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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Lay.

2. (n.) The act of one who, or that which, lays.

3. (n.) The act or period of laying eggs; the eggs laid for one incubation; a clutch.

4. (n.) The first coat on laths of plasterer's two-coat work.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

im-po-zish'-un (epithesis cheiron, Acts 8:18 1 Timothy 4:14; 2 Timothy 1:6 Hebrews 6:2): The act or ceremony of the imposition of hands appears in the Old Testament in various connections: in the act of blessing (Genesis 48:14); in the ritual of sacrifice (hands of the offerer laid on head of victim, Exodus 29:10, 15, 19 Leviticus 1:4; Leviticus 3:2, 8, 13; Leviticus 4:4, 24, 29; 8:14; 16:21); in witness-bearing in capital offenses (Leviticus 24:14). The tribe of Levi was set apart by solemn imposition of hands (Numbers 8:10); Moses appointed Joshua to be his successor by a similar act (Numbers 27:18, 23 Deuteronomy 34:9). The idea in these cases varies with the purpose of the act. The primary idea seems to be that of conveyance or transference (compare Leviticus 16:21), but, conjoined with this, in certain instances, are the ideas of identification and of devotion to God.

In the New Testament Jesus laid hands on the little children (Matthew 19:13, 15 parallel Mark 10:16) and on the sick (Matthew 9:18 Mark 6:5, etc.), and the apostles laid hands on those whom they baptized that they might receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:17, 19; Acts 19:6), and in healing (Acts 12:17). Specially the imposition of hands was used in the setting apart of persons to a particular office or work in the church. This is noticed as taking place in the appointment of the Seven (Acts 6:6), in the sending out of Barnabas and Saul (Acts 13:3), at the ordination of Timothy (1 Timothy 4:14 2 Timothy 1:6), but though not directly mentioned, it seems likely that it accompanied all acts of ordination of presbyters and deacons (compare 1 Timothy 5:22 Hebrews 6:2). The presbyters could hardly convey what they had not themselves received (1 Timothy 1:14). Here again the fundamental idea is communication. The act of laying on of hands was accompanied by prayer (Acts 6:6; Acts 8:15; Acts 13:3), and the blessing sought was imparted by God Himself. No ground is afforded by this symbolical action for a sacrament of "Orders."


James Orr


la, la'-ing:

(1) sim, "to put," and the Greek equivalent, tithemi, are very frequently translated by "to lay." the Revised Version (British and American) very often changes the King James Version rendering of sim, but never that of tithemi: 1 Samuel 15:2, "how he set himself against him in the way" (the King James Version "he laid wait for him"); 2 Kings 11:16, "So they made way for her" (the King James Version "And they laid hands on her"); compare 2 Chronicles 23:15 Job 24:12, "God regardeth not the folly" (the King James Version "God layeth not folly"); Job 34:23, "For he needeth not further to consider a man" (the King James Version "For he will not lay upon man more"); Isaiah 28:17, "And I will make justice the line" (the King James Version "Judgment also will I lay to the line"); Job 17:3, "Give now a pledge" (the King James Version "Lay down now").

(2) nathan, literally, "to give," is very commonly translated by "to lay." the Revised Version (British and American) changes the translation of the King James Version in Ezekiel 4:5, "I have appointed"; Ezekiel 33:28, "I will make the land a desolation" (the King James Version "I will lay the land most desolate").

(3) "To lay" of the King James Version is frequently rendered differently in the Revised Version (British and American); Isaiah 54:11, "I will set thy stones" (the King James Version "lay thy stones"); Deuteronomy 29:22, "the sicknesses wherewith Yahweh hath made it sick" (the King James Version "sicknesses which the Lord hath laid upon"). For other differences of the Revised Version (British and American) and the King James Version compare Deuteronomy 21:8 2 Kings 9:25 m; 2 Kings 12:11 Ezra 8:31 Psalm 104:5 m; Isaiah 53:6 Jeremiah 5:26 Mark 7:8 Luke 19:44 James 1:21 1 Peter 2:1. In most of these passages the change of the Revised Version (British and American) is due to the peculiar use of the word "to lay" in the King James Version. The following expressions are found very frequently: "to lay hands on," "to lay wait," "to lay up," "to lay aside," "to lay upon," "to lay down," etc.

