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Easton's Bible Dictionary
Stream of Egypt

(Isaiah 27:12), the Wady el-`Arish, called also "the river of Egypt," R.V., "brook of Egypt" (Numbers 34:5; Joshua 15:4; 2 Kings 24:7). It is the natural boundary of Egypt. Occasionally in winter, when heavy rains have fallen among the mountains inland, it becomes a turbulent rushing torrent. The present boundary between Egypt and Palestine is about midway between el-`Arish and Gaza.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A current of water or other fluid; a liquid flowing continuously in a line or course, either on the earth, as a river, brook, etc., or from a vessel, reservoir, or fountain; specifically, any course of running water; as, many streams are blended in the Mississippi; gas and steam came from the earth in streams; a stream of molten lead from a furnace; a stream of lava from a volcano.

2. (n.) A beam or ray of light.

3. (n.) Anything issuing or moving with continued succession of parts; as, a stream of words; a stream of sand.

4. (n.) A continued current or course; as, a stream of weather.

5. (n.) Current; drift; tendency; series of tending or moving causes; as, the stream of opinions or manners.

6. (v. i.) To issue or flow in a stream; to flow freely or in a current, as a fluid or whatever is likened to fluids; as, tears streamed from her eyes.

7. (v. i.) To pour out, or emit, a stream or streams.

8. (v. i.) To issue in a stream of light; to radiate.

9. (v. i.) To extend; to stretch out with a wavy motion; to float in the wind; as, a flag streams in the wind.

10. (v. t.) To send forth in a current or stream; to cause to flow; to pour; as, his eyes streamed tears.

11. (v. t.) To mark with colors or embroidery in long tracts.

12. (v. t.) To unfurl.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia


(1) nachal, English Versions of the Bible "stream," as: "Behold, he smote the rock, so that waters gushed out, and streams overflowed" (Psalm 78:20). Often "valley," as "the valley (the King James Version "river") of the Arnon" (Deuteronomy 2:24); or "brook," as "the brook (the King James Version "river") of Egypt" (Joshua 15:4; see BROOK or EGYPT); or "river," as "the river Kishon" (Judges 4:7).

(2) nahar (Aramaic nehar (Daniel 7:10); compare Arabic nahr, "river"): "He bindeth the streams," the King James Version "floods" (Job 28:11); "the River" (Euphrates) (Exodus 23:31, etc.); "Abanah and Pharpar, the rivers of Damascus" (2 Kings 5:12).

(3) pelegh, the root palagh, "to split," "to divide," hence, "cleft," "channel": "a tree planted by the streams (the King James Version "rivers") of water" (Psalm 1:3); "There is a river, the streams whereof make glad the city of God" (Psalm 46:4); but: "The king's heart is.... as the watercourses" (the King James Version "rivers of water") (Proverbs 21:1).

(4) 'aphiq, the root 'aphaq, "to be strong," hence, "channel," "valley," as holding, confining (BDB): "the streams in the South" (Psalm 126:4); elsewhere "brook," as "the brooks (the King James Version "rivers") of Judah" (Joel 3:18); or "channel," as "the channel of brooks" (Job 6:15); or "watercourses" (the Revised Version margin "ravines," the King James Version "rivers") (Ezekiel 6:3, etc.).

(5) ye'or, from Egyptian 'iotr, 'io'r, especially of the Nile, as: "Seven other kine came up after them out of the river" (Genesis 41:3); the Revised Version (British and American) "stream," the King James Version "river" (Exodus 7:19; Exodus 8:5);, the Revised Version (British and American) "stream," the King James Version "brook"; "The streams (margin "canals") of Egypt shall be diminished and dried up" (Isaiah 19:6).

(6) yabhal, the root yabhal, "to bear along": "brooks and streams of waters" (Isaiah 30:25); compare yabhal, "river," "that spreadeth out its roots by the river" (Jeremiah 17:8); 'ubhal, "the river Ulai" (Daniel 8:2).

(7) nazal, "to flow," "to trickle": "He brought streams also out of the rock" (Psalm 78:16).

(8) 'eshedh, "the slope of the valleys," the King James Version "the stream of the brooks" (Numbers 21:15); compare 'ashedhoth, "the slopes" (Joshua 10:40); "the slopes (margin "springs") of Pisgah" (Deuteronomy 3:17).

