who do any other things against the right teaching,

2 Timothy 2:26
And so they may get themselves free from the net of the Evil One, being made the prisoners of the Lord's servant, for the purpose of God.

2 Timothy 3:6
Among them are included the men who make their way into private houses and carry off weak women as their prisoners--women who, weighed down by the burden of their sins, are led by ever-changing caprice,

Hebrews 10:34
For ye both sympathised with prisoners and accepted with joy the plunder of your goods, knowing that ye have for yourselves a better substance, and an abiding one.

Hebrews 13:3
Remember prisoners, as if you were in prison with them; and remember those suffering ill-treatment, for you yourselves also are still in the body.

Revelation 9:14
It said to the sixth angel--the angel who had the trumpet, "Set at liberty the four angels who are prisoners near the great river Euphrates."

Genesis 14:21
And the king of Sodom said to Abram, Give me the prisoners and take the goods for yourself.

Genesis 31:26
And Laban said to Jacob, Why did you go away secretly, taking my daughters away like prisoners of war?

Genesis 39:20
Joseph's master took him, and put him into the prison, the place where the king's prisoners were bound, and he was there in custody.

Genesis 39:22
The keeper of the prison committed to Joseph's hand all the prisoners who were in the prison. Whatever they did there, he was responsible for it.

Genesis 40:5
And they dream a dream both of them, each his dream in one night, each according to the interpretation of his dream, the butler and the baker whom the king of Egypt hath, who 'are' prisoners in the round-house.

Numbers 21:1
And when king Arad the Canaanite, which dwelt in the south, heard tell that Israel came by the way of the spies; then he fought against Israel, and took some of them prisoners.

Numbers 21:29
Sorrow is yours, O Moab! Destruction is your fate, O people of Chemosh: his sons have gone in flight, and his daughters are prisoners, in the hands of Sihon, king of the Amorites.

Numbers 31:12
And the prisoners and the goods and everything they had taken, they took to Moses and Eleazar the priest and the people of Israel, to the tent-circle in the lowlands of Moab by the Jordan at Jericho.

Deuteronomy 21:10
When you go out to war against other nations, and the Lord your God gives them up into your hands and you take them as prisoners;

Deuteronomy 21:11
If among the prisoners you see a beautiful woman and it is your desire to make her your wife;

Deuteronomy 28:41
You will have sons and daughters, but they will not be yours; for they will go away prisoners into a strange land.

Deuteronomy 32:42
I will make my arrows red with blood, my sword will be feasting on flesh, with the blood of the dead and the prisoners, of the long-haired heads of my haters.

1 Samuel 30:2
And had made the women and all who were there, small and great, prisoners: they had not put any of them to death, but had taken them all away.

1 Samuel 30:3
And when David and his men came to the town, they saw that it had been burned down, and their wives and their sons and daughters had been made prisoners.

1 Samuel 30:5
And David's two wives, Ahinoam of Jezreel and Abigail, the wife of Nabal of Carmel, had been made prisoners.

1 Kings 8:46
If they do wrong against you, (for no man is without sin,) and you are angry with them and give them up into the power of those who are fighting against them, so that they take them away as prisoners into a strange land, far off or near;

1 Kings 8:47
And if they take thought, in the land where they are prisoners, and are turned again to you, crying out in prayer to you in that land, and saying, We are sinners, we have done wrong, we have done evil;

1 Kings 8:48
And with all their heart and soul are turned again to you, in the land of those who took them prisoners, and make their prayer to you, turning their eyes to this land which you gave to their fathers, and to the town which you took for yourself, and the house which I made for your name:

1 Kings 8:50
Answering with forgiveness the people who have done wrong against you, and overlooking the evil which they have done against you; let those who made them prisoners be moved with pity for them, and have pity on them;

2 Kings 16:9
And the king of Assyria, in answer to his request, went up against Damascus and took it, and took its people away as prisoners to Kir, and put Rezin to death.

2 Kings 17:26
So they said to the king of Assyria, The nations whom you have taken as prisoners and put in the towns of Samaria, have no knowledge of the way of the god of the land: so he has sent lions among them, causing their death, because they have no knowledge of his way.

2 Kings 17:33
They gave worship to the Lord, but they gave honour to their gods like the nations did from whom they had been taken as prisoners.

2 Kings 18:11
And the king of Assyria took Israel away as prisoners into Assyria, placing them in Halah and in Habor on the river Gozan, and in the towns of the Medes;

2 Kings 24:15
He took Jehoiachin a prisoner to Babylon, with his mother and his wives and his unsexed servants and the great men of the land; he took them all as prisoners from Jerusalem to Babylon.

2 Kings 25:11
And the rest of the people who were still in the town, and all those who had given themselves up to the king of Babylon, and all the rest of the workmen, Nebuzaradan, the captain of the armed men, took away as prisoners;

2 Kings 25:18
And the captain of the guard took Seraiah the chief priest, and Zephaniah the second priest, and the three keepers of the door;
(See NIV)

1 Chronicles 5:22
And a very great number went to their death, because the war was God's purpose. And they went on living in their place till they were taken away as prisoners.

