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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (v. t.) To free or deliver from any confinement, violence, danger, or evil; to liberate from actual restraint; to remove or withdraw from a state of exposure to evil; as, to rescue a prisoner from the enemy; to rescue seamen from destruction.

2. (n.) The act of rescuing; deliverance from restraint, violence, or danger; liberation.

3. (n.) The forcible retaking, or taking away, against law, of things lawfully distrained.

4. (n.) The forcible liberation of a person from an arrest or imprisonment.

5. (n.) The retaking by a party captured of a prize made by the enemy.

1805. exagorazo -- to buy up, ie ransom, fig. to rescue from loss
... to rescue from loss. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: exagorazo Phonetic Spelling:
(ex-ag-or-ad'-zo) Short Definition: I ransom, redeem Definition: I buy ...
// - 7k

4506. rhuomai -- to draw to oneself, ie deliver
... to draw to oneself, ie deliver. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: rhuomai Phonetic
Spelling: (rhoo'-om-ahee) Short Definition: I rescue Definition: I rescue ...
// - 8k

1807. exaireo -- to take out, to deliver
... take out, to deliver. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: exaireo Phonetic Spelling:
(ex-ahee-reh'-o) Short Definition: I remove, choose, rescue Definition: I ...
// - 7k

4991. soteria -- deliverance, salvation
... Cognate: 4991 (from 4982 , "to save, rescue") -- , ie God's rescue which delivers
believers out of destruction His safety. See 4982 (). ...
// - 7k

997. boetheo -- to come to the aid of
... to come to the aid of. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: boetheo Phonetic Spelling:
(bo-ay-theh'-o) Short Definition: I come to the rescue of Definition: I ...
// - 7k

1295. diasozo -- to bring safely through (a danger), to save ...
... Speech: Verb Transliteration: diasozo Phonetic Spelling: (dee-as-odze'-o) Short
Definition: I save, bring safely to Definition: I save (rescue) through (some ...
// - 8k

2225. zoogoneo -- to preserve alive
... From the same as zoon and a derivative of ginomai; to engender alive, ie (by analogy)
to rescue (passively, be saved) from death -- live, preserve. ...
// - 7k

5483. charizomai -- to show favor, give freely
... Middle voice from charis; to grant as a favor, ie Gratuitously, in kindness, pardon
or rescue -- deliver, (frankly) forgive, (freely) give, grant. ...
// - 8k

4982. sozo -- to save
... to save. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: sozo Phonetic Spelling: (sode'-zo)
Short Definition: I save, heal Definition: I save, heal, preserve, rescue. ...
// - 10k

996. boetheia -- help
... aid). See 997 (). [996 () is used of auxiliary aid (remedy), critically
needed for rescue (as in Herodotus and Xenophon). 996 () is ...
// - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
5338. netsal -- to rescue, deliver
... 5337, 5338. netsal. 5339 . to rescue, deliver. Transliteration: netsal Phonetic
Spelling: (nets-al') Short Definition: deliver. ... deliver, rescue. ...
/hebrew/5338.htm - 6k

50. Abishua -- "my father is rescue," two Israelites
... 49, 50. Abishua. 51 . "my father is rescue," two Israelites. Transliteration:
Abishua Phonetic Spelling: (ab-ee-shoo'-ah) Short Definition: Abishua. ...
/hebrew/50.htm - 6k

3468. yesha -- deliverance, rescue, salvation, safety, welfare
... deliverance, rescue, salvation, safety, welfare. Transliteration: yesha or yesha
Phonetic Spelling: (yeh'-shah) Short Definition: salvation. ...
/hebrew/3468.htm - 6k

4422. malat -- to slip away
... root Definition to slip away NASB Word Usage certainly rescue (1), deliver (7),
delivered (9), escape (26), escaped (25), escapes (3), gave birth (1), get away ...
/hebrew/4422.htm - 6k

5337. natsal -- to strip, plunder, deliver oneself, be delivered ...
... delivering (1), delivers (7), escape (1), escaped (1), plucked (1), plunder (1),
plundered (1), preserved (1), recover (1), recovered (2), rescue (11), rescued ...
/hebrew/5337.htm - 6k

7725. shub -- to turn back, return
... 6), repent and turn away (2), repentant (1), repented (1), replace (1), reply (6),
reply* (1), reported (1), reported* (1), repulse* (2), rescue (1), respond (1 ...
/hebrew/7725.htm - 9k

