Psalm 78
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1My people, give ear to my Law and be persuaded and incline your ears to the words of my mouth.

2For behold, I shall open my mouth in proverbs and I shall speak in parables of a former time.

3Those things that we have heard we have known them, also those things that our fathers related to us,

4Which we will not hide from their children, but to the generation following we shall tell the praises of LORD JEHOVAH, his power and his wonders which he did.

5He established his testimony in Jacob and he set his law in Israel, as he commanded our fathers to make known to their children

6That they should instruct another generation, the children who are born and remain, to tell their children

7That their hope would be in God and that they would not forget the works of God and they would keep his commandments,

8And they should not be like their fathers, an evil and rebellious generation, a generation that has not set its heart right and whose spirit did not trust in God.

9The children of Ephraim strung and cast away the bow when they were attacked and they turned back in the day of war.

10For they did not keep the covenant of God and they did not choose to walk in his Law.

11And they forgot his works and his wonders that he had shown them

12In front of their fathers when he did wonders in the land of Egypt and in the fields of Zoan.

13He split the sea and made them pass over and he stood up the waters like water skins.

14He led them by day with a cloud and all night in the brightness of fire.

15He breached the flint in the wilderness and gave them drink as from the great depths.

16He brought out streams from the rock and the waters flowed like rivers.

17And the people continued again to sin and to bitterly provoke The Highest with thirst.

18And they tempted God in their heart, asking for food for themselves.

19And they complained against God and they said, "Can God arrange tables for us in the wilderness?"

20If he struck the flint and the waters flowed and he made torrents flow, can he not also give bread to us, or food prepared for his people?

21Because of this, LORD JEHOVAH heard and he was angry, and a fire seized upon Jacob, also wrath came up in Israel.

22For they did not trust in God and were not convinced of his salvation.

23And he commanded the clouds from above and the doors of Heaven were open.

24He sent manna down for them to eat and he gave them the bread of Heaven.

25Man ate the bread of Angels and he sent game for them to be satisfied.

26He made the wind blow in the sky and he led the southern sky by his strength.

27He sent flesh down for them like dust, and birds of the wing like the sand of the sea

28And they fell in their camps around their tents.

29They ate and were very satisfied and he gave them their desire.

30And they did not depart from their lust and while their food was in their mouths,

31The wrath of God went up among them and he killed some of their rich and he prostrated the Elect Ones of Israel.

32In these things they all sinned and yet they did not believe in his wonders.

33They spent their days in futility and their years in haste.

34When he was killing them they were seeking him; they were returning and coming before his presence.

35They remembered that God is their helper, and God The Highest, their Savior.

36They loved him with their mouths and with their tongue they angered him.

37Their heart was not made right with him and they did not believe in his covenant.

38And he is merciful and he forgives sin and does not destroy; he proceeded to turn away his wrath and did not arouse all his anger.

39He remembered that they were flesh, a wind that goes and does not return.

40They bitterly provoked him in the wilderness and angered him in the deserts.

41And they turned back and they tempted God and they provoked The Holy One of Israel.

42And they did not remember his hand the day he saved them from the oppressor

43When he did signs in Egypt and his wonders in the fields of Zoan.

44And he turned their rivers to blood, and their streams, that they would not drink the waters.

45He sent swarms of insects against them and consumed them, and frogs, and he destroyed them.

46He gave their crops to the locusts and their produce to the crawling locust.

47He broke their vines with hailstones and their fig trees with ice.

48He gave over their cattle to hailstones and their possessions to burning.

49He sent the heat of his wrath against them; heat, wrath and trouble he sent by the hand of an evil Angel.

50And he breached the evil path and did not spare their souls from death and delivered their animals to death.

51He killed all the firstborn of Egypt, the first of all their children in the tents of Ham.

52He bore his people like sheep and led them like a flock in the wilderness.

53He led them in hope and they did not fear, and the sea covered their enemies.

54He brought them to the border of his Holiness, this mountain that his right hand possessed.

55He destroyed the Gentiles from before them and he cast them the lots of his inheritance and the tribes of Israel dwelt in their tents.

56And they tempted and bitterly provoked God, The Highest, and they did not keep his testimony.

57They turned back and they lied like their fathers and they were turned aside like a deceitful bow.

58And they angered him by their sacrifices and they made him jealous by their idols.

59And God heard and was provoked and was very angry against Israel.

60And he forgot the tent of Shiloh, the tent of the camp among the children of men.

61He gave his people to captivity and his glory into the hand of the oppressor.

62He gave over his people to the sword and turned away from his inheritance.

63The fire consumed their boys and their virgins were abused.

64The priests fell by the sword and their widows did not weep.

65LORD JEHOVAH awakened like one who had been sleeping and like a man who would save himself from his wine.

66He struck his enemies behind him and he gave them eternal reproach.

67He despised the tent of Joseph and the tribe of Ephraim was not accepted.

68He has chosen the tribe of Yehuda, the mountain of Zion that he loved.

69He built his holy place upon the height and he prepared it in the Earth for eternity.

70He has chosen David his Servant and led him from a flock of sheep

71And from following nursing sheep to feed Jacob his people and Israel his inheritance.

72And he shepherded them in the perfection of his heart and in the understanding of his hands he led them.

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