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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) To utter words; esp., to converse familiarly; to speak, as in familiar discourse, when two or more persons interchange thoughts.

2. (n.) To confer; to reason; to consult.

3. (n.) To prate; to speak impertinently.

4. (v. t.) To speak freely; to use for conversing or communicating; as, to talk French.

5. (v. t.) To deliver in talking; to speak; to utter; to make a subject of conversation; as, to talk nonsense; to talk politics.

6. (v. t.) To consume or spend in talking; -- often followed by away; as, to talk away an evening.

7. (v. t.) To cause to be or become by talking.

8. (n.) The act of talking; especially, familiar converse; mutual discourse; that which is uttered, especially in familiar conversation, or the mutual converse of two or more.

9. (n.) Report; rumor; as, to hear talk of war.

10. (n.) Subject of discourse; as, his achievement is the talk of the town.

4814. sullaleo -- to talk together
... to talk together. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: sullaleo Phonetic Spelling:
(sool-lal-eh'-o) Short Definition: I talk with Definition: I talk with ...
// - 6k

2981. lalia -- talk
... talk. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: lalia Phonetic Spelling:
(lal-ee-ah') Short Definition: speech, talk, dialect Definition: (in classical ...
// - 6k

2980. laleo -- to talk
... to talk. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: laleo Phonetic Spelling:
(lal-eh'-o) Short Definition: I speak, say Definition: (I talk, chatter in classical ...
// - 11k

3026. leros -- silly talk
... silly talk. Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine Transliteration: leros Phonetic Spelling:
(lay'-ros) Short Definition: folly, nonsense, idle talk Definition: folly ...
// - 6k

5396. phluareo -- to talk nonsense
... to talk nonsense. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: phluareo Phonetic Spelling:
(floo-ar-eh'-o) Short Definition: I gossip against Definition: I gossip ...
// - 7k

2757. kenophonia -- empty talk
... empty talk. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: kenophonia Phonetic
Spelling: (ken-of-o-nee'-ah) Short Definition: empty disputing, worthless babble ...
// - 6k

3150. mataiologia -- idle or foolish talk
... idle or foolish talk. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: mataiologia
Phonetic Spelling: (mat-ah-yol-og-ee'-ah) Short Definition: foolish talking ...
// - 6k

4926. sunomileo -- to converse with
... to converse with. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: sunomileo Phonetic Spelling:
(soon-om-il-eh'-o) Short Definition: I talk with Definition: I talk with ...
// - 6k

3656. homileo -- to consort with, hence to converse with
... hence to converse with. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: homileo Phonetic Spelling:
(hom-il-eh'-o) Short Definition: I associate with, talk with Definition ...
// - 6k

1255. dialaleo -- to discuss
... to discuss. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: dialaleo Phonetic Spelling:
(dee-al-al-eh'-o) Short Definition: I converse together, talk of Definition: I ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
7878. siach -- to muse, complain, talk (of)
... 7877, 7878. siach. 7879 . to muse, complain, talk (of). Transliteration:
siach Phonetic Spelling: (see'-akh) Short Definition: meditate. ...
/hebrew/7878.htm - 6k

3937. laaz -- to talk indistinctly or unintelligibly
... laaz. 3938 . to talk indistinctly or unintelligibly. Transliteration: laaz Phonetic
Spelling: (law-az') Short Definition: language. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/3937.htm - 6k

907. bad -- empty, idle talk
... 906, 907. bad. 908 . empty, idle talk. Transliteration: bad Phonetic
Spelling: (bad) Short Definition: boasts. Word Origin from ...
/hebrew/907.htm - 6k

3886b. lua -- to talk wildly
... to talk wildly. Transliteration: lua or laa Short Definition: rash. ... root Definition
to talk wildly NASB Word Usage been rash (1), say rashly (1). 3886a, 3886b ...
/hebrew/3886b.htm - 5k

7879. siach -- complaint, musing
... Word Origin from an unused word Definition complaint, musing NASB Word Usage
complaining (1), complaint (8), concern (1), meditation (1), occupied (1), talk ( ...
/hebrew/7879.htm - 6k

1697. dabar -- speech, word
... 1), rule (2), said (5), same thing (1), saying (3), says (1), so much (2), some
(1), something (4), songs* (1), speak (2), speech (2), talk (2), talking* (1 ...
/hebrew/1697.htm - 8k