3467. yasha -- to deliver
... avenging, defend, deliverer, help, preserve, rescue, be safe,. A primitive
root; properly, to be open, wide or free, ie (by implication ...
/hebrew/3467.htm - 6k

2502a. chalats -- to draw off or out, withdraw
... 2502, 2502a. chalats. 2502b . to draw off or out, withdraw. Transliteration:
chalats Short Definition: rescue. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/2502a.htm - 5k

6299. padah -- to ransom
... deliver, by any means, ransom, that are to be, let be redeemed, rescue,
surely. A primitive root; to sever, ie Ransom; gener. To ...
/hebrew/6299.htm - 6k

8668. teshuah -- deliverance, salvation
... Or tshuah {tesh-oo-aw'}; from shava' in the sense of yasha'; rescue (literal or
figurative, pers., national or spir.) -- deliverance, help, safety, salvation ...
/hebrew/8668.htm - 6k


Rescue the Perishing. PM
... 411 Rescue the Perishing. PM. Seeking the Lost. ... Cho."Rescue the perishing,
Care for the dying; Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save. ...
/.../lorenz/the otterbein hymnal/411 rescue the perishing p m.htm

God's Attribute of Goodness Considered as Natural; the God of ...
... Chapter XXII."God's Attribute of Goodness Considered as Natural; The God of Marcion
Found Wanting Herein. It Came Not to Man's Rescue When First Wanted. ...
/.../the five books against marcion/chapter xxii gods attribute of goodness.htm

Not Enough, as the Marcionites Pretend, that the Supreme God ...
... Marcion. Chapter XVII."Not Enough, as the Marcionites Pretend, that the Supreme
God Should Rescue Man; He Must Also Have Created Him. ...
/.../tertullian/the five books against marcion/chapter xvii not enough as the.htm

What the Servants of Christ Should Say in Reply to the Unbelievers ...
... of God.Book I. Chapter 29."What the Servants of Christ Should Say in Reply to the
Unbelievers Who Cast in Their Teeth that Christ Did Not Rescue Them from ...
/.../augustine/city of god/chapter 29 what the servants of.htm

Whether Children of Jews or Other Unbelievers be Baptized against ...
... For it is a matter of greater urgency to rescue a man from the danger of
eternal death than from the danger of temporal death. But ...
/.../ theologica/whether children of jews or.htm

A Free Agent Enslaved.
... It means rescue. ... Our prayer is, "rescue him from the evil one," and because
Jesus is Victor over the captor, the rescue will take place. ...
// talks on prayer/a free agent enslaved.htm

But They, as we have Sometimes Said Before in Other Places...
... they were unwillingly to believe us when we warned them of the danger, and persisted
in remaining in the house; if it were in our power to rescue them, even ...
/.../writings in connection with the donatist controversy /chapter 8 32 but.htm

Whether a Sin Committed through Passion Can be Mortal?
... Therefore that which is contrary to the last end can happen not to be a mortal sin,
only when the deliberating reason is unable to come to the rescue, which is ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether a sin committed through 2.htm

Visiting Relatives in the East
... do so. He saw that my life was in danger, and in trying to rescue me he
got wound up in the lines and was hurt quite a little. I ...
/.../cole/trials and triumphs of faith/chapter xviii visiting relatives in.htm

A Further Thanksgiving to God for the Change in the Late ...
... And just as the mother of young birds, when the nestlings have been carried away,
coming and finding her nest empty, is unable to rescue her captive brood; but ...
/.../chrysostom/on the priesthood/homily xiii a further thanksgiving.htm

Rescue (92 Occurrences)
... any confinement, violence, danger, or evil; to liberate from actual restraint; to
remove or withdraw from a state of exposure to evil; as, to rescue a prisoner ...
/r/rescue.htm - 33k

Redeem (56 Occurrences)
... 4. (vt) To ransom, liberate, or rescue from captivity or bondage, or from any
obligation or liability to suffer or to be forfeited, by paying a price or ransom ...
/r/redeem.htm - 25k

Save (375 Occurrences)
... 2. (v.) To make safe; to procure the safety of; to preserve from injury, destruction,
or evil of any kind; to rescue from impending danger; as, to save a house ...
/s/save.htm - 37k

Rescued (49 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (imp. & pp) of Rescue. Multi-Version Concordance
Rescued (49 Occurrences). Luke 1:74 To grant us to be ...
/r/rescued.htm - 20k