"Laying of wait," the King James Version, is rendered "lying in wait" in Numbers 35:20;; Acts 9:24 reads: "But their plot became known" (the King James Version "But their laying await was known"). The "laying on of hands" is a very general expression.


A. L. Breslich

1936. epithesis -- a laying on, an assault
... a laying on, an assault. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: epithesis
Phonetic Spelling: (ep-ith'-es-is) Short Definition: laying on Definition: a ...
// - 7k

2602. katabole -- a laying down
... a laying down. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: katabole Phonetic
Spelling: (kat-ab-ol-ay') Short Definition: a foundation, depositing, sowing ...
// - 7k

484. antilempsis -- a laying hold of, help
... a laying hold of, help. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: antilempsis
Phonetic Spelling: (an-til'-ape-sis) Short Definition: help, ministration ...
// - 7k

595. apothesis -- a putting away
... away. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: apothesis Phonetic Spelling:
(ap-oth'-es-is) Short Definition: a putting off, a laying down Definition: a ...
// - 7k

3004. lego -- to say
... 3004 (originally, "lay down to sleep," used later of "laying an to rest," ie bringing
a message to ; see Curtius, Thayer) -- properly, to (speak), moving to a ...
// - 11k

659. apotithemi -- to put off, lay aside
... Word Origin from apo and tithemi Definition to put off, lay aside NASB Word Usage
laid aside (1), lay aside (3), laying aside (1), put (1), put...aside (1 ...
// - 7k

4883. sunarmologeo -- to fit together
... From sun and a derivative of a compound of harmos and lego (in its original sense
of laying); to render close-jointed together, ie Organize compactly -- be ...
// - 7k

1949. epilambanomai -- to lay hold of
... from 1909 , ", fitting" intensifying 2983 , " take") -- properly, lay hold of something,
showing (" resolve") that "matches" the seizing (ie laying hold of ...
// - 8k

1840. exischuo -- to have strength enough
... It is only used in Eph 3:18, referring to apprehending (decisively laying hold of)
the fuller dimensions of knowing the Lord (His love, calling, presence). ...
// - 7k

971. biazo -- to force
... 971 -- properly, to use power to seize, laying hold of something with . 971 ("to
advance forcefully") is only used twice in the NT (both times positively). ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
4143. musad -- foundation, foundation laying
... 4142, 4143. musad. 4144 . foundation, foundation laying. Transliteration: musad
Phonetic Spelling: (moo-sawd') Short Definition: foundation. ...
/hebrew/4143.htm - 6k

4286. machsoph -- a laying bare, stripping
... 4285, 4286. machsoph. 4287 . a laying bare, stripping. Transliteration: machsoph
Phonetic Spelling: (makh-sofe') Short Definition: exposing. ...
/hebrew/4286.htm - 6k

2934. taman -- to hide, conceal
... to hide, conceal NASB Word Usage buries (2), concealed (2), discarded (1), held
in reserve (1), hid (8), hidden (9), hide (5), hiding (1), laying...secretly (1 ...
/hebrew/2934.htm - 6k

5367. naqash -- to knock, strike, hit, strike or bring down
... root Definition to knock, strike, hit, strike or bring down NASB Word Usage ensnared
(1), lay snares (1), laying a snare (1), seize (1), snared (1). ...
/hebrew/5367.htm - 6k

3245. yasad -- to establish, found, fix
... 1), laid (5), laid its foundations (1), laid the foundation (3), laid the foundations
(1), lay its foundation (1), lay the foundation (1), laying (1), lays the ...
/hebrew/3245.htm - 6k

5508. sochereth -- a stone (used in paving)
... black marble. Similar to cocherah; probably a (black) tile (or tessara) for laying
borders with -- black marble. see HEBREW cocherah. 5507, 5508. ...
/hebrew/5508.htm - 6k

5414. nathan -- to give, put, set
... 1), inflict (2), inflicted (1), injured* (1), injures* (1), inserted (1), instilled
(4), issued (5), kept giving (1), laid (5), lay (12), laying (1), lays (1 ...
/hebrew/5414.htm - 9k

5117. nuach -- to rest
... free space (2), give comfort (1), give rest (17), given rest (3), gives rest (1),
had rest (1), idle* (1), laid (2), lay (8), lay down (1), laying (1), leave (8 ...
/hebrew/5117.htm - 7k

