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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(a.) Not able; not having sufficient strength, means, knowledge, skill, or the like; impotent' weak; helpless; incapable; -- now usually followed by an infinitive or an adverbial phrase; as, unable for work; unable to bear fatigue.
101. adunateo -- to be unable
... to be unable. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: adunateo Phonetic Spelling:
(ad-oo-nat-eh'-o) Short Definition: to be impossible Definition: to be impossible ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/101.htm - 6k

102. adunatos -- unable, powerless
... unable, powerless. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: adunatos Phonetic
Spelling: (ad-oo'-nat-os) Short Definition: incapable, impossible Definition: of ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/102.htm - 6k

216. alalos -- mute, speechless
... mute, speechless. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: alalos Phonetic Spelling:
(al'-al-os) Short Definition: unable to speak Definition: unable to speak ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/216.htm - 6k

412. aneklaletos -- unspeakable
... 412 (from 1 "not" and 1583 , " tell") -- properly, unable to fully describe or report;
impossible to communicate (convey) adequately by words; hence, , (used ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/412.htm - 7k

1410. dunamai -- to be able, to have power
... be able, to have power NASB Word Usage able (50), am able (2), can (60), cannot
(1), cannot* (59), could (24), may (1), might (3), power...has (1), unable* (7 ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/1410.htm - 10k

421. anexichniastos -- that cannot be traced out
... 421 (literally, "not able to trace the steps of") -- properly, impossible to "track"
("trace the steps of"); unable to follow or fully comprehend ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/421.htm - 7k

861. aphtharsia -- incorruptibility
... Cognate: 861 -- properly, no-corruption (unable to experience deterioration); (not
perishable), ie lacking the to decay or break down. See 862a (). ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/861.htm - 7k

2480. ischuo -- to be strong, have power
... 1), been able (1), can (1), can do (1), could (8), force (1), good (1), healthy
(2), means (1), overpowered (1), prevailing (1), strong enough (3), unable* (2 ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/2480.htm - 9k

3361. me -- not, that...not, lest (used for qualified negation)
... 2), nothing* (3), only* (11), or (4), otherwise* (3), refrain (1), so (2), so that
no (1), so* (12), stop (8), surely (4), than* (2), unable* (4), unless* (38 ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/3361.htm - 8k

926. barus -- heavy
... oppressive force. Such a grievous burden makes a person unable to function
(enjoy free movement). See 922 (). Word Origin a prim. word ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/926.htm - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
483. illem -- mute (unable to speak)
... 482, 483. illem. 484 . mute (unable to speak). Transliteration: illem
Phonetic Spelling: (il-lame') Short Definition: mute. Word ...
/hebrew/483.htm - 6k

3808. lo -- not
... refrain (1), refuse* (1), refused* (1), ruthlessly* (1), so (11), so that we will
no (1), such (1), surely* (27), too (1), truly* (2), unable* (10), unanswered ...
/hebrew/3808.htm - 7k

3201. yakol -- to be able, have power
... 1), may (1), overcome (3), overpower (2), overpowered (1), prevail (8), prevailed
(6), succeed (1), surely overcome (1), surely prevail (1), unable* (10). ...
/hebrew/3201.htm - 6k


Since, Therefore, we are Unable to Make that Satisfaction in Our ...
... Second Head of Doctrine Article 2 Since, therefore, we are unable to make
that satisfaction in our own persons? Since, therefore ...
/.../various/the canons of dordt/article 2 since therefore we.htm

The Carnal Mind is Unable to Comprehend this Doctrine of the ...
... Fifth Head of Doctrine Article 15 The carnal mind is unable to comprehend
this doctrine of the perseverance of the saints? The ...
/.../various/the canons of dordt/article 15 the carnal mind.htm

Victor Utterly Unable to Explain How the Sinless Soul Deserved to ...
... A Treatise on the soul and its origin, Chapter 9."Victor Utterly Unable
to Explain How the Sinless Soul Deserved to Be Made Sinful. ...
/.../augustine/anti-pelagian writings/chapter 9 victor utterly unable to.htm

Celsus, Moreover, Unable to Resist the Miracles which Jesus is ...
... Chapter XLVIII. Celsus, moreover, unable to resist the miracles which Jesus
is recorded to have performed? Celsus, moreover, unable ...
/.../origen/origen against celsus/chapter xlviii celsus moreover unable.htm

But I have Said that These Men Would have Been Unable to Find ...
... But I have said that these men would have been unable to find grounds for accusation
on the points I have mentioned, however they may take them, unless they ...
/.../17 but i have said.htm