5608. saphar -- to count, recount, relate
... proclaim (1), recount (1), recounted (3), relate (3), related (9), relating (2),
speak (1), state (1), surely (1), taken (1), taken account (1), talk (1), tell ...
/hebrew/5608.htm - 6k

8193. saphah -- lip, speech, edge
... 9), edge (17), empty (2), gossip* (1), language (6), lip (1), lip service (1), lips
(100), mere (1), seashore* (7), shore (1), speech (12), talk (1), talkative ...
/hebrew/8193.htm - 6k

1696. dabar -- to speak
... 4), sing (1), speak (297), speaking (61), speaks (34), speaks fluently (1), spoke
(333), spoken (188), state (2), statements (2), subdues (2), talk (7), talked ...
/hebrew/1696.htm - 6k

6310. peh -- mouth
... ment), X eat, edge, end, entry, + file, hole, X in, mind, mouth, part, portion,
X (should) say(-ing), sentence, skirt, sound, speech, X spoken, talk, tenor, X ...
/hebrew/6310.htm - 7k


A Talk to Preachers
... A TALK TO PREACHERS. The aim of one who would interpret literature to others, by
means of the speaking voice, should be first to assimilate its spirit. ...
// on talking/a talk to preachers.htm

The Last Talk Together.
... The Holy Spirit The Last Talk Together. A little group of men were climbing the
winding path that led up Olivet's slope. ... It was their last talk together. ...
/.../gordon/quiet talks with world winners/the last talk together.htm

A Talk About the Breath of God.
... CHAPTER XI. A TALK ABOUT THE BREATH OF GOD. ... His name was Nicodemus. He longed to
talk with Jesus, but he was afraid of what the other Pharisees would say. ...
/.../lathbury/childs story of the bible/chapter xi a talk about.htm

Of Obscene Talk.
... Of Obscene Talk. ... For the talk of many is so bestial, that it seems to be but the
conceptions of the more libidinous Animals clothed in human Language. ...
/.../allestree/the government of the tongue/section xii of obscene talk.htm

A Talk About the Water of Life.
Passover there were many who had believed in Jesus who ...
/.../lathbury/childs story of the bible/chapter xii a talk about.htm

The Tenth Chapter: Avoiding Idle Talk
Idle Talk. SHUN the gossip of men as much as possible ...
/.../kempis/the imitation of christ/the tenth chapter avoiding idle.htm

To Talk Now of the Necessity of Bearing all Calamities and ...
... THE THIRD CENTURY 34 To talk now of the necessity of bearing all calamities
and persecutions in preaching is little. To talk now ...
/...// of meditations/34 to talk now of.htm

December 22. "My Tongue Also Shall Talk of Thy Righteousness all ...
... "My tongue also shall talk of Thy righteousness all the day long" (Ps. lxxi. ... "My
tongue also shall talk of Thy righteousness all the day long" (Psalm 71:24). ...
/.../simpson/days of heaven upon earth /december 22 my tongue also.htm

How to Keep Out of Trouble
... TALK SIXTEEN. HOW TO KEEP OUT OF TROUBLE. ... Have you learned it? Some folks are always
talking, talking, talking. There seems to be no end to their talk. ...
// talks/talk sixteen how to keep.htm

Egg-Shell Christians
... TALK SEVEN. EGG-SHELL CHRISTIANS. You have sometimes heard it said of people
that "they have to be handled like eggs"; eggs must ...
// talks/talk seven egg-shell christians.htm

Talk (164 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) To prate; to speak impertinently. 4. (vt) To speak freely; to use
for conversing or communicating; as, to talk French. 5 ...
/t/talk.htm - 36k

... dramatic poem. 3. (n.) Any story told to excite wonder; common talk; the
theme of talk. 4. (n.) Fiction; untruth; falsehood. 5. (vi ...
/f/fable.htm - 12k

Babble (1 Occurrence)
... 2. (vi) To talk incoherently; to utter unmeaning words. 3. (vi) To talk much; to
chatter; to prate. ... 6. (vi) To disclose by too free talk, as a secret. ...
/b/babble.htm - 7k