(9) potamos, "The stream brake against that house" (Luke 6:48, 49); elsewhere "river," as "the river Jordan" (Mark 1:5).

(10) kludon, "stream," the King James Version The Wisdom of Solomon 19:7 (the Revised Version (British and American) "surge").


Alfred Ely Day



4216. potamophoretos -- carried away by a stream
... carried away by a stream. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: potamophoretos
Phonetic Spelling: (pot-am-of-or'-ay-tos) Short Definition: carried away by ...
// - 6k

4215. potamos -- a river
... Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine Transliteration: potamos Phonetic Spelling:
(pot-am-os') Short Definition: a river, torrent Definition: a river, torrent, stream ...
// - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
2975. yeor -- stream (of the Nile), stream, canal
... 2974, 2975. yeor. 2976 . stream (of the Nile), stream, canal. Transliteration:
yeor Phonetic Spelling: (yeh-ore') Short Definition: Nile. ...
/hebrew/2975.htm - 6k

2988. yabal -- watercourse, stream
... 2987, 2988. yabal. 2989 . watercourse, stream. Transliteration: yabal Phonetic
Spelling: (yaw-bawl') Short Definition: running. ... watercourse, stream. ...
/hebrew/2988.htm - 6k

769. Arnon -- "a roaring stream," a wadi and stream in Moab
... 768, 769. Arnon. 770 . "a roaring stream," a wadi and stream in Moab.
Transliteration: Arnon Phonetic Spelling: (ar-nohn') Short Definition: Arnon. ...
/hebrew/769.htm - 6k

3105. yubal -- a stream
... a stream. Transliteration: yubal Phonetic Spelling: (yoo-bal') Short Definition:
stream. Word Origin from yabal Definition a stream NASB Word Usage stream (1). ...
/hebrew/3105.htm - 6k

5102a. nahar -- to flow, stream
... nahar. 5102b . to flow, stream. Transliteration: nahar Short Definition: stream.
Word Origin a prim. root Definition to flow, stream NASB Word Usage stream (3 ...
/hebrew/5102a.htm - 5k

5104. nahar -- a stream, river
... nahar. 5105 . a stream, river. Transliteration: nahar Phonetic Spelling:
(naw-hawr') Short Definition: river. ... From nahar; a stream (including the sea; expec. ...
/hebrew/5104.htm - 6k

7883. Shichor -- a stream on the border of Egypt
... 7882, 7883. Shichor. 7884 . a stream on the border of Egypt. Transliteration:
Shichor Phonetic Spelling: (shee-khore') Short Definition: Nile. ...
/hebrew/7883.htm - 6k

180. ubal -- a stream, river
... 179, 180. ubal. 181 . a stream, river. Transliteration: ubal Phonetic
Spelling: (oo-bawl') Short Definition: canal. Word Origin ...
/hebrew/180.htm - 6k

5102. nahar -- to flow, stream
... 5101, 5102. nahar. 5102a . to flow, stream. Transliteration: nahar Phonetic
Spelling: (naw-har') Short Definition: stream. flow together, be lightened ...
/hebrew/5102.htm - 5k

7642b. shibboleth -- a flowing stream
... 7642a, 7642b. shibboleth. 7643 . a flowing stream. Transliteration:
shibboleth Short Definition: flood. Word Origin from the same ...
/hebrew/7642b.htm - 5k


Two Fountains, one Stream
... ROMANS TWO FOUNTAINS, ONE STREAM. ... In the former of them we have the dark
stream"'through patience and comfort,' which implies affliction and effort. ...
/.../romans corinthians to ii corinthians chap v/two fountains one stream.htm

There is a Stream, which Issues Forth
... The Treasury of Sacred Song. Book First CLXVIII There is a Stream, which issues
forth. ... And from the Lamb,"a living stream. Clear as the crystal stone. ...
/.../palgrave/the treasury of sacred song/clxviii there is a stream.htm

Sin: Its Spring-Head, Stream, and Sea
... Sin: Its Spring-head, Stream, and Sea. A Sermon (No.2204). ... The rivulet ripples
itself into a river. Sin is a stream of this sort. ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 37 1891/sin its spring-head stream and.htm