Rid (39 Occurrences)
... & pp of Ride. 2. (imp. & pp) of Rid. 3. (vt) To save; to rescue; to deliver; --
with out of. 4. (vt) To free; to clear; to disencumber; -- followed by of. ...
/r/rid.htm - 19k

Deliver (397 Occurrences)
... 1. (vt) To set free from restraint; to set at liberty; to release; to liberate,
as from control; to give up; to free; to save; to rescue from evil actual or ...
/d/deliver.htm - 42k

Aliens (53 Occurrences)
... (See NIV). Psalms 144:7 Stretch forth thy hand from above; Rescue me, and deliver
me out of great waters, Out of the hand of aliens; (ASV DBY NAS RSV). ...
/a/aliens.htm - 22k

Jude (4 Occurrences)
... He speaks of no rescue; we know of but two who survived the judgments of the
wilderness and who entered the Land of Promise, Caleb and Joshua. ...
/j/jude.htm - 40k

Foreigners (76 Occurrences)
... (WEB). Psalms 144:7 Stretch out your hand from above, rescue me, and deliver me
out of great waters, out of the hands of foreigners; (WEB NIV). ...
/f/foreigners.htm - 29k

Strangers (95 Occurrences)
... Psalms 144:7 Stretch forth thy hand from above; Rescue me, and deliver me
out of great waters, Out of the hand of aliens; (See JPS). ...
/s/strangers.htm - 36k

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Rescue (92 Occurrences)

Matthew 6:13
and bring us not into temptation, but rescue us from the Evil one.'

Matthew 27:43
He trusts in God. Let God deliver him now, if he wants him; for he said,'I am the Son of God.'"

Acts 7:25
He supposed that his brothers understood that God, by his hand, was giving them deliverance; but they didn't understand.
(See NIV)

Acts 7:34
I have surely seen the affliction of my people that is in Egypt, and have heard their groaning. I have come down to deliver them. Now come, I will send you into Egypt.'
(See NAS)

Romans 7:24
What a wretched man I am! Who will deliver me out of the body of this death?
(See RSV)

2 Corinthians 1:10
He it is who rescued us from so imminent a death, and will do so again; and we have a firm hope in Him that He will also rescue us in all the future,
(Root in WEY)

Galatians 1:4
who gave Himself to suffer for our sins in order to rescue us from the present wicked age in accordance with the will of our God and Father.

Colossians 1:13
who did rescue us out of the authority of the darkness, and did translate 'us' into the reign of the Son of His love,

2 Timothy 4:18
And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve me for his heavenly Kingdom; to whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

2 Peter 2:7
But when righteous Lot was sore distressed by the gross misconduct of immoral men He rescued him.

2 Peter 2:9
Since all this is so, the Lord knows how to rescue godly men from temptation, and on the other hand how to keep the unrighteous under punishment in readiness for the Day of Judgement,

Genesis 37:21
Reuben heard it, and delivered him out of their hand, and said, "Let's not take his life."

Genesis 37:22
And Reuben said unto them: 'Shed no blood; cast him into this pit that is in the wilderness, but lay no hand upon him' --that he might deliver him out of their hand, to restore him to his father.

Exodus 2:17
The shepherds came and drove them away; but Moses stood up and helped them, and watered their flock.
(See NIV)

Numbers 35:25
and the assembly shall rescue the manslayer out of the hand of the avenger of blood, and the assembly shall restore him to the city of his refuge, whither he had fled; and he shall abide in it until the death of the high-priest, who was anointed with the holy oil.

Deuteronomy 22:27
for he found her in the field, the pledged to be married lady cried, and there was none to save her.

Deuteronomy 25:11
When men fight together one with another, and the wife of the one come near to rescue her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and stretch out her hand, and seize him by his secret parts,

Deuteronomy 28:29
And thou shalt grope at noonday, as the blind gropeth in darkness, and thou shalt not make thy ways prosperous; and thou shalt be only oppressed and robbed alway, and there shall be none to save thee.
(See NIV)

Deuteronomy 28:31
Thine ox shall be slain before thine eyes, and thou shalt not eat thereof: thine ass shall be violently taken away from before thy face, and shall not be restored to thee: thy sheep shall be given unto thine enemies, and thou shalt have none to rescue them.