6696a. tsur -- to confine, bind, besiege
... 1), besiege (3), besiege* (1), besieged (1), besieged* (10), besieging* (5), bind
(2), bound (1), enclosed (1), laid siege (1), lay siege (1), laying siege (1 ...
/hebrew/6696a.htm - 5k


On Laying the Foundation of the New Chapel, Near the City-Road ...
... Fourth Series Sermon 132 On Laying the Foundation of the New Chapel, Near
the City-Road, London. Preached on Monday, April 21, 1777 ...
/.../wesley/sermons on several occasions/sermon 132 on laying the.htm

On Laying the Foundation Stone of a Place of Worship.
... ORIGINAL HYMNS HYMN CCXCVI. On laying the Foundation Stone of a Place of Worship. ...
James Montgomery. On laying the Foundation Stone of a Place of Worship. ...
/.../montgomery/sacred poems and hymns/hymn ccxcvi on laying the.htm

On Laying the Foundation Stone of a Church.
... ORIGINAL HYMNS HYMN CCXCIV. On laying the Foundation Stone of a Church.
James Montgomery. On laying the Foundation Stone of a Church. ...
/.../montgomery/sacred poems and hymns/hymn ccxciv on laying the.htm

On Laying the Foundation Stone of a Church.
... ORIGINAL HYMNS HYMN CCXCIII. On laying the Foundation Stone of a Church.
James Montgomery. On laying the Foundation Stone of a Church. ...
/.../montgomery/sacred poems and hymns/hymn ccxciii on laying the.htm

On Laying the Foundation Stone of a Place for Worship.
... ORIGINAL HYMNS HYMN CCC. On laying the Foundation Stone of a Place for Worship. James Montgomery. On laying the Foundation Stone of a Place for Worship. ...
/.../montgomery/sacred poems and hymns/hymn ccc on laying the.htm

Ep. Cvi. Here is Another Laying Before You a Letter, of Which...
... Division III. Miscellaneous Letters. Ep. CVI. Here is another laying before
you a letter, of which? Here is another laying before ...
/.../cyril/select letters of saint gregory nazianzen/ep cvi here is another.htm

On Laying the Corner-Stone of a Church. 1 this Stone to Thee in ...
... 696. " On Laying the Corner-stone of a Church. 1 This stone to thee in faith we
lay. 696. LM Montgomery. On Laying the Corner-stone of a Church. ...
/.../adams/hymns for christian devotion/696 on laying the.htm

Virgins, by the Laying Aside of all Carnal Affection, are ...
... of Peter the Apostle. Chapter VIII."Virgins, by the Laying Aside of All
Carnal Affection, are Imitators of God. For, if a man ...
/.../two epistles concerning virginity/chapter viii virgins by the laying.htm

Book viii. The Blessed Apostle Paul in Laying Down the Form for ...
... Book VIII. The Blessed Apostle Paul in laying down the form for appointing
a bishop and creating? 1. The Blessed Apostle Paul ...
/.../book viii the blessed apostle.htm

How David, Upon Saul's Laying Snares for Him, did yet Escape the ...
... How David, Upon Saul's Laying Snares For Him, Did Yet Escape The Dangers He Was
In By The Affection And Care Of Jonathan And The Contrivances Of His Wife Michal ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 11 how david upon.htm

Laying (87 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) The act or period of laying eggs; the eggs laid for one incubation; a clutch. ...
Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. HANDS; HANDS, IMPOSITION, LAYING ON OF. ...
/l/laying.htm - 39k

Re-laying (1 Occurrence)
Re-laying. Relaxes, Re-laying. Relays . Multi-Version Concordance
Re-laying (1 Occurrence). Hebrews 6:1 Therefore leaving ...
/r/re-laying.htm - 6k

Imposition (3 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) The act of imposing, laying on, affixing, enjoining, inflicting, obtruding,
and the like. ... HANDS; HANDS, IMPOSITION, LAYING ON OF. ...
/i/imposition.htm - 11k

Ordain (13 Occurrences)
... 4. (vt) To invest with ministerial or sacerdotal functions; to introduce into the
office of the Christian ministry, by the laying on of hands, or other forms ...
/o/ordain.htm - 19k