Love in the Fountain and Love in the Stream are Both the Same
... THE SECOND CENTURY 41 Love in the fountain and Love in the stream are both the same.
Love in the fountain and Love in the stream are both the same. ...
/.../traherne/centuries of meditations/41 love in the fountain.htm

Naaman the Syrian and the Jordan. No Other Stream Has the Same ...
... Sixth Book. 28. Naaman the Syrian and the Jordan. No Other Stream Has the
Same Healing Power. Should any one object to the expression ...
/.../origen/origens commentary on the gospel of john/28 naaman the syrian and.htm

The River of Life
... flow rivers of living waters'; or how, in the very last words of the Apocalyptic
seer, we hear again the music of the ripples of the great stream, 'the river ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture a/the river of life.htm

The Pursuit
... Stanislaus ran up the lane until he came to where it ended at a rough,
brawling stream. Without a moment's hesitation he put off ...
/.../greater things the story of saint stanislaus kostka /chapter ii the pursuit.htm

John at ??non.
... in the village three miles south of the valley, but the name ??non, signifying 'springs,'
is recognized as the village of Ainun, four miles north of the stream ...
/.../johnson/the new testament commentary vol iii john/john at aenon.htm

The Rivers of God
... Thebes on the Nile, Rome on the Tiber; but Jerusalem had nothing but a fountain
or two, and a well or two, and a little trickle and an intermittent stream. ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture h/the rivers of god.htm

The Conquest of Lydia.
... This river is a considerable stream, which rises in the interior of the
country, and flows northward into the Euxine Sea. The army ...
// the great/chapter vii the conquest of.htm

Stream (96 Occurrences)
... Easton's Bible Dictionary Stream of Egypt. ... 3. (n.) Anything issuing or moving with
continued succession of parts; as, a stream of words; a stream of sand. ...
/s/stream.htm - 42k

Stream-bed (2 Occurrences)
Stream-bed. Stream, Stream-bed. Streamed . Multi-Version Concordance
Stream-bed (2 Occurrences). 2 Kings 3:16 He said ...
/s/stream-bed.htm - 6k

Pour (137 Occurrences)
... 3. (vt) To cause to flow in a stream, as a liquid or anything flowing like a liquid,
either out of a vessel or into it; as, to pour water from a pail; to pour ...
/p/pour.htm - 37k

Shihor (5 Occurrences)
... shi'-hor (shichor, also written without a yodh (y) and waw (w) in Hebrew and
incorrectly "Sihor" in English): A stream of water mentioned in connection with ...
/s/shihor.htm - 10k

Kishon (6 Occurrences)
... ki'-shon, kish'on (qishon; Keison): The "watercourse" or "torrent stream" along
the banks of which the great battle was fought between Israel, led by Deborah ...
/k/kishon.htm - 12k

River (189 Occurrences)
... River. (1.) Hebrews `aphik, properly the channel or ravine that holds water (2 Samuel
22:16), translated "brook," "river," "stream," but not necessarily a ...
/r/river.htm - 52k

Ulai (2 Occurrences)
... The course of the stream is said to be still doubtful in places. ... Its rapid stream
bears away the bodies of men and horses, with chariots, bows and quivers. ...
/u/ulai.htm - 9k

Jabbok (7 Occurrences)
... jab'-ok (yabboq, "luxuriant river"): A stream in Eastern Palestine first named in
the history of Jacob, as crossed by the patriarch on his return from Paddan ...
/j/jabbok.htm - 11k

Fountain (57 Occurrences)
... The perennial source from which the Pool of Siloam (qv) is supplied, the waters
flowing in a copious stream to it through a tunnel cut through the rock, the ...
/f/fountain.htm - 30k

Ending (22 Occurrences)
... Joshua 15:4 Then on to Azmon, ending at the stream of Egypt: and the end of the
limit is at the sea; this will be your limit on the south. (BBE NIV). ...
/e/ending.htm - 13k

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Stream (96 Occurrences)

Luke 6:48
He is like a man building a house, who dug and went deep, and laid a foundation on the rock. When a flood arose, the stream broke against that house, and could not shake it, because it was founded on the rock.

Luke 6:49
But he who hears, and doesn't do, is like a man who built a house on the earth without a foundation, against which the stream broke, and immediately it fell, and the ruin of that house was great."