1 Chronicles 5:26
And the God of Israel put an impulse into the heart of Pul, king of Assyria, and of Tiglath-pileser, king of Assyria, who took them away as prisoners, all the Reubenites and the Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh, to Halah and Habor and Hara and to the river of Gozan, to this day.

1 Chronicles 9:1
So all Israel was listed by their families; and, truly, they are recorded in the book of the kings of Israel. And Judah was taken away as prisoners to Babylon because of their sin.

2 Chronicles 6:36
If they do wrong against you, (for no man is without sin,) and you are angry with them, and give them up into the power of those who are fighting against them, so that they take them away prisoners to a land far off or near;

2 Chronicles 6:37
And if they take thought, in the land where they are prisoners, turning again to you, crying out in prayer to you in that land, and saying, We are sinners, we have done wrong, we have done evil;

2 Chronicles 6:38
If with all their heart and soul they are turned again to you, in the land where they are prisoners, the land where they have been taken, and make their prayers, turning their eyes to their land which you gave to their fathers, and to the town which you took for yourself, and the house which I have made for your name:

2 Chronicles 28:5
So the Lord his God gave him up into the hands of the king of Aram; and they overcame him, and took away a great number of his people as prisoners to Damascus. Then he was given into the hands of the king of Israel, who sent great destruction on him.

2 Chronicles 28:8
And the children of Israel took away as prisoners from their brothers, two hundred thousand, women and sons and daughters, and a great store of their goods, and took them to Samaria.

2 Chronicles 28:11
And now give ear to me, and send back the prisoners whom you have taken from your brothers: for the wrath of the Lord is burning against you.

2 Chronicles 28:13
And said to them, You are not to let these prisoners come here; for what you are designing to do will be a cause of sin against the Lord to us, making even greater our sin and our wrongdoing, which now are great enough, and his wrath is burning against Israel.

2 Chronicles 28:14
So the armed men gave up the prisoners and the goods they had taken to the heads and the meeting of the people.

2 Chronicles 28:17
For the Edomites had come again, attacking Judah and taking away prisoners.

2 Chronicles 29:9
For see, our fathers have been put to death with the sword, and our sons and daughters and wives have been taken away prisoners because of this.

2 Chronicles 34:9
And they came to Hilkiah, the chief priest, and gave him all the money which had been taken into the house of God, which the Levites, the keepers of the door, had got from Manasseh and Ephraim and those of Israel who had not been taken away as prisoners, and from all Judah and Benjamin and the people of Jerusalem.

2 Chronicles 36:20
And all who had not come to death by the sword he took away prisoners to Babylon; and they became servants to him and to his sons till the kingdom of Persia came to power:

Ezra 2:1
Now these are the people of the divisions of the kingdom, among those who had been made prisoners by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, and taken away to Babylon, who went back to Jerusalem and Judah, everyone to his town;

Ezra 3:8
Now in the second year of their coming into the house of God in Jerusalem, in the second month, the work was taken in hand by Zerubbabel, the son of Shealtiel, and Jeshua, the son of Jozadak, and the rest of their brothers the priests and the Levites, and all those who had come from the land where they were prisoners to Jerusalem: and they made the Levites, of twenty years old and over, responsible for overseeing the work of the house of the Lord.

Ezra 8:35
And those who had been prisoners, who had come back from a strange land, made burned offerings to the God of Israel, twelve oxen for all Israel, ninety-six male sheep, seventy-seven lambs, twelve he-goats for a sin-offering: all this was a burned offering to the Lord.

Nehemiah 1:2
That Hanani, one of my brothers, came with certain men from Judah; and in answer to my request for news of the Jews who had been prisoners and had got away, and of Jerusalem,

Nehemiah 4:4
Give ear, O our God, for we are looked down on: let their words of shame be turned back on themselves, and let them be given up to wasting in a land where they are prisoners:

Nehemiah 5:8
And I said to them, We have given whatever we were able to give, to make our brothers the Jews free, who were servants and prisoners of the nations: and would you now give up your brothers for a price, and are they to become our property? Then they said nothing, answering not a word.

Nehemiah 7:6
These are the people of the divisions of the kingdom, among those who had been made prisoners by Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, and taken away by him, who went back to Jerusalem and Judah, every one to his town;

Nehemiah 8:17
All the people who had been prisoners and had come back, made tents and were living in them: for from the time of Jeshua, the son of Nun, till that day, the children of Israel had not done so. And there was very great joy.

Nehemiah 13:21
Then I gave witness against them and said, Why are you waiting all night by the wall? if you do so again I will have you taken prisoners. From that time they did not come again on the Sabbath.

Job 3:18
There the prisoners are at ease together. They don't hear the voice of the taskmaster.