When Celsus Here or Elsewhere Finds Himself Unable to Dispute the ...
... Chapter LIX. When Celsus here or elsewhere finds himself unable to dispute
the truth of what we? When Celsus here or elsewhere ...
/.../origen/origen against celsus/chapter lix when celsus here.htm

That when once the Vanity of the Gods of the Nations Has Been ...
... Chapter 12."That When Once the Vanity of the Gods of the Nations Has Been Exposed,
It Cannot Be Doubted that They are Unable to Bestow Eternal Life on Any One ...
/...//christianbookshelf.org/augustine/city of god/chapter 12 that when once the.htm

How the Baptist Answers the Question of the Pharisees and Exalts ...
... Sixth Book. 15. How the Baptist Answers the Question of the Pharisees and Exalts
the Nature of Christ. Of the Shoe-Latchet Which He is Unable to Untie. ...
/.../origen/origens commentary on the gospel of john/15 how the baptist answers.htm

Of the Man who Brought Before Him his Son, whom the Disciples were ...
... Chapter LVIII."Of the Man Who Brought Before Him His Son, Whom the Disciples Were
Unable to Heal; And of the Question Concerning the Agreement Between These ...
/.../augustine/the harmony of the gospels/chapter lviii of the man who.htm

How Abbot John Obeyed his Senior by Trying to Roll a Huge Stone ...
... Prolegomena. Chapter XXVI. How Abbot John obeyed his senior by trying to roll
a huge stone, which a large number of men were unable to move. ...
/.../cassian/the works of john cassian /chapter xxvi how abbot john.htm

Unable (102 Occurrences)
... means, knowledge, skill, or the like; impotent' weak; helpless; incapable; -- now
usually followed by an infinitive or an adverbial phrase; as, unable for work ...
/u/unable.htm - 35k

Quite (55 Occurrences)
... Acts 4:21 The Court added further threats and then let them go, being quite unable
to find any way of punishing them on account of the people, because all gave ...
/q/quite.htm - 22k

Able (730 Occurrences)
... Matthew 18:25 and was unable to pay. ... Mark 9:28 And when he had gone into the house,
his disciples said to him privately, Why were we unable to send it out? ...
/a/able.htm - 36k

Fail (130 Occurrences)
... 9. (vi) To become unable to meet one's engagements; especially, to be unable to
pay one's debts or discharge one's business obligation; to become bankrupt or ...
/f/fail.htm - 43k

Regret (17 Occurrences)
... The first said to him, I have got a new field, and it is necessary for me to go
and see it: I am full of regret that I am unable to come. (BBE). ...
/r/regret.htm - 12k

... Syriac books were spared, just as in Persia itself; but in many cases
the clergy were unable to interpret them to their people. ...
/a/armenian.htm - 18k

Stoop (10 Occurrences)
... Romans 11:10 Let darkness come over their eyes that they may be unable to
see, and make Thou their backs continually to stoop." (WEY). ...
/s/stoop.htm - 10k

Dumb (34 Occurrences)
... speech. Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (a.) Destitute of the power of speech;
unable; to utter articulate sounds; as, the dumb brutes. 2 ...
/d/dumb.htm - 20k

... Syriac books were spared, just as in Persia itself; but in many cases
the clergy were unable to interpret them to their people. ...
/b/bible.htm - 101k

Anything (462 Occurrences)
... John 5:30 Of myself I am unable to do anything: as the voice comes to me so I give
a decision: and my decision is right because I have no desire to do what is ...
/a/anything.htm - 34k

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Unable (102 Occurrences)

Matthew 18:25
and was unable to pay. So his master ordered that he and his wife and children and everything that he had should be sold, and payment be made.

Mark 2:4
Finding themselves unable, however, to bring him to Jesus because of the crowd, they untiled the roof just over His head, and after clearing an opening they lowered the mat on which the paralytic was lying.

Mark 6:5
And he was unable to do any work of power there, but only to put his hands on one or two persons who were ill, and make them well.

Mark 9:28
And when he had gone into the house, his disciples said to him privately, Why were we unable to send it out?

Mark 14:55
Now the chief priests and all the Sanhedrin were looking for witness against Jesus so that they might put him to death; and they were unable to get any.

Luke 1:20
And now you will be dumb and unable to speak until the day when this has taken place; because you did not believe my words--words which will be fulfilled at their appointed time."

Luke 1:22
When, however, he came out, he was unable to speak to them; and they knew that he must have seen a vision in the Sanctuary; but he kept making signs to them and continued dumb.