John 18:1
When Jesus had said these words he went out with his disciples over the stream Kedron to a garden, into which he went with his disciples.

Revelation 12:15
The serpent spewed water out of his mouth after the woman like a river, that he might cause her to be carried away by the stream.

Revelation 16:6
For they made the blood of saints and prophets come out like a stream, and blood have you given them for drink; which is their right reward.

Revelation 16:12
The sixth angel poured his bowl into that great river, the Euphrates; and its stream was dried up in order to clear the way for the kings who are to come from the east.

Genesis 32:23
He took them, and sent them over the stream, and sent over that which he had.

Numbers 21:15
And at the stream of the brooks that goeth down to the dwelling of Ar, and lieth upon the border of Moab.

Numbers 34:5
And from Azmon it will go round to the stream of Egypt as far as the sea.

Deuteronomy 2:13
Get up now, and go over the stream Zered. So we went over the stream Zered.

Deuteronomy 2:14
Thirty-eight years had gone by from the time when we came away from Kadesh-barnea till we went over the stream Zered; by that time all the generation of the men of war among us were dead, as the Lord had said.

Deuteronomy 9:21
And I took your sin, the image which you had made, and put it in the fire and had it hammered and crushed very small till it was only dust: and the dust I put in the stream flowing down from the mountain.

Deuteronomy 21:4
And the elders of that city shall bring down the heifer unto a rough valley, which is neither eared nor sown, and shall strike off the heifer's neck there in the valley:
(See NIV)

Joshua 15:4
Then on to Azmon, ending at the stream of Egypt: and the end of the limit is at the sea; this will be your limit on the south.

Joshua 15:47
Ashdod, with her daughter-towns and her unwalled places; Gaza, with her daughter-towns and her unwalled places, to the stream of Egypt, with the Great Sea as a limit.

Joshua 17:9
And the limit goes down to the stream Kanah, to the south of the stream: these towns were Ephraim's among the towns of Manasseh; Manasseh's limit was on the north side of the stream, ending at the sea:

Joshua 19:11
And their limit goes up to the west to Maralah, stretching to Dabbesheth, and to the stream in front of Jokneam;

1 Samuel 17:40
Then he took his stick in his hand, and got five smooth stones from the bed of the stream and put them in a bag such as is used by sheep-keepers; and in his hand was a leather band used for sending stones: and so he went in the direction of the Philistine.

1 Samuel 30:9
So David went, and his six hundred men went with him, and they came to the stream Besor.

1 Samuel 30:10
And David, with four hundred men, went on: but two hundred of them were overcome with weariness, and not able to go across the stream.

1 Samuel 30:21
And David came to the two hundred men, who because of weariness had not gone with him, but were waiting at the stream Besor: and they went out, meeting David and the people who were with him; and when they came near them, they said, How are you?

2 Samuel 17:20
And Absalom's servants came to the woman at the house and said, Where are Ahimaaz and Jonathan? And the woman said to them, They have gone from here to the stream. And after searching for them, and seeing nothing of them, they went back to Jerusalem.

1 Kings 2:37
For be certain that on the day when you go out and go over the stream Kidron, death will overtake you: and your blood will be on your head.

1 Kings 15:13
And he would not let Maacah his mother be queen, because she had made a disgusting image for Asherah; and Asa had the image cut down and burned by the stream Kidron.

1 Kings 17:3
Go from here in the direction of the east, and keep yourself in a secret place by the stream Cherith, east of Jordan.

1 Kings 17:4
The water of the stream will be your drink, and by my orders the ravens will give you food there.

1 Kings 17:5
So he went and did as the Lord said, living by the stream Cherith, east of Jordan.

1 Kings 17:6
And the ravens took him bread in the morning and meat in the evening; and the water of the stream was his drink.

1 Kings 17:7
Now after a time the stream became dry, because there was no rain in the land.

1 Kings 18:40
And Elijah said to them, Take the prophets of Baal, let not one of them get away. So they took them, and Elijah made them go down to the stream Kishon, and put them to death there.

2 Kings 18:17
Then the king of Assyria sent the Tartan and the Rab-saris and the Rab-shakeh from Lachish to Jerusalem, to King Hezekiah, with a strong force. And they went up and came to Jerusalem, and took up their position by the stream of the higher pool, by the highway of the washerman's field.