Ordination (12 Occurrences)
... and teachers were instructed by the Holy Spirit to "separate" them (ie publicly)
for their work, which they did by fasting and praying and laying on of hands ...
/o/ordination.htm - 19k

Confirmation (3 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) A rite supplemental to baptism, by which a person is admitted, through the
laying on of the hands of a bishop, to the full privileges of the church, as ...
/c/confirmation.htm - 9k

Timothy (28 Occurrences)
... to it in a letter to Timothy written many years afterward: "Neglect not the gift
that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the ...
/t/timothy.htm - 38k

Reconciliation (11 Occurrences)
... Some maintain that it is only a change in the sinner that is intended, a laying
aside of his enmity, and coming into peaceful relations with God. ...
/r/reconciliation.htm - 30k

Exaltation (9 Occurrences)
... ASCENSION OF OUR LORD 1. Its Actuality 2. General Doctrine of the Church 3. Lutheran
Doctrine 4. Theory of Laying Aside the Existence-Form of God 5. Necessity ...
/e/exaltation.htm - 27k

Reconcile (10 Occurrences)
... Some maintain that it is only a change in the sinner that is intended, a laying
aside of his enmity, and coming into peaceful relations with God. ...
/r/reconcile.htm - 29k

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Laying (87 Occurrences)

Matthew 19:15
He laid his hands on them, and departed from there.
(See NAS)

Matthew 22:6
And the rest, laying hold of his bondmen, ill-treated and slew them.

Matthew 26:57
And those laying hold on Jesus led 'him' away unto Caiaphas the chief priest, where the scribes and the elders were gathered together,

Mark 6:5
And he could not do any work of power there, save that laying his hands on a few infirm persons he healed them.

Mark 7:8
For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.

Mark 8:23
He took hold of the blind man by the hand, and brought him out of the village. When he had spit on his eyes, and laid his hands on him, he asked him if he saw anything.
(See NAS)

Mark 10:16
He took them in his arms, and blessed them, laying his hands on them.

Luke 4:40
When the sun was setting, all those who had any sick with various diseases brought them to him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.

Luke 5:25
Immediately he rose up before them, and took up that which he was laying on, and departed to his house, glorifying God.

Luke 11:54
Laying wait for him, and seeking to catch something out of his mouth, that they might accuse him.

John 10:15
just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I am laying down my life for the sheep.

John 10:17
For this reason my Father loves me, because I am laying down my life in order to receive it back again.

John 10:18
No one is taking it away from me, but I myself am laying it down. I am authorized to lay it down, and I am authorized to receive it back again. This is the command I received from my Father."

John 15:13
No one has greater love than this--a man laying down his life for his friends.

Acts 3:2
and a certain man, being lame from the womb of his mother, was being carried, whom they were laying every day at the gate of the temple, called Beautiful, to ask a kindness from those entering into the temple,

Acts 4:35
and were laying them at the feet of the apostles, and distribution was being made to each according as any one had need.

Acts 8:17
then were they laying hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.

Acts 8:18
Now when Simon saw that the Holy Spirit was given through the laying on of the apostles' hands, he offered them money,

Acts 9:12
and in a vision he has seen a man named Ananias coming in, and laying his hands on him, that he might receive his sight."

Acts 9:17
Ananias departed, and entered into the house. Laying his hands on him, he said, "Brother Saul, the Lord, who appeared to you on the road by which you came, has sent me, that you may receive your sight, and be filled with the Holy Spirit."

Acts 9:24
But their laying await was known of Saul. And they watched the gates day and night to kill him.

Acts 13:3
So, after fasting and prayer and the laying on of hands, they let them go.

Acts 15:10
Now, therefore, why try an experiment upon God, by laying on the necks of these disciples a yoke which neither our forefathers nor we have been able to bear?

Acts 17:3
opening and laying down that the Christ must have suffered and risen up from among the dead, and that this is the Christ, Jesus whom I announce to you.

Acts 25:3
And desired favour against him, that he would send for him to Jerusalem, laying wait in the way to kill him.

Acts 27:30
As the sailors were trying to flee out of the ship, and had lowered the boat into the sea, pretending that they would lay out anchors from the bow,
(See RSV)

Acts 28:8
It happened that the father of Publius lay sick of fever and dysentery. Paul entered in to him, prayed, and laying his hands on him, healed him.