Luke 2:45
but being unable to find Him they returned to Jerusalem, making anxious inquiry for Him.

Luke 7:42
When they were unable to make payment, he made the two of them free of their debts. Which of them, now, will have the greater love for him?

Luke 8:19
His mother and brothers came to him, and they could not come near him for the crowd.
(See NAS)

Luke 11:24
"When a foul spirit has left a man, it roams about in the Desert, seeking a resting-place; but, unable to find any, it says, 'I will return to the house I have left;"

Luke 12:26
If then you are unable to do even a very little thing, why be over-anxious about other matters?

Luke 12:57
And why are you, in your hearts, unable to be judges of what is right?

Luke 13:11
where a woman was present who for eighteen years had been a confirmed invalid: she was bent double, and was unable to lift herself to her full height.

Luke 14:18
And they all gave reasons why they were not able to come. The first said to him, I have got a new field, and it is necessary for me to go and see it: I am full of regret that I am unable to come.

Luke 14:19
And another said, I have got some cattle, and I am going to make a test of them: I am full of regret that I am unable to come.

Luke 14:29
lest perhaps, when he has laid the foundation and is unable to finish, all who see it shall begin to jeer at him,

Luke 19:3
He was trying to see who Jesus was, and couldn't because of the crowd, because he was short.
(See NAS)

Luke 20:26
They weren't able to trap him in his words before the people. They marveled at his answer, and were silent.

John 3:8
The wind goes where its pleasure takes it, and the sound of it comes to your ears, but you are unable to say where it comes from and where it goes: so it is with everyone whose birth is from the Spirit.

John 3:27
And this was John's answer: A man is unable to have anything if it is not given to him from heaven.

John 5:3
In these doorways there were a great number of people with different diseases: some unable to see, some without the power of walking, some with wasted bodies.

John 5:30
Of myself I am unable to do anything: as the voice comes to me so I give a decision: and my decision is right because I have no desire to do what is pleasing to myself, but only what is pleasing to him who sent me.

John 8:43
Why don't you understand my speech? Because you can't hear my word.
(See NIV)

John 9:33
If this man did not come from God he would be unable to do anything.

John 11:37
But others of them asked, "Was this man who opened the blind man's eyes unable to prevent this man from dying?"

John 12:19
Then the Pharisees said one to another, You see, you are unable to do anything: the world has gone after him.

John 12:39
For this reason they were unable to believe--because Isaiah said again,

John 16:12
"I have much more to say to you, but you are unable at present to bear the burden of it.

John 21:6
He said to them, "Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some." They cast it therefore, and now they weren't able to draw it in for the multitude of fish.
(See NIV)

Acts 4:21
The Court added further threats and then let them go, being quite unable to find any way of punishing them on account of the people, because all gave God the glory for the thing that had happened.

Acts 6:10
They were quite unable, however, to resist the wisdom and the Spirit with which he spoke.

Acts 13:11
The Lord's hand is now upon you, and you will be blind for a time and unable to see the light of day." Instantly there fell upon him a mist and a darkness, and, as he walked about, he begged people to lead him by the hand.

Acts 19:40
For indeed we are in danger of being accused concerning this day's riot, there being no cause. Concerning it, we wouldn't be able to give an account of this commotion."
(See NAS)

Acts 22:11
And because I was unable to see because of the glory of that light, those who were with me took me by the hand, and so I came to Damascus.

Acts 25:7
Upon Paul's arrival, the Jews who had come down from Jerusalem stood round him, and brought many grave charges against him which they were unable to substantiate.

Acts 27:15
She was unable to make headway against the gale; so we gave up and let her drive.

Acts 28:25
Unable to agree among themselves, they at last left him, but not before Paul had spoken a parting word to them, saying, "Right well did the Holy Spirit say to your forefathers through the Prophet Isaiah:

Romans 1:20
For from the first making of the world, those things of God which the eye is unable to see, that is, his eternal power and existence, are fully made clear, he having given the knowledge of them through the things which he has made, so that men have no reason for wrongdoing:

Romans 11:10
Let darkness come over their eyes that they may be unable to see, and make Thou their backs continually to stoop."

1 Corinthians 3:2
I gave you milk and not meat, because you were, then, unable to take it, and even now you are not able;

1 Corinthians 6:2
Is it not certain that the saints will be the judges of the world? if then the world will be judged by you, are you unable to give a decision about the smallest things?

Titus 2:8
Saying true and right words, against which no protest may be made, so that he who is not on our side may be put to shame, unable to say any evil of us.