2 Kings 20:20
Now the rest of the acts of Hezekiah, and his power, and how he made the pool and the stream, to take water into the town, are they not recorded in the book of the history of the kings of Judah?

2 Kings 23:6
And he took the Asherah from the house of the Lord, outside Jerusalem to the stream Kidron, burning it by the stream and crushing it to dust, and he put the dust on the place where the bodies of the common people were put to rest.

2 Kings 23:12
And the altars on the roof of the high room of Ahaz, which the kings of Judah had made, and the altars which Manasseh had made in the two outer squares of the house of the Lord, were pulled down and crushed to bits, and the dust of them was put into the stream Kidron.

2 Kings 24:7
And the king of Egypt did not come out of his land again, for the king of Babylon had taken all his country, from the stream of Egypt to the river Euphrates.

2 Chronicles 15:16
And Asa would not let Maacah, his mother, be queen, because she had made a disgusting image for Asherah; and Asa had her image cut down and broken up and burned by the stream Kidron.

2 Chronicles 29:16
And the priests went into the inner part of the house of the Lord to make it clean, and everything unclean which was to be seen in the Temple of the Lord they took out into the outer square of the Lord's house, and the Levites got it together and took it away to the stream Kidron.

2 Chronicles 30:14
And they got to work and took away all the altars in Jerusalem, and they put all the vessels for burning perfumes into the stream Kidron.

2 Chronicles 32:4
So they got together a great number of people, and had all the water-springs and the stream flowing through the land stopped up, saying, Why let the kings of Assyria come and have much water?

Nehemiah 2:15
Then in the night, I went up by the stream, viewing the wall; then turning back, I went in by the door in the valley, and so came back.

Job 6:15
My brethren have dealt deceitfully as a brook, and as the stream of brooks they pass away;

Job 22:16
who were snatched away before their time, whose foundation was poured out as a stream,

Job 28:4
A stream hath broken out from a sojourner, Those forgotten of the foot, They were low, from man they wandered.

Job 30:6
So that they dwell in frightful valleys, and in holes of the earth and of the rocks.
(See NIV)

Job 40:22
He is covered by the branches of the trees; the grasses of the stream are round him.

Job 41:19
Out of his mouth go burning torches. Sparks of fire leap forth.
(See NIV)

Psalms 36:8
They are filled from the fatness of Thy house, And the stream of Thy delights Thou dost cause them to drink.

Psalms 65:9
You visit the earth, and water it. You greatly enrich it. The river of God is full of water. You provide them grain, for so you have ordained it.

Psalms 74:15
You opened up spring and stream. You dried up mighty rivers.

Psalms 83:9
Do to them what you did to the Midianites; what you did to Sisera and Jabin, at the stream of Kishon:

Psalms 110:7
He will take of the stream by the way; so his head will be lifted up.

Psalms 124:4
then the waters would have overwhelmed us, the stream would have gone over our soul;

Proverbs 15:2
Knowledge is dropping from the tongue of the wise; but from the mouth of the foolish comes a stream of foolish words.

Proverbs 15:28
The heart of the upright gives thought to his answer; but from the mouth of the evil-doer comes a stream of evil things.

Proverbs 18:4
The words of a man's mouth are like deep waters: the fountain of wisdom is like a flowing stream.

Proverbs 19:28
A good-for-nothing witness makes sport of the judge's decision: and the mouth of evil-doers sends out evil like a stream.

Proverbs 21:1
The king's heart in the hands of the Lord is like the water streams, and by him it is turned in any direction at his pleasure.
(Root in BBE RSV)

Proverbs 27:4
Wrath is cruel, and angry feeling an overflowing stream; but who does not give way before envy?

Song of Songs 4:15
a fountain of gardens, a well of living waters, flowing streams from Lebanon.

Isaiah 2:2
And it will come about in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord will be placed on the top of the mountains, and be lifted up over the hills; and all nations will come to it.

Isaiah 7:3
Then the Lord said to Isaiah, Go out now, you and Shear-jashub, your son, and you will come across Ahaz at the end of the stream flowing from the higher pool, in the highway of the washerman's field;

Isaiah 15:7
For this cause they will take away their wealth, and the stores they have got together, over the stream of the water-plants.