Noise (126 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) Especially, loud, confused, or senseless sound; clamor; din. 3. (n.) Loud
or continuous talk; general talk or discussion; rumor; report. ...
/n/noise.htm - 41k

Frivolous (4 Occurrences)
... 1 Timothy 6:20 O Timothy, guard the truths entrusted to you, shunning irreligious
and frivolous talk, and controversy with what is falsely called 'knowledge ...
/f/frivolous.htm - 7k

Tale (7 Occurrences)
... women in regard to the resurrection as "idle tales" (the King James Version, the
Revised Version (British and American) "idle talk"), literally, "nonsensical ...
/t/tale.htm - 12k

Discourse (25 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) Conversation; talk. 3. (n.) The art and manner of speaking and conversing. ...
12. (vt) To talk to; to confer with. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. ...
/d/discourse.htm - 14k

Prate (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (vi) To talk much and to little purpose; to
be loquacious; to speak foolishly; to babble. 2. (vt) To ...
/p/prate.htm - 6k

Chatter (5 Occurrences)
... indistinct. 2. (vi) To talk idly, carelessly, or with undue rapidity; to jabber;
to prate. 3. (vi) To make a noise by rapid collisions. ...
/c/chatter.htm - 8k

Idle (33 Occurrences)
... the New Testament "idle" generally renders the Greek word argos, literally, "inactive,"
"useless" (Matthew 20:3, 6). In Luke 24:11 "idle talk" corresponds to ...
/i/idle.htm - 18k

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Talk (164 Occurrences)

Matthew 9:32
And while they were going away, there came to him a man without the power of talking, and with an evil spirit.
(Root in BBE NIV)

Matthew 12:22
Then they took to him one with an evil spirit, who was blind and had no power of talking: and he made him well so that he had the power of talking and seeing.
(Root in BBE NIV)

Matthew 12:46
While he yet talked to the people, behold, his mother and his brethren stood without, desiring to speak with him.
(Root in KJV BBE NIV)

Matthew 12:47
And one said to him, See, your mother and your brothers are outside, desiring to have talk with you.

Matthew 22:15
Then the Pharisees went and took counsel how they might entrap him in his talk.

Matthew 24:6
And news will come to you of wars and talk of wars: do not be troubled, for these things have to be; but it is still not the end.

Matthew 26:73
And after a little time those who were near came and said to Peter, Truly you are one of them; because your talk is witness against you.

Mark 1:45
But he went out, and began to proclaim it much, and to spread about the matter, so that Jesus could no more openly enter into a city, but was outside in desert places: and they came to him from everywhere.

Mark 2:7
"Why does this man speak blasphemies like that? Who can forgive sins but God alone?"
(See NIV)

Mark 7:32
And they came to him with one who had no power of hearing and had trouble in talking; and they made a request to him to put his hands on him.
(Root in BBE NIV)

Mark 12:13
And they send unto him certain of the Pharisees and of the Herodians, that they might catch him in talk.

Mark 13:7
And when you have news of wars and talk of wars, do not be troubled; these things have to be, but it is still not the end.

Luke 1:19
"I am Gabriel, who stand in the presence of God," answered the angel, "and I have been sent to talk with you and tell you this good news.

Luke 1:65
Fear came on all who lived around them, and all these sayings were talked about throughout all the hill country of Judea.

Luke 4:37
And the talk about Him spread into every part of the neighbouring country.

Luke 5:4
And when his talk was ended, he said to Simon, Go out into deep water, and let down your nets for fish.

Luke 7:15
He who was dead sat up, and began to speak. And he gave him to his mother.
(See NIV)

Luke 24:11
And these words appeared in their sight as idle talk; and they disbelieved them.

John 12:10
Now there was talk among the chief priests of putting Lazarus to death;

John 14:30
Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

John 18:34
Jesus answered him, "Do you say this by yourself, or did others tell you about me?"
(See NIV)

Acts 15:32
And Judas and Silas, being themselves also Prophets, gave them a long and encouraging talk, and strengthened them in the faith.

Acts 16:13
On the Sabbath we went beyond the city gate to the riverside, where we had reason to believe that there was a place for prayer; and sitting down we talked with the women who had come together.
(Root in WEY BBE)

Acts 20:7
On the first day of the week, when the disciples were gathered together to break bread, Paul talked with them, intending to depart on the next day, and continued his speech until midnight.

