Deuteronomy 32
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1“Give ear, Oh Heaven and I shall speak! Hear, Oh Earth, the speech of my mouth!

2My teaching shall drop as rain and my speech shall come down as dew, as spiritswinds upon new grass and like gentle showers upon grass:

3Because in the Name of LORD JEHOVAH I shall cry, ‘Give majesty to our God, the Mighty One.’

4For his works are without blemish and all his ways are judgment; God is trustworthy and is not evil; He is righteous and upright.

5They are corrupt and not children to him, a defective generation, perverted and crooked.

6Do you pay these things to LORD JEHOVAH? You are foolish people and are not wise! Was he not your father who possessed you, and he made you and he fashioned you?

7Recount the days from eternity and consider the years of the generations; ask your father and he will show you and your Elders and they will tell you.

8When The Highest divides the nations and when He separates the children of men, He sets the borders of the nations to the number of the sons of Israel.

9Because the portion of LORD JEHOVAH is his people and Yaquuv is the lot of his inheritance.

10He found him in the land of wilderness and in the wilderness of the deserts He brought him out, and he cherished him and he protected him as the pupil of the eye.

11As the eagle that flies over his nest and broods over his chicks, he spreads his wings and takes them and picks them up on the strength of his wings:

12LORD JEHOVAH alone led him and there is no strange god with Him.

13He made him to dwell on the strength of the land and fed him the produce of the field and suckled him with honey from the rock and oil from the rock of flint;

14Butter of an ox and milk of sheep, with fat of fatlings of rams, the young of the Ibex and goats with fat, and the best of wheat, and he made him drink wine of the blood of the grape.

15And Israel grew fat and he kicked and was fat and had grown strong and possessed wealth, and forgot God who made him, and insulted the Mighty One who redeemed him.

16He made him jealous with foreigners and he angered him with idols.

17They sacrificed to demons that were not gods, gods that they did not know; they were new, that therefore were made, and your fathers did not worship them.

18You have neglected The Mighty One who begot you, and you have forgotten God who glorified you.

19And LORD JEHOVAH saw and he was angry because his sons and his daughters angered Him.

20And he said: ‘I shall turn my face from them and I shall see what their end will be, because they are a perverse generation, children without faith in them.

21Those made me jealous by no god and they angered me with their idols, also I may make them jealous by no people, and I shall anger them by a foolish people.

22Because a fire blazes in my anger and burns unto to Sheol beneath; it shall devour the land and its fruits and will burn the foundations of the mountains.

23And I shall gather evils upon them and I shall feed them my thunderbolts.

24And they shall be disabled with hunger and evil spirits shall be handed over to them, and I shall hand them over to the bird of prey, and I shall lead a living creature of teeth to them, with the venom of serpents that slither in the dust.

25Outside, the sword lays waste, and there is terror from the inner chamber, also the boys and virgin girls and young boys with old men.

26And I said: “Where are they? I shall obliterate their memory from the children of men”:

27Surely it was not the wrath of the enemy that was strong, lest their enemies would be exalted and they would say: “Our hand was exalted and it was not LORD JEHOVAH who did these things.”

28Because it is a people whose counsel is destroyed and they have no understanding in them.

29If only they were wise and they understood this and considered their end!

30One would have chased a thousand and two would have put ten thousand to flight, unless their Mighty One had handed them over and LORD JEHOVAH had shut them in.

31Because their power was not like our Power, and our enemies are our Judges.

32Because their vine is from the vine of Sadom and their grapes are from the plantations of Amora; the grapes are bitter and their clusters bitter to them:

33The venom of the Dragon is their venom and the poison of the evil asp.

34Behold, it is hidden with me and sealed in storehouses.

35Vengeance is mine, for I shall pay them in a time when their feet will slip, because that day of their breaking is near and the thing that is coming hurries toward them.

36Because LORD JEHOVAH judges his people and he is comforted in his Servants, because He sees that the hand rules and there is none who helps and supports.

37And he will say: “Where are their gods, the mighty ones those upon which they were trusting?”,

38For they were eating the fat of their sacrifices and they were drinking the wine of their drink offerings; let them arise now and let them help you and they shall be protectors over you.

39See, therefore, that I AM The Living God, and there is no God apart from me; I am putting to death and I am making alive; I am striking and I am healing, and there is none who escapes from my hands.

40Therefore I have lifted my hands over Heaven and I have said: ‘I live to eternity.

41I shall sharpen the point of my sword like lightning and my hand shall seize on judgment; I shall return a reward to those hating me and I shall finish my enemies.

42I shall make my arrows drunk from blood and my sword will devour flesh of the blood of the slain and of the captives and from the head of the crown of the enemy.

43Therefore sing, oh nations, his people, because the blood of his Servants is rewarded and he returns a reward to his haters and he atones for his Earth and for his people.’”

44And Moshe came and spoke all of the words of this song before the people, he and Yeshua, son of Nun. 45And when Moshe had finished speaking all of these words to all Israel: 46He said to them: “Establish your heart in all these words that I testify among you today, that you will command your children, so that they keep and do all of the words of this Written Law. 47Because it is not a worthless word to you, because it is your life and by this word you will multiply days in the land when you pass over the Jordan there to possess it.”

48And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe in that day and he said to him: 49“Come up to this Mountain of the Hebrews, to the Mountain of Nebo in land of Moab before Yerikho, and see the land of Canaan that I give to the children of Israel as an inheritance: 50And die in the mountain that you ascend and be gathered to your people, as when Aaron your brother died in Hor Mountain and was gathered to his people: 51Because you did evil to me among the children of Israel by the waters of Metsutha –“Strife” in Raqem in the wilderness of Tsin, because you did not revere me among the children of Israel. 52Next to it, see the land that I give to the children of Israel, and you shall not enter there.”

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