Judges 9:17
for my father fought for you, and risked his life, and rescued you from the hand of Mid'ian;
(Root in DBY RSV NIV)

Judges 10:15
The children of Israel said to Yahweh, "We have sinned: do you to us whatever seems good to you; only deliver us, we pray you, this day."
(See NIV)

1 Samuel 7:8
The children of Israel said to Samuel, "Don't cease to cry to Yahweh our God for us, that he will save us out of the hand of the Philistines."
(See NIV)

1 Samuel 11:3
And the elders of Jabesh said unto him: 'Give us seven days' respite, that we may send messengers unto all the borders of Israel; and then, if there be none to deliver us, we will come out to thee.'
(See NIV)

1 Samuel 12:21
Don't turn aside; for then you would go after vain things which can't profit nor deliver, for they are vain.
(See NIV)

1 Samuel 14:45
The people said to Saul, "Shall Jonathan die, who has worked this great salvation in Israel? Far from it! As Yahweh lives, there shall not one hair of his head fall to the ground; for he has worked with God this day!" So the people rescued Jonathan, that he didn't die.

1 Samuel 30:8
David inquired of Yahweh, saying, "If I pursue after this troop, shall I overtake them?" He answered him, "Pursue; for you shall surely overtake them, and shall without fail recover all."

2 Samuel 3:18
Now then do it; for Yahweh has spoken of David, saying,'By the hand of my servant David, I will save my people Israel out of the hand of the Philistines, and out of the hand of all their enemies.'"
(See NIV)

2 Samuel 10:11
He said, "If the Syrians are too strong for me, then you shall help me; but if the children of Ammon are too strong for you, then I will come and help you.
(See NIV)

2 Samuel 21:17
But Abishai the son of Zeruiah helped him, and struck the Philistine, and killed him. Then the men of David swore to him, saying, "You shall go no more out with us to battle, that you don't quench the lamp of Israel."
(See NIV)

2 Samuel 22:49
And that bringeth me forth from mine enemies; yea, Thou liftest me up above them that rise up against me; Thou deliverest me from the violent man.

2 Kings 16:7
So Ahaz sent representatives to Tiglath-pileser, king of Assyria, saying, I am your servant and your son; come to my help against the kings of Aram and Israel who have taken up arms against me.
(See RSV)

1 Chronicles 19:12
He said, If the Syrians are too strong for me, then you shall help me; but if the children of Ammon are too strong for you, then I will help you.
(See NIV)

2 Chronicles 32:17
He wrote also letters, to rail on Yahweh, the God of Israel, and to speak against him, saying, As the gods of the nations of the lands, which have not delivered their people out of my hand, so shall the God of Hezekiah not deliver his people out of my hand.
(See NIV)

Job 5:19
In six distresses He delivereth thee, And in seven evil striketh not on thee.
(See NIV)

Job 6:23
Or, rescue me from the hand of the oppressor, and redeem me from the hand of the violent?

Job 10:7
Although you know that I am not wicked, there is no one who can deliver out of your hand.
(See NIV)

Psalms 6:4
Return, Yahweh. Deliver my soul, and save me for your loving kindness' sake.
(See NAS)

Psalms 7:2
lest they tear apart my soul like a lion, ripping it in pieces, while there is none to deliver.

Psalms 17:13
Arise, Yahweh, confront him. Cast him down. Deliver my soul from the wicked by your sword;
(See NIV)

Psalms 18:48
He rescues me from my enemies. Yes, you lift me up above those who rise up against me. You deliver me from the violent man.

Psalms 22:8
"He trusts in Yahweh; let him deliver him. Let him rescue him, since he delights in him."

Psalms 25:20
Oh keep my soul, and deliver me. Let me not be disappointed, for I take refuge in you.
(See NIV)

Psalms 31:2
Incline Thine ear unto me, deliver me speedily; be Thou to me a rock of refuge, even a fortress of defence, to save me.

Psalms 35:10
All my bones shall say: 'LORD, who is like unto Thee, who deliverest the poor from him that is too strong for him, yea, the poor and the needy from him that spoileth him?'
(See NIV)

Psalms 35:17
Lord, how long will you look on? Rescue my soul from their destruction, my precious life from the lions.

Psalms 43:1
Vindicate me, God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation. Oh, deliver me from deceitful and wicked men.
(See NIV)

Psalms 50:15
And call Me in a day of adversity, I deliver thee, and thou honourest Me.
(See NAS)

Psalms 50:22
"Now consider this, you who forget God, lest I tear you into pieces, and there be none to deliver.
(See NIV)

Psalms 69:14
Deliver me out of the mire, and don't let me sink. Let me be delivered from those who hate me, and out of the deep waters.