Acts 20:30
and that from among your own selves men will rise up who will seek with their perverse talk to draw away the disciples after them.

Acts 21:7
And journeying by ship from Tyre we came to Ptolemais; and there we had talk with the brothers and were with them for one day.

Acts 24:26
Meanwhile, he also hoped that money would be given to him by Paul, that he might release him. Therefore also he sent for him more often, and talked with him.
(Root in WEB BBE NIV)

Acts 28:20
But for this reason I sent for you, to see and have talk with you: for because of the hope of Israel I am in these chains.

Acts 28:30
And for the space of two years, Paul was living in the house of which he had the use, and had talk with all those who went in to see him,

Romans 1:29
Being full of all wrongdoing, evil, desire for the goods of others, hate, envy, putting to death, fighting, deceit, cruel ways, evil talk, and false statements about others;

Romans 1:30
Hated by God, full of pride, without respect, full of loud talk, given to evil inventions, not honouring father or mother,

Romans 9:20
But indeed, O man, who are you to reply against God? Will the thing formed ask him who formed it, "Why did you make me like this?"
(See NIV)

Romans 16:18
For those who are such don't serve our Lord, Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by their smooth and flattering speech, they deceive the hearts of the innocent. things of iron, and wood for the things of wood; onyx stones, and stones
(See NIV)

1 Corinthians 4:19
But I will come to you shortly, if the Lord is willing. And I will know, not the word of those who are puffed up, but the power.

1 Corinthians 4:20
For the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.

2 Corinthians 11:23
Are they servants of Christ? (I am talking foolishly) I am more so; I have had more experience of hard work, of prisons, of blows more than measure, of death.
(Root in BBE RSV NIV)

Ephesians 4:29
Let no evil talk come out of your mouth, but only what is good for giving necessary teaching, and for grace to those who give ear.

Ephesians 5:4
nor filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not appropriate; but rather giving of thanks.

Colossians 3:8
But now it is right for you to put away all these things; wrath, passion, bad feeling, curses, unclean talk;

Colossians 4:6
Let your talk be with grace, mixed with salt, so that you may be able to give an answer to everyone.

1 Timothy 1:6
from which things some, having missed the mark, have turned aside to vain talking;

1 Timothy 5:1
Do not say sharp words to one who has authority in the church, but let your talk be as to a father, and to the younger men as to brothers:

1 Timothy 6:4
he is conceited, knowing nothing, but obsessed with arguments, disputes, and word battles, from which come envy, strife, reviling, evil suspicions,
(See NIV)

1 Timothy 6:5
Bitter talk of men who, being evil in mind and dead to what is true, take the faith to be a way of making profit.

1 Timothy 6:20
O Timothy, guard the truths entrusted to you, shunning irreligious and frivolous talk, and controversy with what is falsely called 'knowledge';

2 Timothy 2:16
But from irreligious and frivolous talk hold aloof, for those who indulge in it will proceed from bad to worse in impiety,

2 Timothy 2:17
and their word will consume like gangrene, of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus;

Titus 2:9
Exhort servants to be in subjection to their own masters, and to be well-pleasing in all things; not contradicting;
(See NIV)

James 3:2
For we all go wrong in a number of things. If a man never makes a slip in his talk, then he is a complete man and able to keep all his body in control.

1 Peter 2:1
So putting away all wrongdoing, and all tricks and deceits and envies and evil talk,

1 Peter 2:15
For it is God's will that by doing what is right you should thus silence the ignorant talk of foolish persons.

2 Peter 2:3
Thirsting for riches, they will trade on you with their canting talk. From of old their judgement has been working itself out, and their destruction has not been slumbering.

2 Peter 2:18
For, while they pour out their frivolous and arrogant talk, they use earthly cravings--every kind of immorality--as a bait to entrap men who are just escaping from the influence of those who live in error.

1 John 4:5
They are of the world, so their talk is the world's talk, and the world gives ear to them.

2 John 1:12
Having much to say to you, it is not my purpose to put it all down with paper and ink: but I am hoping to come to you, and to have talk with you face to face, so that your joy may be full.

3 John 1:10
For this reason, if I come, I shall not forget his conduct, nor his idle and mischievous talk against us. And he does not stop there: he not only will not receive the brethren, but those who desire to do this he hinders, and excludes them from the Church.