Isaiah 19:6
The rivers will become foul. The streams of Egypt will be diminished and dried up. The reeds and flags will wither away.

Isaiah 27:12
It will happen in that day, that Yahweh will thresh from the flowing stream of the Euphrates to the brook of Egypt; and you will be gathered one by one, children of Israel.

Isaiah 30:28
His breath is as an overflowing stream that reaches even to the neck, to sift the nations with the sieve of destruction; and a bridle that leads to ruin will be in the jaws of the peoples.

Isaiah 30:33
For his burning place has long been ready. Yes, for the king it is made ready. He has made its pyre deep and large with fire and much wood. Yahweh's breath, like a stream of sulfur, kindles it.

Isaiah 32:20
Happy are you who are planting seed by all the waters, and sending out the ox and the ass.
(See NIV)

Isaiah 36:2
And the king of Assyria sent the Rab-shakeh from Lachish to Jerusalem to King Hezekiah with a strong force, and he took up his position by the stream of the higher pool, by the highway of the washerman's

Isaiah 57:6
Among the smooth stones of the stream is thy portion; they, they are thy lot: even to them hast thou poured a drink offering, thou hast offered a meat offering. Should I receive comfort in these?

Isaiah 59:19
So shall they fear the name of Yahweh from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun; for he will come as a rushing stream, which the breath of Yahweh drives.

Isaiah 66:12
For thus says Yahweh, "Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the nations like an overflowing stream: and you will nurse. You will be carried on her side, and will be dandled on her knees.

Jeremiah 9:1
If only my head was a stream of waters and my eyes fountains of weeping, so that I might go on weeping day and night for the dead of the daughter of my people!

Jeremiah 15:18
Why is my pain unending and my wound without hope of being made well? Sorrow is mine, for you are to me as a stream offering false hope and as waters which are not certain.

Jeremiah 17:8
For he will be like a tree planted by the waters, pushing out its roots by the stream; he will have no fear when the heat comes, but his leaf will be green; in a dry year he will have no care, and will go on giving fruit.

Jeremiah 31:40
And all the valley of the dead bodies, and all the field of death as far as the stream Kidron, up to the angle of the horses' doorway to the east, will be holy to the Lord; it will not again be uprooted or overturned for ever.

Jeremiah 47:2
Thus says Yahweh: Behold, waters rise up out of the north, and shall become an overflowing stream, and shall overflow the land and all that is therein, the city and those who dwell therein; and the men shall cry, and all the inhabitants of the land shall wail.

Jeremiah 51:44
I will execute judgment on Bel in Babylon, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he has swallowed up; and the nations shall not flow any more to him: yes, the wall of Babylon shall fall.

Lamentations 2:18
Let your cry go up to the Lord: O wall of the daughter of Zion, let your weeping be flowing down like a stream day and night; give yourself no rest, let not your eyes keep back the drops of sorrow.

Ezekiel 47:5
And he measureth a thousand -- a stream that I am not able to pass over; for risen have the waters -- waters to swim in -- a stream that is not passed over.

Ezekiel 47:6
And he saith unto me, 'Hast thou seen, son of man?' and he leadeth me, and bringeth me back unto the edge of the stream.

Ezekiel 47:7
In my turning back, then, lo, at the edge of the stream 'are' very many trees, on this side and on that side.

Ezekiel 47:9
And it will come about that every living and moving thing, wherever their streams come, will have life; and there will be very much fish because these waters have come there and have been made sweet: and everything wherever the river comes will have life.
(Root in BBE YLT)

Ezekiel 47:12
And by the stream there cometh up on its edge, on this side and on that side, every 'kind of' fruit-tree whose leaf fadeth not, and not consumed is its fruit, according to its months it yieldeth first-fruits, because its waters from the sanctuary are coming forth; and its fruits hath been for food, and its leaf for medicine.

Ezekiel 47:19
And the south side to the south will be from Tamar as far as the waters of Meribath-kadesh, to the stream of Egypt, to the Great Sea. This is the south side, on the south.

Ezekiel 48:28
And on the limit of Gad, on the south side and to the south of it, the limit will be from Tamar to the waters of Meribath-kadesh, to the stream, to the Great Sea.

Daniel 7:10
A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousands of thousands ministered to him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened.

