Ezekiel 16
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1And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was upon me, saying: 2“Son of man, make known to Jerusalem her uncleanness 3And say: ‘Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS to Jerusalem: your root and your birth is from the land of Canaan. Your father is an Amorite and your mother a Hittite 4And she who bore you in the day of your birth did not cut off your umbilical cord and she did not wash you, neither did she salt you in salt, nor did she wrap you in swaddling strips 5And her eye had no pity upon you, that she would do one of these things for you, and she would get rid of you, but you were thrown out into the wilderness in her depreciation of your life in the day that she gave you birth

6And I passed by over you and I saw you that you wallowed in your blood, and I said to you in your blood: “Live 7And multiply as the vegetation of the field!”, and you increased and you grew and you entered the cities. Your breasts were present and your hair had grown and you were naked and you were cold

8And I passed by over you, and I saw you and I saw your time, the time of marriageable age, and I spread my hand over you and I covered your nakedness, and I vowed to you and I entered into covenant with you, says THE LORD OF LORDS, and you are mine 9And I washed you in water. I washed your blood from you and I anointed you with oil 10And I clothed you in garments and I shod you with sandals and I bound fine linen on your waist and I covered you with a fine linen garment 11And I adorned you with ornaments, and I set bracelets on your hands and a necklace on your neck 12And a beryl between your eyes and earrings on your ears and a crown of glory on your head 13And you were adorned in gold and in gems, and you were clothed with fine linen and blue fringes and a royal scepter; and you ate fine flour and honey and oil, and you were very beautiful and you prospered in the kingdom 14And the fame of your beauty went out among the Gentiles, because the crown of my glory I set upon you, says THE LORD OF LORDS

15And you trusted on your beauty and you fornicated because of your name, and your poured out your fornications on everyone who passed by 16And you took some of my garments and you made female idols for yourself and you committed fornication with them. You shall not enter them and they shall not be yours 17And you took the implements of your glory, of gold and of silver, that I have given you, and you made for yourself male images and you fornicated with them 18And you took the garments in which you adorned yourself and you covered them, and my oil and my sweet incense you set before them 19And the bread that I have given to you, fine flour and honey and oil for food, and you set it before them for a fragrance of savor, says THE LORD OF LORDS 20And you took your sons and your daughters that you bore to me, and you sacrificed them as food, beside your fornications 21And you slaughtered my children and you offered them up, after you had ravished them 22And in all your abominations and your fornications you did not remember the days of your youth, when you were naked and cold and wallowing in blood

23And after all these your evils, woe to you! Woe to you, says THE LORD OF LORDS! 24You have built yourself a brothel and you have made yourself high places in every street 25And at every top of the street you have built your idol shrines, and you have defiled your beauty and you have spread your legs for everyone who passed by, and you multiplied your prostitutions 26And you fornicated with the children of Egypt your neighbor, great ones of flesh, and you multiplied your fornications and you angered me 27And I have lifted my hands over you and I destroyed your commandments and I delivered you into the hand of your haters, the daughters of the Philistines, who were rebuking you for your ways of fornication 28And you fornicated with the children of Assyria and you were not satisfied 29And you have multiplied your prostitutions over the land of Canaan and of Chaldea, neither were you satisfied in these

30How shall I judge your daughter, says THE LORD OF LORDS, because you have done all these works of a whore and an insolent woman? 31When you built your brothels at every top of the road, and your high places in every street, and you were not even as a whore who collects payment 32Neither as the wife of a man who is an adulteress, who receives from strangers 33To all whores they give payment, and you have given payment to all your lovers, and you have bribed them with your fornications that they would come to you from all around you 34You are separate from women in your prostitutions in that you have given what is payment, and they did not give not payment to you

35Because of this, whore, hear the word of LORD JEHOVAH 36Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: ‘Because you have given divination and you have exposed your nakedness in your fornications to your lovers and your defilement to all the idols, and the blood of your children you have given to them 37Because of this, behold, I am gathering all your lovers in whom you take pleasure, and everyone whom you love, with those whom you hated, and I shall gather them against you from around you, and I shall reveal your nakedness in their sight and they shall see all your nakedness 38And I shall judge you with the sentence of an adulteress and a sentence of those who shed blood, and I shall give you to blood and to anger and to jealousy 39And I shall deliver you into their hands, and they shall destroy the houses of your vaults, and they shall tear down your idols and they shall strip off your clothes, and they shall take the garments of your glory and they shall leave you naked 40And they shall bring up multitudes upon you, and they shall stone you with stones and they shall strike you with their swords 41And they shall burn you in fire and they shall execute judgment from you before the eyes of many women, and I shall stop you from fornication, and you shall not give hire again 42And I shall give rest to my wrath against you, and my zeal shall pass from you, and I shall be refreshed and I shall not be angry again 43Because you did not remember the days of your youth, and you angered me in these all things, even I, behold, I have paid your ways upon your head, says THE LORD OF LORDS, because you have committed impurity and fornication

44And everyone who speaks a parable will speak a parable about you, and the daughter will speak as her mother 45You are your mother’s daughter. She left her husband and her children and sister. You are of the sisterhood who have left their husbands and their children. Your mother was a Hittite and your father, an Amorite 46And your elder sister is Samaria and her daughters who dwelt at your left, and your younger sister who dwells at your right is Sadom and her daughters 47And your goings were not like their ways, and you had not done like their abominations, until in a little while, and you were more corrupt than they in all your ways 48As I am Living, says THE LORD OF LORDS, Sadom your sister has not done, she and her daughters, according to what you have done, you and your daughters 49This is the evil of Sadom your proud sister: “She was full of bread and dwelt in quietness, she and her daughters, and they did not grasp the hands of the afflicted and of the poor 50But they were lifted up and they did evil before me, and when I saw these things in them, I overthrew them 51Samaria has not sinned according to half of your sins! You have multiplied your abominations beyond them and you have overtaken your sisters in all your abominations that you have done 52Also accept your shame, because you have overtaken your sisters by your sins, and you are more defiled than they and they are more righteous than you, also you, be ashamed and bear your shame, for your sisters are more righteous than you

53And I shall return their captivity, the captivity of Sadom and of her daughters, and the captivity of Samaria and of her daughters, and I shall take your captivity as a prisoner among them 54That you will bear shame, and you will be ashamed in all the things that you have done to anger me 55And your sister Sadom and her daughters shall be established like that from former time, and Samaria and her daughters shall be established as from former time, and you and your daughters shall be as that from former time 56And Sadom your sister was not to be a report in your mouth in the day of your pride 57Before your evil would be revealed as the reproach of the daughters of Edum, and all the daughters of the Philistines that are around her, and they were despising her 58And you have carried your sins and your abominations, says THE LORD OF LORDS

59Because of this, thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: “I do to you as you have done, because you despised my oath and you have nullified my covenant

60But I shall remember my covenant that is with you from the days of your youth, and I shall raise up for you an eternal covenant 61And you shall remember your ways and you shall be ashamed that I took your sisters, the elder and the younger, and I gave them to you as daughters, not from your covenant 62And I shall raise up my covenant with you and you shall know that I AM LORD JEHOVAH 63Because you shall remember and you shall be ashamed and you shall not again open your mouth from your shame, when I have forgiven you everything that you have done, says THE LORD OF LORDS”

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