Job 12:19
He makes priests prisoners, overturning those in safe positions;

Job 36:8
And if prisoners in fetters They are captured with cords of affliction,

Job 36:13
Those who have no fear of God keep wrath stored up in their hearts; they give no cry for help when they are made prisoners.

Psalms 68:6
God sets the lonely in families. He brings out the prisoners with singing, but the rebellious dwell in a sun-scorched land.

Psalms 68:18
You have gone up on high, taking your prisoners with you; you have taken offerings from men; the Lord God has taken his place on the seat of his power.

Psalms 69:33
For the LORD heareth the poor, and despiseth not his prisoners.

Psalms 79:11
Let the groaning of the prisoner come before Thee; according to the greatness of Thy power set free those that are appointed to death;

Psalms 102:20
To hear the groaning of the prisoner; to loose those that are appointed to death;

Psalms 106:46
He put pity into the hearts of those who made them prisoners.

Psalms 107:10
Inhabitants of dark places and death-shade, Prisoners of affliction and of iron,

Psalms 137:3
For there those who had taken us prisoners made request for a song; and those who had taken away all we had gave us orders to be glad, saying, Give us one of the songs of Zion.

Psalms 146:7
who executes justice for the oppressed; who gives food to the hungry. Yahweh frees the prisoners.

Psalms 146:8
Jehovah is loosing the prisoners, Jehovah is opening (the eyes of) the blind, Jehovah is raising the bowed down, Jehovah is loving the righteous,

Ecclesiastes 4:14
For from a house of prisoners he hath come out to reign, for even in his own kingdom he hath been poor.

Isaiah 5:13
For this cause my people are taken away as prisoners into strange countries for need of knowledge: and their rulers are wasted for need of food, and their loud-voiced feasters are dry for need of water.

Isaiah 10:4
They will only bow down under the prisoners, and will fall under the slain. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

Isaiah 14:2
And the people will take them with them to their place: and the children of Israel will give them a heritage in the Lord's land as men-servants and women-servants, making them prisoners whose prisoners they were; and they will be rulers over their masters.

Isaiah 14:17
who made the world like a wilderness, and overthrew its cities; who didn't release his prisoners to their home?"

Isaiah 22:3
All thy rulers have fled together, they are taken prisoners without the bow: all that are found of thee are made prisoners together; they were fleeing far off.

Isaiah 24:22
They shall be gathered together, as prisoners are gathered in the pit, and shall be shut up in the prison; and after many days shall they be visited.

Isaiah 42:7
to open the blind eyes, to bring the prisoners out of the dungeon, and those who sit in darkness out of the prison.

Isaiah 42:22
But this is a people whose property has been taken away from them by force; they are all taken in holes, and shut up in prisons: they are made prisoners, and no one makes them free; they are taken by force and no one says, Give them back.

Isaiah 45:13
I have sent him out to overcome the nations, and I will make all his ways straight: I will give him the work of building my town, and he will let my prisoners go free, without price or reward, says the Lord of armies.

Isaiah 49:9
That thou mayest say to the prisoners, Go forth; to them that are in darkness, Shew yourselves. They shall feed in the ways, and their pastures shall be in all high places.

Isaiah 49:24
Will the goods of war be taken from the strong man, or the prisoners of the cruel one be let go?

Isaiah 49:25
But the Lord says, Even the prisoners of the strong will be taken from him, and the cruel made to let go his goods: for I will take up your cause against your haters, and I will keep your children safe.



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War (529 Occurrences)

Rescued (49 Occurrences)

Freedom (45 Occurrences)

Killed (352 Occurrences)

Warriors (75 Occurrences)

Singing (65 Occurrences)

Fate (138 Occurrences)

Chaldaeans (65 Occurrences)

Roman (26 Occurrences)

Philippi (8 Occurrences)

Captain (167 Occurrences)

Siege (63 Occurrences)

Announce (56 Occurrences)

Attacking (73 Occurrences)

Sinners (132 Occurrences)

Masters (59 Occurrences)

Sets (80 Occurrences)

Release (61 Occurrences)

Dispersion (4 Occurrences)

Desires (151 Occurrences)

Fellows (30 Occurrences)

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Armed (147 Occurrences)

You've (3 Occurrences)

Zalmunna (9 Occurrences)

Zebah (9 Occurrences)

Zobah (15 Occurrences)

Kinsmen (74 Occurrences)

Killing (41 Occurrences)

Nethinim (16 Occurrences)

Notions (6 Occurrences)

Notable (7 Occurrences)

Unhonoured (1 Occurrence)

Untie (10 Occurrences)

Unsexed (26 Occurrences)

Unnatural (9 Occurrences)

Undergoing (13 Occurrences)

Oversee (7 Occurrences)

Overthrew (17 Occurrences)

Oppressor (28 Occurrences)

Overlooking (11 Occurrences)

Overseeing (4 Occurrences)

Oded (3 Occurrences)

Outstanding (7 Occurrences)

Oaths (49 Occurrences)

Ju'nias (1 Occurrence)

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