Psalms 71:2
Deliver me in your righteousness, and rescue me. Turn your ear to me, and save me.

Psalms 71:4
Rescue me, my God, from the hand of the wicked, from the hand of the unrighteous and cruel man.

Psalms 71:11
saying, "God has forsaken him. Pursue and take him, for no one will rescue him."

Psalms 72:14
He will redeem their soul from oppression and violence, and precious will their blood be in his sight.

Psalms 82:4
Rescue the weak and needy. Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked."

Psalms 91:14
"Because he has set his love on me, therefore I will deliver him. I will set him on high, because he has known my name.
(See NIV)

Psalms 91:15
He shall call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble: I will deliver him, and honor him.

Psalms 119:153
RESH. Consider mine affliction, and deliver me; For I do not forget thy law.

Psalms 140:1
Deliver me, O LORD, from the evil man: preserve me from the violent man;

Psalms 142:6
Give ear to my cry, for I am made very low: take me out of the hands of my haters, for they are stronger than I.
(See NIV)

Psalms 144:7
Stretch out your hand from above, rescue me, and deliver me out of great waters, out of the hands of foreigners;

Psalms 144:11
Rescue me, and deliver me out of the hands of foreigners, whose mouths speak deceit, whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood.

Proverbs 19:19
A hot-tempered man must pay the penalty, for if you rescue him, you must do it again.

Proverbs 23:14
Thou with a rod smitest him, And his soul from Sheol thou deliverest.
(See NAS)

Proverbs 24:11
Rescue those who are being led away to death! Indeed, hold back those who are staggering to the slaughter!

Isaiah 5:29
The sound of their armies will be like the voice of a lion, and their war-cry like the noise of young lions: with loud cries they will come down on their food and will take it away safely, and there will be no one to take it out of their hands.

Isaiah 19:20
And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt; for they shall cry unto the LORD because of the oppressors, and He will send them a saviour, and a defender, who will deliver them.
(See NIV)

Isaiah 31:5
As birds hovering, so will Jehovah of hosts protect Jerusalem; he will protect and deliver it , he will pass over and preserve it .

Isaiah 42:22
But this is a people robbed and spoiled, they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison-houses; they are for a prey, and none delivereth, for a spoil, and none saith: 'Restore.'

Isaiah 46:2
They are bent down, they are falling together: they were not able to keep their images safe, but they themselves have been taken prisoner.

Isaiah 46:4
Even when you are old I will be the same, and when you are grey-haired I will take care of you: I will still be responsible for what I made; yes, I will take you and keep you safe.
(See NIV)

Isaiah 50:2
Why, then, when I came, was there no man? and no one to give answer to my voice? has my hand become feeble, so that it is unable to take up your cause? or have I no power to make you free? See, at my word the sea becomes dry, I make the rivers a waste land: their fish are dead for need of water, and make an evil smell.
(See NIV)

Jeremiah 1:8
Have no fear because of them: for I am with you, to keep you safe, says the Lord.
(See NIV)

Jeremiah 1:19
They will be fighting against you, but they will not overcome you: for I am with you, says the Lord, to give you salvation.
(See NIV)

Jeremiah 15:20
I will make you to this people a fortified bronze wall; and they shall fight against you, but they shall not prevail against you; for I am with you to save you and to deliver you, says Yahweh.
(See NIV)

Jeremiah 21:12
O house of David, thus said Jehovah: Decide ye judgment at morning, And deliver the plundered from the hand of the oppressor, Lest My fury go forth as fire, And hath burned, and none is quenching, Because of the evil of your doings.
(See NIV)

Jeremiah 22:3
Thus said Jehovah: Do ye judgment and righteousness, And deliver the plundered from the hand of the oppressor, And sojourner, orphan, and widow, ye do not oppress nor wrong, And innocent blood ye do not shed in this place.
(See NIV)

Jeremiah 39:18
For I will surely save you, and you shall not fall by the sword, but your life shall be for a prey to you; because you have put your trust in me, says Yahweh.
(See NAS)

Ezekiel 34:10
Thus says the Lord Yahweh: Behold, I am against the shepherds; and I will require my sheep at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the sheep; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; and I will deliver my sheep from their mouth, that they may not be food for them.

Ezekiel 34:12
As a shepherd seeks out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered abroad, so will I seek out my sheep; and I will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day.