Romans 9:33
even as it is written, "Behold, I lay in Zion a stumbling stone and a rock of offense; and no one who believes in him will be disappointed."
(See RSV)

1 Corinthians 16:2
On the first of the week let each of you put by at home, laying up in whatever degree he may have prospered, that there may be no collections when I come.

Ephesians 4:25
For this reason, laying aside falsehood, every one of you should speak the truth to his fellow man; for we are, as it were, parts of one another.

1 Timothy 4:6
Laying these things before the brethren, thou wilt be a good minister of Christ Jesus, nourished with the words of the faith and of the good teaching which thou hast fully followed up.

1 Timothy 4:14
Don't neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the elders.

1 Timothy 5:22
Be laying hands quickly on no one, nor be having fellowship with sins of others; be keeping thyself pure;

1 Timothy 6:12
be striving the good strife of the faith, be laying hold on the life age-during, to which also thou wast called, and didst profess the right profession before many witnesses.

1 Timothy 6:19
laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold of eternal life.

2 Timothy 1:6
For this cause, I remind you that you should stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.

Hebrews 6:1
Therefore leaving the teaching of the first principles of Christ, let us press on to perfection-not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works, of faith toward God,

Hebrews 6:2
of the teaching of baptisms, of laying on of hands, of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment.

Hebrews 12:1
Let us also therefore, having so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, laying aside every weight, and sin which so easily entangles us, run with endurance the race that lies before us,

James 1:21
Wherefore, laying aside all filthiness and abounding of wickedness, accept with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.

1 Peter 2:1
Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, all evil speakings,

1 Peter 2:6
Wherefore, also, it is contained in the Writing: 'Lo, I lay in Zion a chief corner-stone, choice, precious, and he who is believing on him may not be put to shame;'
(See RSV)

2 Peter 1:14
having known that soon is the laying aside of my tabernacle, even as also our Lord Jesus Christ did shew to me,

Genesis 48:17
And when Joseph saw that his father laid his right hand upon the head of Ephraim, it displeased him: and he held up his father's hand, to remove it from Ephraim's head unto Manasseh's head.
(See JPS)

Leviticus 3:8
And he shall lay his hand upon the head of his offering, and kill it before the tent of meeting; and Aaron's sons shall dash the blood thereof against the altar round about.
(See RSV)

Numbers 35:20
But if he thrust him of hatred, or hurl at him by laying of wait, that he die;

Numbers 35:22
But if he thrust him suddenly without enmity, or have cast upon him any thing without laying of wait,

Judges 6:37
behold, I am laying a fleece of wool on the threshing floor; if there is dew on the fleece alone, and it is dry on all the ground, then I shall know that thou wilt deliver Israel by my hand, as thou hast said."

Judges 16:24
And the people see him, and praise their god, for they said, 'Our god hath given in our hand our enemy, and he who is laying waste our land, and who multiplied our wounded.'

Judges 19:29
And when he entered his house, he took a knife, and laying hold of his concubine he divided her, limb by limb, into twelve pieces, and sent her throughout all the territory of Israel.

1 Samuel 28:9
And the woman saith unto him, 'Lo, thou hast known that which Saul hath done, that he hath cut off those having familiar spirits, and the wizards, out of the land; and why art thou laying a snare for my soul -- to put me to death?'

2 Samuel 3:29
it doth stay on the head of Joab, and on all the house of his father, and there is not cut off from the house of Joab one having an issue, and leprous, and laying hold on a staff, and falling by a sword, and lacking bread.'

1 Kings 15:27
Baasha the son of Ahijah, of the house of Issachar, conspired against him; and Baasha struck him at Gibbethon, which belonged to the Philistines; for Nadab and all Israel were laying siege to Gibbethon.

2 Kings 6:25
and there is a great famine in Samaria, and lo, they are laying siege to it, till the head of an ass is at eighty silverlings, and a forth of the cab of dovesdung at five silverlings.

2 Kings 24:11
and Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon cometh against the city, and his servants are laying siege to it,

2 Chronicles 32:9
After this did Sennacherib king of Assyria send his servants to Jerusalem, (now he was before Lachish, and all his power with him), to Hezekiah king of Judah, and to all Judah who were at Jerusalem, saying,
(See NIV)

Nehemiah 4:17
The builders on the wall, and the bearers of the burden, those lading, 'each' with one of his hands is working in the business, and one is laying hold of the missile.