3 John 1:14
But I am hoping to see you in a short time, and to have talk with you face to face. May you have peace. Your friends here send you their love. Give my love to our friends by name.

Genesis 18:33
And the Lord went on his way when his talk with Abraham was ended, and Abraham went back to his place.

Genesis 34:6
Hamor the father of Shechem went out to Jacob to talk with him.

Exodus 29:42
This is to be a regular burned offering made from generation to generation, at the door of the Tent of meeting before the Lord, where I will come face to face with you and have talk with you.

Exodus 31:18
And when his talk with Moses on Mount Sinai was ended, he gave him the two stones of the law, two stones on which was the writing made by the finger of God.

Exodus 33:11
And the Lord had talk with Moses face to face, as a man may have talk with his friend. And when Moses came back to the tents, his servant, the young man Joshua, the son of Nun, did not come away from the Tent.

Exodus 34:29
And it came to pass, when Moses came down from mount Sinai with the two tables of testimony in Moses' hand, when he came down from the mount, that Moses wist not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with him.

Exodus 34:31
And Moses called unto them; and Aaron and all the rulers of the congregation returned unto him: and Moses talked with them.

Exodus 34:33
And at the end of his talk with them, Moses put a veil over his face.

Exodus 34:34
But whenever Moses went in before the Lord to have talk with him, he took off the veil till he came out. And whenever he came out he said to the children of Israel what he had been ordered to say;

Numbers 7:89
And when Moses went into the Tent of meeting to have talk with him, then the Voice came to his ears from over the cover which was on the ark of witness, from between the two winged ones. And he had talk with him.

Numbers 11:17
I will come down and talk with you there. I will take of the Spirit which is on you, and will put it on them; and they shall bear the burden of the people with you, that you not bear it yourself alone.

Numbers 11:25
Then the Lord came down in the cloud and had talk with him, and put on the seventy men some of the spirit which was on him: now when the spirit came to rest on them, they were like prophets, but only at that time.

Numbers 12:1
Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman whom he had married; for he had married a Cushite woman.
(See NIV)

Numbers 12:8
With him I will have talk mouth to mouth, openly and not in dark sayings; and with his eyes he will see the form of the Lord: why then had you no fear of saying evil against my servant Moses?

Deuteronomy 5:24
And ye said, Behold, the LORD our God hath showed us his glory and his greatness, and we have heard his voice out of the midst of the fire: we have seen this day that God doth talk with man, and he liveth.

Deuteronomy 6:7
and you shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise up.

Deuteronomy 22:14
and charge her with things for scandalous talk, and cause an evil name against her to be spread abroad, and say, This woman have I taken, and I came in unto her, and I did not find her a virgin;

Deuteronomy 25:8
Then the responsible men of the town will send for the man, and have talk with him: and if he still says, I will not take her;

Joshua 2:14
The men said to her, "Our life for yours, if you don't talk about this business of ours; and it shall be, when Yahweh gives us the land, that we will deal kindly and truly with you."

Joshua 2:20
But if you talk about this business of ours, then we shall be guiltless of your oath which you have made us to swear."

Judges 6:17
He said to him, "If now I have found favor in your sight, then show me a sign that it is you who talk with me.

Judges 9:38
Then Zebul said to him, Now where is your loud talk when you said, Who is Abimelech that we are to be his servants? Is this not the people whom you were rating so low? Go out now, and make war on them.

Judges 11:40
from time to time the daughters of Israel go to talk to the daughter of Jephthah the Gileadite, four days in a year.

Judges 14:7
He went down, and talked with the woman, and she pleased Samson well.

1 Samuel 2:3
"Talk no more so exceeding proudly. Don't let arrogance come out of your mouth, For Yahweh is a God of knowledge. By him actions are weighed.

1 Samuel 18:1
Now after David's talk with Saul was ended, the soul of Jonathan was joined with the soul of David, and David became as dear to him as his very life.

1 Samuel 18:22
Saul commanded his servants, "Talk with David secretly, and say,'Behold, the king has delight in you, and all his servants love you: now therefore be the king's son-in-law.'"

1 Samuel 19:3
I will go out and stand beside my father in the field where you are, and I will talk with my father about you; and if I see anything, I will tell you."