Ezekiel 34:27
The tree of the field shall yield its fruit, and the earth shall yield its increase, and they shall be secure in their land; and they shall know that I am Yahweh, when I have broken the bars of their yoke, and have delivered them out of the hand of those who made slaves of them.
(See NIV)

Daniel 3:15
Now if you are ready whenever you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipe, and all kinds of music to fall down and worship the image which I have made, well : but if you don't worship, you shall be cast the same hour into the midst of a burning fiery furnace; and who is that god that shall deliver you out of my hands?
(See NIV)

Daniel 3:17
If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace; and he will deliver us out of your hand, O king.
(See NIV)

Daniel 6:14
Then the king, when he heard these words, was sore displeased, and set his heart on Daniel to deliver him; and he labored until the going down of the sun to rescue him.

Daniel 6:16
Then the king commanded, and they brought Daniel, and cast him into the den of lions. Now the king spoke and said to Daniel, Your God whom you serve continually, he will deliver you.
(See NIV)

Daniel 6:20
When he came near to the den to Daniel, he cried with a lamentable voice; the king spoke and said to Daniel, Daniel, servant of the living God, is your God, whom you serve continually, able to deliver you from the lions?
(See NIV)

Daniel 8:4
I have seen the ram pushing westward, and northward, and southward, and no living creatures do stand before it, and there is none delivering out of its hand, and it hath done according to its pleasure, and hath exerted itself.

Daniel 8:7
I saw him come close to the ram, and he was moved with anger against him, and struck the ram, and broke his two horns; and there was no power in the ram to stand before him; but he cast him down to the ground, and trampled on him; and there was none who could deliver the ram out of his hand.

Hosea 2:10
Now I will uncover her lewdness in the sight of her lovers, and no one will deliver her out of my hand.

Hosea 5:14
For I will be unto Ephraim as a lion, and as a young lion to the house of Judah: I, even I, will tear and go away; I will take away, and none shall rescue him.

Micah 5:8
Yea, the remnant of Jacob hath been among nations, In the midst of many peoples, As a lion among beasts of a forest, As a young lion among ranks of a flock, Which if it hath passed through, Hath both trodden down and hath torn, And there is no deliverer.

Zephaniah 3:19
Behold, at that time I will deal with all those who afflict you, and I will save those who are lame, and gather those who were driven away. I will give them praise and honor, whose shame has been in all the earth.
(See NIV)

Zechariah 11:6
For I will no more pity the inhabitants of the land," says Yahweh; "but, behold, I will deliver the men everyone into his neighbor's hand, and into the hand of his king. They will strike the land, and out of their hand I will not deliver them."
(See NIV)



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Ravages (4 Occurrences)

Ramoth-gilead (20 Occurrences)

Rudiments (5 Occurrences)

Ruthless (21 Occurrences)

Riddance (2 Occurrences)

Recover (37 Occurrences)

Readiness (17 Occurrences)

Rescript (1 Occurrence)

Effort (16 Occurrences)

Exerting (1 Occurrence)

Deliverance (86 Occurrences)

Darling (13 Occurrences)

Decease (2 Occurrences)

Destructions (4 Occurrences)

Delighteth (23 Occurrences)

Delights (39 Occurrences)

Delivery (8 Occurrences)

Matthias (2 Occurrences)

Pious (18 Occurrences)

Penalty (20 Occurrences)

Profanation (1 Occurrence)

Bring (1372 Occurrences)

Future (88 Occurrences)

Hebron (71 Occurrences)

Cool (8 Occurrences)


Abishai (25 Occurrences)

Amraphel (2 Occurrences)

Stagger (20 Occurrences)

Staggering (7 Occurrences)

Unrighteous (32 Occurrences)

Accordance (118 Occurrences)

Taste (46 Occurrences)


Displeased (39 Occurrences)

Labored (35 Occurrences)

Lions (50 Occurrences)

Paul (207 Occurrences)

Seize (91 Occurrences)

Deeply (43 Occurrences)

Calls (62 Occurrences)

Falsehood (107 Occurrences)

Wicked (476 Occurrences)

Arrest (22 Occurrences)

Trial (45 Occurrences)

Needy (83 Occurrences)

Falleth (119 Occurrences)

Mouths (86 Occurrences)

Army (401 Occurrences)

Jonathan (109 Occurrences)

Revelation (52 Occurrences)

Judgement (68 Occurrences)

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