Nehemiah 10:29
are laying hold on their brethren, their honourable ones, and coming in to an execration, and in to an oath, to walk in the law of God, that was given by the hand of Moses, servant of God, and to observe and to do all the commands of Jehovah our Lord, and His judgments, and His statutes;

Esther 3:6
But he scorned the thought of laying hands on Mordecai alone, for they had made known to him Mordecai's people. Therefore Haman sought to destroy all the Jews who were throughout the whole kingdom of Ahasuerus, even the Mordecai's people.

Job 34:30
that the godless man may not reign, that there be no one to ensnare the people.
(See NIV)

Psalms 64:5
They encourage themselves in evil plans. They talk about laying snares secretly. They say, "Who will see them?"

Psalms 104:3
Who is laying the beam of His upper chambers in the waters, Who is making thick clouds His chariot, Who is walking on wings of wind,

Proverbs 3:18
A tree of life she 'is' to those laying hold on her, And whoso is retaining her 'is' happy.

Proverbs 26:17
Laying hold on the ears of a dog, 'Is' a passer-by making himself wrath for strife not his own.

Ecclesiastes 7:27
Behold, this have I found, saith the Preacher, 'laying' one thing to another, to find out the account;

Isaiah 26:5
For he hath brought down them that dwell on high, the lofty city: he layeth it low, he layeth it low even to the ground; he bringeth it even to the dust.
(See JPS)

Isaiah 28:16
Therefore, thus said the Lord Jehovah: 'Lo, I am laying a foundation in Zion, A stone -- a tried stone, a corner stone precious, a settled foundation, He who is believing doth not make haste.

Isaiah 49:17
Hastened have those building thee, Those destroying thee, and laying thee waste, go out from thee.

Isaiah 51:16
And I have put My words in thy mouth, and have covered thee in the shadow of My hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion: 'Thou art My people.'
(See RSV)

Isaiah 51:18
There is not a leader to her Out of all the sons she hath borne, And there is none laying hold on her hand Out of all the sons she hath nourished.

Isaiah 54:11
O afflicted, storm-tossed, not comforted, Lo, I am laying with cement thy stones, And have founded thee with sapphires,

Isaiah 57:1
The righteous hath perished, And there is none laying 'it' to heart, And men of kindness are gathered, Without any considering that from the face of evil Gathered is the righteous one.

Jeremiah 6:21
Therefore thus saith the LORD: Behold, I will lay stumblingblocks before this people, and the fathers and the sons together shall stumble against them, the neighbour and his friend, and they shall perish.
(See NAS)

Jeremiah 12:11
He hath made it become a desolation, The desolation hath mourned unto Me, Desolated hath been all the land, But there is no one laying it to heart.

Jeremiah 21:4
Thus said Jehovah, God of Israel: Lo, I am turning round the weapons of battle That 'are' in your hand, With which ye do fight the king of Babylon, And the Chaldeans, who are laying siege against you, At the outside of the wall, And I have gathered them into the midst of this city,

Jeremiah 21:9
Whoso is abiding in this city -- dieth, By sword, and by famine, and by pestilence, And whoso is going forth, And hath fallen unto the Chaldeans, Who are laying siege against you -- liveth, And his life hath been to him for a spoil.

Jeremiah 31:32
Not like the covenant that I made with their fathers, In the day of My laying hold on their hand, To bring them out of the land of Egypt, In that they made void My covenant, And I ruled over them -- an affirmation of Jehovah.

Jeremiah 32:2
And then the forces of the king of Babylon are laying siege against Jerusalem, and Jeremiah the prophet hath been shut up in the court of the prison that 'is' in the house of the king of Judah,

Jeremiah 37:5
and the force of Pharaoh hath come out of Egypt, and the Chaldeans, who are laying siege against Jerusalem, hear their report, and go up from off Jerusalem.

Jeremiah 51:55
For Yahweh lays Babylon waste, and destroys out of her the great voice; and their waves roar like many waters; the noise of their voice is uttered:
(See RSV)

Ezekiel 21:11
And he giveth it for polishing, For laying hold of by the hand. It is sharpened -- the sword -- and polished, To give it into the hand of a slayer.