1 Samuel 25:17
Now therefore know and consider what you will do; for evil is determined against our master, and against all his house; for he is such a worthless fellow that one can't speak to him."
(See NIV)

2 Samuel 3:17
Then Abner had a talk with the chief men of Israel, saying, In the past it was your desire to make David your king: so now, do it:

2 Samuel 20:16
Then a wise woman got up on the wall, and crying out from the town, said, Give ear, give ear; say now to Joab, Come near, so that I may have talk with you.

1 Kings 1:7
And he had talk with Joab, the son of Zeruiah, and with Abiathar the priest; and they were on his side and gave him their support.

1 Kings 1:14
Behold, while you yet talk there with the king, I also will come in after you, and confirm your words."

1 Kings 2:19
So Bath-sheba went to King Solomon to have talk with him on Adonijah's account. And the king got up to come to her, and went down low to the earth before her; then he took his place on the king's seat and had a seat made ready for the king's mother and she took her place at his right hand.

1 Kings 10:2
She came to Jerusalem with a very great train, with camels that bore spices, and very much gold, and precious stones; and when she was come to Solomon, she talked with him of all that was in her heart.
(Root in WEB BBE NIV)

1 Kings 20:11
And the king of Israel said in answer, Say to him, The time for loud talk is not when a man is putting on his arms, but when he is taking them off.

2 Kings 9:11
Then Jehu came forth to the servants of his lord: and one said to him, "Is all well? Why did this mad fellow come to you?" He said to them, "You know the man and what his talk was."

2 Kings 18:26
Then said Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, and Shebna, and Joah, unto Rabshakeh, Speak, I pray thee, to thy servants in the Syrian language; for we understand it: and talk not with us in the Jews' language in the ears of the people that are on the wall.

2 Kings 22:14
So Hilkiah the priest, and Ahikam, and Achbor, and Shaphan, and Asaiah, went to Huldah the prophetess, the wife of Shallum the son of Tikvah, the son of Harhas, keeper of the wardrobe (now she lived in Jerusalem in the second quarter); and they talked with her.
(Root in WEB BBE RSV)

1 Chronicles 16:9
Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him, talk ye of all his wondrous works.

2 Chronicles 9:1
When the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon, she came to prove Solomon with hard questions at Jerusalem, with a very great train, and camels that bore spices, and gold in abundance, and precious stones: and when she was come to Solomon, she talked with him of all that was in her heart.
(Root in WEB BBE NIV)

2 Chronicles 34:22
So Hilkiah, and those whom the king sent, went to Huldah the woman prophet, the wife of Shallum, the son of Tokhath, the son of Hasrah, the keeper of the robes (now she was living in Jerusalem, in the second part of the town); and they had talk with her about this thing.

Job 4:2
"If someone ventures to talk with you, will you be grieved? But who can withhold himself from speaking?



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Stores (53 Occurrences)

Marvellous (36 Occurrences)

Wrongdoing (122 Occurrences)

Ended (146 Occurrences)

Wondrous (41 Occurrences)

Jewels (54 Occurrences)

Argument (45 Occurrences)

Ours (63 Occurrences)

Bad (129 Occurrences)

News (453 Occurrences)

Tents (284 Occurrences)

Uncontrolled (58 Occurrences)

Low (216 Occurrences)

Wrong (391 Occurrences)

Foolish (259 Occurrences)

Profit (143 Occurrences)

Putting (278 Occurrences)

Loud (222 Occurrences)

Alike (67 Occurrences)

Tongue (160 Occurrences)

Empty (84 Occurrences)

Goest (79 Occurrences)

Fool (95 Occurrences)

Secretly (104 Occurrences)

Behaviour (115 Occurrences)

Business (147 Occurrences)

Sayings (134 Occurrences)

Brings (155 Occurrences)

Quiets (2 Occurrences)

Quarreling (17 Occurrences)

Vaunt (5 Occurrences)

Venture (10 Occurrences)

Ventures (1 Occurrence)

Villainy (4 Occurrences)

Vindicated (10 Occurrences)

Neighbouring (11 Occurrences)

Unjust (44 Occurrences)

Unrighteously (6 Occurrences)

Unavoidable (1 Occurrence)

Unprofitable (9 Occurrences)

Unanswered (2 Occurrences)

Undoing (7 Occurrences)

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