Hebrews 3:19
We see that they were not able to enter in because of unbelief.
(See RSV)

Hebrews 4:1
Let us then, though we still have God's word that we may come into his rest, go in fear that some of you may be unable to do so.

Hebrews 4:15
For we have not a High Priest who is unable to feel for us in our weaknesses, but one who was tempted in every respect just as we are tempted, and yet did not sin.

Hebrews 9:9
And this is a figure--for the time now present--answering to which both gifts and sacrifices are offered, unable though they are to give complete freedom from sin to him who ministers.

2 Peter 2:14
having eyes full of adultery, and unable to cease from sin, enticing unstable souls, having an heart exercised in covetousnesses, children of a curse,

1 John 2:11
But he who has hate for his brother is in the dark, walking in the dark with no knowledge of where he is going, unable to see because of the dark.

Revelation 20:3
He closed the entrance and put a seal upon him in order that he might be unable to lead the nations astray any more until the thousand years were at an end. Afterwards he is to be set at liberty for a short time.

Genesis 19:19
lo, I pray thee, thy servant hath found grace in thine eyes, and thou dost make great thy kindness which thou hast done with me by saving my life, and I am unable to escape to the mountain, lest the evil cleave 'to' me, and I have died;

Genesis 31:49
And Mizpah, for he said, May the Lord keep watch on us when we are unable to see one another's doings.

Genesis 43:32
And they place for him by himself, and for them by themselves, and for the Egyptians who are eating with him by themselves: for the Egyptians are unable to eat bread with the Hebrews, for it 'is' an abomination to the Egyptians.

Genesis 45:1
Then Joseph, unable to keep back his feelings before those who were with him, gave orders for everyone to be sent away, and no one was present when he made clear to his brothers who he was.

Genesis 48:10
And the eyes of Israel have been heavy from age, he is unable to see; and he bringeth them nigh unto him, and he kisseth them, and cleaveth to them;

Exodus 8:18
And the wonder-workers with their secret arts, attempting to make insects, were unable to do so: and there were insects on man and on beast.

Exodus 19:23
And Moses saith unto Jehovah, 'The people 'is' unable to come up unto mount Sinai, for Thou -- Thou hast protested to us, saying, Make a border 'for' the mount, then thou hast sanctified it.'

Exodus 33:20
He saith also, 'Thou art unable to see My face, for man doth not see Me, and live;'

Leviticus 25:35
"'If your brother has become poor, and his hand can't support him among you; then you shall uphold him. As a stranger and a sojourner he shall live with you.
(See NIV)

Numbers 22:37
Balak said to Balaam, "Didn't I earnestly send to you to call you? Why didn't you come to me? Am I not able indeed to promote you to honor?"
(See NAS)

Joshua 8:20
Then the men of Ai, looking back, saw the smoke of the town going up to heaven, and were unable to go this way or that: and the people who had gone in flight to the waste land were turned back on those who were coming after them.

Joshua 15:63
And as for the Jebusites living in Jerusalem, the children of Judah were unable to make them go out; but the Jebusites are living with the children of Judah at Jerusalem, to this day.

Judges 1:19
And the Lord was with Judah; and he took the hill-country for his heritage; but he was unable to make the people of the valley go out, for they had war-carriages of iron.

Judges 14:13
but if you can't declare it to me, then you shall give me thirty linen garments and thirty changes of clothing." They said to him, "Put forth your riddle, that we may hear it."
(See NAS)

1 Samuel 17:39
And David took Saul's sword and put the band round him over the metal coat, and was unable to go forward; for he was not used to them. Then David said to Saul, It is not possible for me to go out with these, for I am not used to them. So David took them off.

1 Kings 5:3
"You know how that David my father could not build a house for the name of Yahweh his God for the wars which were about him on every side, until Yahweh put them under the soles of his feet.
(See NAS)

1 Kings 9:21
their children who were left after them in the land, whom the children of Israel were not able utterly to destroy, of them did Solomon raise a levy of bondservants to this day.

1 Kings 14:4
So Jeroboam's wife did so, and got up and went to Shiloh and came to the house of Ahijah. Now Ahijah was unable to see, because he was very old.

2 Kings 4:40
So they poured out for the men to eat. It happened, as they were eating of the stew, that they cried out, and said, "Man of God, there is death in the pot!" They could not eat of it.
(See NAS)

2 Kings 16:5
Then Rezin the king of Syria, and Pekah son of Remaliah, the king of Israel, came up to Jerusalem to battle; and they besieged Ahaz, but were unable to conquer him.