Ezekiel 34:27
And given hath the tree of the field its fruit, And the land doth give her increase, And they have been on their land confident, And they have known that I 'am' Jehovah, In My breaking the bands of their yoke, And I have delivered them from the hand of those laying service on them.

Ezekiel 42:14
When the priests enter in, then shall they not go out of the holy place into the outer court, but there they shall lay their garments wherein they minister, for they are holy; and they shall put on other garments, and shall approach to that which pertaineth to the people.'

Jonah 1:5
Then the mariners were afraid, and cried every man to his god. They threw the cargo that was in the ship into the sea, to lighten it. But Jonah had gone down into the innermost parts of the ship, and he was laying down, and was fast asleep.

Habakkuk 3:13
Thou wentest forth for the salvation of thy people, For the salvation of thine anointed; Thou woundest the head out of the house of the wicked man, Laying bare the foundation even unto the neck. Selah.

Haggai 2:15
And now, lay 'it', I pray you, to your heart, From this day, and onwards, Before the laying of stone to stone in the temple of Jehovah.

Malachi 2:2
If ye hearken not, and if ye lay 'it' not to heart, To give honour to My name, said Jehovah of Hosts, I have sent against you the curse, And I have cursed your blessings, Yea, I have also cursed it, Because ye are not laying 'it' to heart.



Laying Down Life

Laying of Hands

Laying On of Hands

Related Terms

Re-laying (1 Occurrence)

Imposition (3 Occurrences)

Ordain (13 Occurrences)

Ordination (12 Occurrences)

Confirmation (3 Occurrences)

Timothy (28 Occurrences)

Reconciliation (11 Occurrences)

Exaltation (9 Occurrences)

Reconcile (10 Occurrences)

Chalde'ans (74 Occurrences)

Lay (524 Occurrences)

Regain (12 Occurrences)

Exposure (1 Occurrence)

Confirm (39 Occurrences)

Await (12 Occurrences)

Bestowed (43 Occurrences)

Bishop (4 Occurrences)

Nadab (21 Occurrences)

Instruction (117 Occurrences)

Placed (297 Occurrences)

Baptismal (1 Occurrence)

Foundation (82 Occurrences)

Layman (9 Occurrences)

Age-during (167 Occurrences)

Wait (223 Occurrences)

Ananias (11 Occurrences)

Sight (522 Occurrences)

Regeneration (2 Occurrences)

Departed (270 Occurrences)

Aside (416 Occurrences)

Spirit (706 Occurrences)

Hands (998 Occurrences)

Writing (194 Occurrences)

Within (400 Occurrences)

Xerxes (24 Occurrences)

Visited (40 Occurrences)

Keys (2 Occurrences)

Koheleth (7 Occurrences)

Kindle (25 Occurrences)

Neck (97 Occurrences)

Necks (28 Occurrences)

Neglect (19 Occurrences)

Uncovering (13 Occurrences)

Utterance (21 Occurrences)

Outlay (2 Occurrences)

Outstrip (1 Occurrence)

Onwards (9 Occurrences)

Offered (320 Occurrences)

Lifeless (10 Occurrences)

Lovingly (7 Occurrences)

Lading (7 Occurrences)

Great (10383 Occurrences)

Guile (21 Occurrences)

Gibbethon (5 Occurrences)

Gifts (144 Occurrences)

Gib'bethon (5 Occurrences)

Glorifying (21 Occurrences)

Grasp (20 Occurrences)

Woundest (1 Occurrence)

Wisdom (320 Occurrences)

Washings (4 Occurrences)

Imposing (8 Occurrences)

Ill-treated (7 Occurrences)

Investment (1 Occurrence)

Infirm (25 Occurrences)

Flea (2 Occurrences)

Favour (171 Occurrences)

Fan (8 Occurrences)

Thereby (42 Occurrences)

Try (84 Occurrences)

Taxation (1 Occurrence)

Teachings (34 Occurrences)

Remind (16 Occurrences)

Recurrent (1 Occurrence)

Retaining (1 Occurrence)

Restore (122 Occurrences)

Rendering (10 Occurrences)

Rekindle (1 Occurrence)

Relays (1 Occurrence)

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