Daniel 8:2
And I saw in the vision; now it was so, that when I saw, I was in Shushan the palace, which is in the province of Elam; and I saw in the vision, and I was by the river Ulai.

Daniel 8:3
Then I lifted up mine eyes, and saw, and, behold, there stood before the river a ram which had two horns: and the two horns were high; but one was higher than the other, and the higher came up last.

Daniel 8:6
And he came to the ram that had the two horns, which I saw standing before the river, and ran upon him in the fury of his power.

Daniel 12:5
Then I, Daniel, looked, and behold, there stood other two, the one on the brink of the river on this side, and the other on the brink of the river on that side.
(See RSV)

Daniel 12:6
One said to the man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?
(See RSV)

Daniel 12:7
I heard the man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand to heaven, and swore by him who lives forever that it shall be for a time, times, and a half; and when they have made an end of breaking in pieces the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.
(See RSV)

Joel 3:18
And it will come about in that day that the mountains will be dropping sweet wine, and the hills will be flowing with milk, and all the streams of Judah will be flowing with water; and a fountain will come out from the house of the Lord, watering the valley of acacia-trees.
(Root in BBE YLT RSV)

Amos 5:24
But let justice roll on like rivers, and righteousness like a mighty stream.

Amos 6:14
For see, I will send against you a nation, O Israel, says the Lord, the God of armies, ruling you cruelly from the way into Hamath as far as the stream of the Arabah.

Micah 4:1
But in the latter days, it will happen that the mountain of Yahweh's temple will be established on the top of the mountains, and it will be exalted above the hills; and peoples will stream to it.



Stream of Egypt

Related Terms

Stream-bed (2 Occurrences)

Pour (137 Occurrences)

Shihor (5 Occurrences)

Kishon (6 Occurrences)

River (189 Occurrences)

Ulai (2 Occurrences)

Jabbok (7 Occurrences)

Fountain (57 Occurrences)

Ending (22 Occurrences)

Torrent (49 Occurrences)

Limit (115 Occurrences)

Euphrates (36 Occurrences)

Washerman's (3 Occurrences)

Ford (3 Occurrences)

Ephraim's (14 Occurrences)

Manasseh's (9 Occurrences)

Channel (3 Occurrences)

Abanah (1 Occurrence)


Lake (45 Occurrences)

Flood (70 Occurrences)

Overflowing (54 Occurrences)

Streaming (16 Occurrences)

Eden (19 Occurrences)

Jordan (188 Occurrences)

Brook (75 Occurrences)

Kanah (3 Occurrences)

Nimrim (2 Occurrences)

Northeast (1 Occurrence)

Jazer (13 Occurrences)

Land (19790 Occurrences)


Gennesaret (3 Occurrences)

Gihon (6 Occurrences)

Watercourse (6 Occurrences)

Water-plants (7 Occurrences)

Weariness (44 Occurrences)

Fork (8 Occurrences)

Float (4 Occurrences)

Forded (3 Occurrences)

Flash (19 Occurrences)

Megiddon (1 Occurrence)

Meribath-ka'desh (2 Occurrences)

Megiddo (13 Occurrences)

Perga (3 Occurrences)

Perennial (3 Occurrences)

Burden (111 Occurrences)

Beeshterah (1 Occurrence)

Built (299 Occurrences)

Current (4 Occurrences)

Augment (1 Occurrence)


Ashteroth-karnaim (1 Occurrence)

Ashtaroth (13 Occurrences)

Arnon (23 Occurrences)

Southeast (2 Occurrences)

Swim (8 Occurrences)

Struck (373 Occurrences)

Shihor-libnath (1 Occurrence)

Shoot (51 Occurrences)

Shihorlibnath (1 Occurrence)

Cush (31 Occurrences)

Measureth (24 Occurrences)

Streams (80 Occurrences)

Dropping (33 Occurrences)

Ravine (26 Occurrences)

Flowing (123 Occurrences)

Rushing (61 Occurrences)

Pass (1172 Occurrences)

Nile (37 Occurrences)

Run (147 Occurrences)

Lebanon (66 Occurrences)

Valley (187 Occurrences)

Fire (602 Occurrences)

Crushing (93 Occurrences)

Fish (66 Occurrences)

Foundation (82 Occurrences)

Flow (85 Occurrences)

Breath (95 Occurrences)

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