2 Chronicles 29:34
But the priests were too few, so that they could not flay all the burnt offerings: therefore their brothers the Levites helped them, until the work was ended, and until the priests had sanctified themselves; for the Levites were more upright in heart to sanctify themselves than the priests.
(See NAS)

Nehemiah 4:10
Judah said, The strength of the bearers of burdens is decayed, and there is much rubbish; so that we are not able to build the wall.
(See NAS)

Esther 6:1
That night the king was unable to get any sleep; and he sent for the books of the records; and while some one was reading them to the king,

Job 5:12
Who makes the designs of the wise go wrong, so that they are unable to give effect to their purposes.

Job 15:29
He does not get wealth for himself, and is unable to keep what he has got; the heads of his grain are not bent down to the earth.

Job 22:11
Your light is made dark so that you are unable to see, and you are covered by a mass of waters.

Job 22:14
Thick clouds are covering him, so that he is unable to see; and he is walking on the arch of heaven.

Job 32:3
And he was angry with his three friends, because they had been unable to give him an answer, and had not made Job's sin clear.

Job 32:18
For I am full of words, I am unable to keep in my breath any longer:

Job 32:19
My stomach is like wine which is unable to get out; like skins full of new wine, it is almost burst.

Job 37:19
Make clear to me what we are to say to him; we are unable to put our cause before him, because of the dark.

Psalms 36:12
There the workers of iniquity are fallen. They are thrust down, and shall not be able to rise.
(See RSV)

Psalms 76:5
Valiant men lie plundered, they have slept their last sleep. None of the men of war can lift their hands.
(See RSV)

Ecclesiastes 3:11
He has made everything right in its time; but he has made their hearts without knowledge, so that man is unable to see the works of God, from the first to the last.

Ecclesiastes 12:3
In the day when the keepers of the house are shaking for fear, and the strong men are bent down, and the women who were crushing the grain are at rest because their number is small, and those looking out of the windows are unable to see;

Isaiah 8:21
And he will go through the land in bitter trouble and in need of food; and when he is unable to get food, he will become angry, cursing his king and his God, and his eyes will be turned to heaven on high;

Isaiah 44:20
As for him whose food is the dust of a dead fire, he has been turned from the way by a twisted mind, so that he is unable to keep himself safe by saying, What I have here in my hand is false.

Isaiah 46:2
They are bent down, they are falling together: they were not able to keep their images safe, but they themselves have been taken prisoner.
(See NIV)

Isaiah 46:7
They put him on their backs, and take him up, and put him in his fixed place, from which he may not be moved; if a man gives a cry for help to him, he is unable to give an answer, or get him out of his trouble.

Isaiah 50:2
Why, then, when I came, was there no man? and no one to give answer to my voice? has my hand become feeble, so that it is unable to take up your cause? or have I no power to make you free? See, at my word the sea becomes dry, I make the rivers a waste land: their fish are dead for need of water, and make an evil smell.

Isaiah 56:10
His watchmen are blind, they are all without knowledge; they are all dogs without tongues, unable to make a sound; stretched out dreaming, loving sleep.

Isaiah 59:1
Truly, the Lord's hand has not become short, so that he is unable to give salvation; and his ear is not shut from hearing:

Jeremiah 32:27
See, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything so hard that I am unable to do it?

Jeremiah 49:10
But I have made Esau bare, I have uncovered his secret places, that he is unable to hide himself: his seed is wasted, and his brethren, and his neighbours, and he is not.

Lamentations 4:17
Our eyes are still wasting away in looking for our false help: we have been watching for a nation unable to give salvation.

Ezekiel 3:26
and I will make your tongue stick to the roof of your mouth, that you shall be mute, and shall not be to them a reprover; for they are a rebellious house.

Ezekiel 17:14
that the kingdom might be base, that it might not lift itself up, but that by keeping his covenant it might stand.
(See NIV)

Daniel 4:18
This dream I, King Nebuchadnezzar, saw; and do you, O Belteshazzar, make clear the sense of it, for all the wise men of my kingdom are unable to make the sense of it clear to me; but you are able, for the spirit of the holy gods is in you.

Daniel 6:4
Then the chief rulers and the captains were looking for some cause for putting Daniel in the wrong in connection with the kingdom, but they were unable to put forward any wrongdoing or error against him; because he was true, and no error or wrong was to be seen in him.

Daniel 10:15
And after he had said these words to me, I kept my face turned to the earth and was unable to say anything.



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